That Day - Chapter 15 - Staying Behind For Awhile

Harry's Perspective

She slapped me and ran away. And when I saw her running with her bag I knew I had done something I shouldn't have done. 
Louis stared emotionless at me. 
- Allison? I said when I heard the hallway door shut. I tried to run over there but when I was about to walk by Louis I got a punch in the face. The punch was so strong that I fell to the ground.
What's going on in here!? Niall said and came in to the kitchen. When he saw me his eyes got big and he dropped his cupcake. 
- Louis!! What did you do!? He screamed and sat down beside me while the other boys came in to the kitchen. 
- Trust me, you would have done the same if you saw him kiss your girlfriend. Louis said and his eyes teared up. Zayn and Liam looked at eachother than they started running. 
Niall looked confused at me and when he realised what had happened he ran too. Soon enough there was just me and Louis left in the house. 

Allison's Perspective

It's raining. I can't stop rubbing my lips. I can't stop seeing Louis face when Harry kissed me. The emotions he showed was so sad. I feel so filthy. I saw a park and stopped there. 
*Mjau* I heard. *Mjau* I walked in th direction to the sound. In a small little box I saw a kitten.
- Aw.. You poor thing! I said. On the box it said ''Keep Me''
- I will keep you! The cat is grey and striped in white. 
I took it in my hoody and started to walk to a hotel.

- Hi, are animals allowed in this hotel? I asked the lady in the receptionist. 
- Yes, but only in the lowest floor. 
- Good. Can I rent a small room there for a few weeks? I have a kitten with me too.
I said and she nodded while whriting something on her computer. She gave me a key and said that my room was room number 38. 
- Thank you so much! She smiled at me and I walked away. 

- The room isn't that bad is it? Right litte kitten? The kitten laid on the bed and licked it's paw. 
- Thinking of it.. You don't have a name and I don't know you gender. And I need to get you some food.. What do you want to eat kitten?
The kitten looked at me and licked it's mouth. 
- Haha, you wait here! I will run to buy some food for us.
*Answer the call! Hello!? You there? Answer!*
I took up my phone from my pocket and looked at the screen ''Niall :)'' Even though I hate it I clicked him away and walked out the door. Soon after it vibrated in my pocket. It was Niall. I opened the text. 

Al! I think Harry regrets it.. Where are you!? Me Zayn and Liam is looking for you!

My eyes tearde up and I put the phone back in my pocket without answering. I can't do anything but cause trobble can I.. 

6 weeks later

(Listen while you read :3 )
I had put my phone in the desk turned of the vibrating and the sound. Me and the kitten has been living peacefully but it seems that the kitten understand something is wrong. When I go out for walks with her I can see myself in windows for tv shops. Someone is searching for me. I haven't checked the phone since I got that messege from Niall. 
- What do you think I should do kitten? I said and the kitten jumped up in my knee. It knocked it's hed to mine and I laughed. 
- You think I stupid 'cause I don't want to face it? The kitten walked away to the bathroom. It's grown big now. I sighed and opened the desk and took my phone. It was out of battery so I had to put it in the charger. I started it and it said ''1587 missed calls and 2395 messeges. I got chocked over how much it was. I opened one of them and it was from Zayn 

If you don't come to my place I will call the police! I'm not kidding! Come on! What Harry did was idiotic but aren't you doing something even more idiotic right now!?

That was three days after I left.. I opened another one from Liam.

Allison.. Lou is worrying to death please call him.. He's not sleeping in the nights he's always out looking for you. I'm really worried about him.

That was one week after.. Then I opened one from Harry the first one I got from him. It was one day after.

Allison, I'm sorry! Were are you!?

The most of the messeges was most likley like that. The last messege I got twi hours ago from Louis.

You can always come home...

- Home... I miss it.

I made a choice and wrote Louis a messege. 

Louis Perspective

I'm tired. Once again I'm searching for her around the London Eye. I got the boys to go out and search with me one more time even though the had given up on her. They have told me to give up too. But if you seriously love someone you can't just give up. My phone vibrated and I opened the text. 
Found her yet?

It was from Zayn and I wrote back that I haddn't found her. 
Five secounds later I got one more messege.
- That was fast.. I said and opened it without looking at the name. 

I want to come home now...

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the messege again. Then I looked at the person who sent the messege. Allison. As fast as I could I called Niall saying that she texted me and that he should call the others. Then I hung up without letting him say a word. I looked in my contact list searching for "My Girl Allison<3'' I found her and called. After two tones she answerd. 
- Uhm... It's Allison Bender? Hearing her voice it sounds as if she's insecure.. But just hearing it made me tear up. 
- Allison.. I sighed.
- Can I come home? She asked and that made me fall om my knees. 
- I missed you. 
I missed you more... I can hear that she cries.
- I'm so sorry Louis..

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Chapter Fourteen - The Move

Allison's perspective

- I'm sorry Lou..
- Then why did you lie to me? Oh gosh.. What should I say? I don't want to lie so I'll just tell the truth. 
- Harry came by when I sat on a bench and said that I looked frozen. He gave me the scarf and I tried to refuse it but he put it on me anyway. Wwhen I tried to take it of he took my hand and said that he knows what I want 'cause I was his girlfriend. Then I yelled at him saying I can't reacive things from a boy who's not my boyfriend. Then I ran away and forgot about the scarf. I'm so sorry.. I said and looked down on my hands.
- Then, why did you cry? I looked up on Louis and his eyes were as serious as they can be. 
- Can I please not tell you that? I asked. His serious eyes didn't let me go.
- Was it because of me? He asked and I didn't want to hurt him so I just shaked my head and smiled.
- Why would it be because of you? I said and took my hand on his cheek. His face got all white and his eyes as big as golfballs. 
- You didn't... He said and ran into the kitchen. I waited in the hallway for a while but when he didn't come back I walked in to the kitchen and the secound I got in he threw a handfull flour on me. I coughed and coughed.
- Allison? Are you all right!? Louis are worried.
- Yeah! Just got a little bit flour in my throat. No worries! I sad and laughed a bit. Louis Sighed of realife and hugged me.
- I thought you choked. 
- I'm not that weak! But you need to let me go, the cupcakes are in the owen and I thing they're done by now. I said and he let me go. The cupcakes were slightly burned but not black. Just a little bit too brown. 
My phone started ringing and I looked at the screen. It said ''Niall :)''
I answered. 
- I can smell it from here. What are you cooking? He said with a serious tone of voice.
- I'm not cooking, I'm baking. I said.
- Even better. What are you baking. No never mind. I'm comming over with the boys. Whatever you are doing must be done in ten minuits or I will eat it anyway. He said and then he ended the call. 
- Hello? Niall? Helloooooo? I sighed and put the phone in my pocket. 
- What's up? Louis asked.
- The roof? I said and smiled.
- Not funny. 
- Alright! Niall and the othrs are comming over 'cause Niall could ''smell'' what I was doing. 
- Is Harry also coming over?
I wonder why he said that.
- Actually.. I don't know.. Why?
- I don't like the fact that you two were together before. 
- Oh gosh Lou! It's been nearly three years since he dumped me! And he dumped me in the worst possible way in the dumpings history!
- Still...
- I don't like this subject. Change it now. Please.
I said while putting cream on my cupcakes. 
- I will take a shower.
I sighed and heard him shut the door to the bathroom. Just a few minuits after that the hallway door opened.
- Is it done!? I don't care. Niall stormed in to the kitchen and took a cupcake and ran away. 
- At least say thank you Niall! I screamed after him. 
- Thank you Al I love you! Great now I got a boyish nickname too. 
- Smells great can I take one? Liam askes and took one.
- Thank you! He said and walked away. So did Zayn too. 
- Where's Lou? Harry asked. 
- In the shower. He's probably comming out soon. I said just to be sure he won't try anything. 
- Great cause I need to show him something.
I've got to admit that I'm a little bit curious.

Harry has been sitting and watched every little move I've made. And The other three boys has been comming and going to get cupcakes.
The bathroom door opened and Harry got up. He stood beside me and all of a sudden he grabbed my neck and pushed me so that our lips met. I can't move my head because of his hands. So I moved my hands instead. I slapped him and looked at the kitchen door. The one I saw was Louis. I didn't say anything just ran to my room and grabbed my bag. Then I ran to my shoes. I didn't put onmy shoes just took them and got out of there.  

Why did he have to brake me one more time?

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Chapter Thirteen - The Challange

Louis Perspektive

That scarf is Harrys... Why does she have that? 
- Where did you get that scarf? I asked.
- Uhm.. I bought it while I took a walk! Haha.. 
Lies. They hurt. 
I smiled and said,
- Nice choice! 
But I could see the pain of lying in her eyes so I'll pretend I haven't seen that scarf, haven't smelled that smell from Harry. Pretend like I don't know that Harry is making a move on Allison. 
- What do you whant for lunch? Allison asked.
- Whatever. I have an interview in one hour so I'll just change and get going. You don't need to wait for me. 
- Is there something wrong? She asked.
- Nope! I smiled. 

I stepped in to the studio where the interview was and all of the boys were already there. 
- Sorry for being late. I said and sat down on the chair. 
- It's okay! The radio man said.
Harry is sitting beside me. 
- What did you say to Allison? I wispered. 
- What do you mean? Harry wispered back.
- I'm not that stupid. Why did you give her your scarf?
- Cause she cried and she was frozen. I wanted to warm her up. 'Cause her boyfriend was not there to do it.
Allison cried? Why?

Harry's perspektiv

Louis is angry, You can see it. 

- The interview's over, let's talk. Louis said. The boys watched us. 
- Fine. I said. Louis started to walk and I followed him till' we ended up in Starbucks, Louis went and ordered a Latte. I ordered a coffe. We sat down by a table and the first thing that happend was that a little girl came for an autograf. Both Louis and I smiled and wrote one on her arm. I gave her a hug and Louis kissed her on the cheek. Then she ran screaming to her mom, she must've been in her 6th year now. I looked att Louis and realised he already stared at me.
- What did you wanna talk about Lou? I asked. (I'm writing Louis nickname 'cause it looks bad if I write ''Louis'' everytime they speak.)
- Please don't make moves on my girlfriend. 
- She was mine first. 
- But you ditshed her, right?
- ... So you mean I can't comfort my ex? 
- Are you really in a place were you can ''comfort'' her?
What Louis said was right, I can do nothing but remind her of painful memories. 
I got up from my cair and leaned forward so I stood close to Louis face. 
- Let's se who she'll chose. The moment I said that I already knew the answer. 

Allison's perspektiv
I heard the door shut in the halway. 
- Lou!? Are you home?
- Yeah.. 
I went out to him and hugged him. 
- Haha, why are you covered in flour? He asked and brushed flour off of my nose. 
- I'm baking! 
- What are you baking? He asked with a happy face and held me while we walked to the kitchen. 
- Well you looked sad when I came home before so I thought I should bake some cupcakes to cheer you up. 
- o..eet...
- Hmm? What did he say?
- I said you're so sweet! But honestly you're the one who needs comfort. 
- Haha...What do you mean, Lou?
- I'm asking, why did you cry this morning when you went out on a walk? Why did you lie to me about Harry's scarf?


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Chapter Twelve - Don't know

Allison's Perspektiv

I tossed through the hallway, tried to pretend that I was just as quiet as a cat. In my right hand I held a big bowl with ice cold water.
-This'll be fun! I wispered to myself. 
I arrived at Louis room and openedd the door. He was still sleeping even though the clock is almost 2pm. 
I lifted the bow over his face and the turned it upside down. 
- OH MY FREAKING GOD!! BLOODY HELL!!?!??!? Louis almost jumped in the roof. I couldn't keep my legs up, I fell to the ground while laughig. It's hard to breathe. 
- HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! I couldn't stop..
Louis got out of the bed and started to undress himself. As fast as I noticed it I turned away and stoped laughing.
- What are you doing!? I screamed.
- What!? It's your fault for throwing water at me! I wanna shower in hot water. You wanna shower with me?
The last words made me turn around and then freeze. Louis stood there with his over body bare. Muscles. It was hard to drag my eyes to his face but after a while they met his eyes. He smiled and laughed.
- Haha just kidding with you! Don't get a heart attack pleaseee? He made the ''puppy'' eyes and then laughed again. Somehow I feel really ashamed and dissapointed at the same time. But I put on a smile and said,
- Haha... Me, a heart attack? Haha.. After a few seconds I contiuned, I'm gonna go out for a walk.. I'll be here in no time, kay?
Louis looked at me. 
- Is there something wrong?
- Nope! Just feeling for a walk.. Haha..
- Okay... Bye then. Promise you'll come back later?
- Promise!
I put on a black hoody and blue jeans. Then I went out. 

The trees are white today. I sighed and sat down on the bench beside me. And soon after the tears started to drop from my cheeks. I dryed them but they just contiuned to run. I sighed and the air became white from my breath. I'ts cold.
-What's happened? 
I looked up and Harry sat beside me breathing in his scarf. He smiled at me. 
Oh god. Why do I have to cry now? And why is it him?
- Aw look at you! Your cheek's red and frozen! 
He took of his scarf and then put it on me. 
- No. I don't want it.. I said and started to take it of. But he took my hand and breathed on them. So warm. 
- No... I started.
- Just accept it. He said.
- I dont wanna.
- Yes you do.
- No. 
- Yes, I know you, you where my girlfr...
- BUT NOW I'M LOUIS GIRLFRIEND! I don't want to accept things from another guy than my boyfriend! I know you're trying to help right know but the only way you can help me is.... not to..
- Bu...
I started to walk away. And it was a relife when he didn't follow me. I dryed my eyes and walked to my new home.

- I'm here! I shouted but no one ansered. I shut the door behinde me and walked into the kitchen. There was a note on the table. 
The manager called and said we have to do a photoshot today :(
I'll be home before you get to say Cheeseburger and Fries!

- Cheeseburger and Fries.
- Allison!? Are you home yet!? 
I heard Louis from the hallway and ran there. I hugged him and then thought that he's like my own teddy bear. 
- Wow! I want to be greeted like this everywhere! He said and hugged me back.
- No. Only I can greet you this way! I said. 
He looked at me and then around my neck. Shit. The scarf...


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Chapter Eleven - Phonecall

Louis Perspektiv

It's like a dream, Allison and I are a couple now! nd our first kiss was amazing.. Her lips tasted when you are standing in the middle of a field and you can smell all kinds of flowers. They where soft like fragile cream? It felt like I was running on clouds, floating... 

I can't sleep. My girlfriend is just a few meters away, she did'nt want to sleep in the same bed... So I'm just laying in minee and thinking back on the kiss.. This day was kinda awesome...
- I got a girlfriend~ I sang to myself and felt really happy.
- You seem awfully happy about it. I turned my head to the doorstep and Allison was standing there with blushed cheeks and her hair was in two braids. Oh gosh... 
- I'm just saying good night.. She said and walked away. 
- Stop right on the spot braid girl. I said and she stopped.
She turned around and looked confused.
- Braid Girl? Seriously, Brid Girl? I laughed at her. 
- Yeah. Braid Girl. I confirmed.
- I don't like it. She said.
She plugged her ears and started to do sounds like ''LALALALA, NANANANA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!'' I threw her over my shoulder and then went n to my room. I laid her on the bed and started tickling her. She screamed and begged me to stop but I just contiuned. 

Allison's Perspektiv

There is just one thing that I can't take, it's tickling. I screamed and kicked and tried to get away. But once I got out of the bed Louis just threw me back. 
- Huh? I can't hear you!? He's teasing me! How dare he!?
- Seriously? Anything? He asked. He scontiuned with the tickling.
He stopped and the he looked me in the eyes. And I realised what I just had said. Oh god... Does he whant to do ''that''? He leande over me and I moved my arms tto my upperbody, I guess foor self-defence.. I closed my eyes and prepared for the worse. 
- Call him.
I opened my eyes and Louis was holding his phone right infront of my eyes. And suddenly something freezing cold started to creep in my stomach. I took the phone and looked at him. 
- I can't do that.. He'll yell at me.. I said.
- But I think he's worried to death. Louis said. I sighed and pressed on the number of my father. The tones got through and after five of them he answerd.
- Yes. Bill Bender here.
- Hi, dad.
It got quiet and after a half minuit he started to yell.
- ALLISON!? Where have you been!? Come home right this second young lady! Tears fell down my cheeks. 
- Dad.. I will come for a visit tomorrow, but I donät think I will be able to go home. I want to start over in my own home.  I said.
- What are you talking about!? You don't have another home!? He was clearly angry and worried.
- I'll make one. On my own. I said.
- This discussion is not over. He said and the he disapeared. 
I looked at the phone and then up to Louis. 
- It clearly sounds as if he was very worried. He said.
- You heard it? I asked. 
- Yes. And it bugs me.
- What?
- It sounds as if you were going to build your own home by your self. What about me. Am I a frog or something? 
I laughed and kissed him good night. Then I whent in to my own room. 


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Chapter Ten - That's what I'm here for

Lyssna till<3

Louis Perspektiv

That day was horrible. I met up with Harry and told him I was inlove with Allison and I dont know why but he slapped me in the face, wasn't it he that broke up with her? He said sorry and I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back Harry talked in my phone and his face reaked of jealosy. I took the phone and what I heard was just the expected, Allison said she would stay at zayn's. It doesn't get better. When I came home and the note at the table said:

Dear Louis.
Thank you for taking care of me and letting me sleep at your place these past two days.
I'm sleeping at Zayn's place until I've figured out how I should do..
Hugs from Allison.
P.S. Food's in the fridge. D.S

I was going straight to bed that day.

Allison's Perspektiv

Niall woked me up that morning and he said that i had to be quiet cause we were going to prank Zayn and Liam. 
- What are we going to do? I asked.
- We're putting spoons in Liam's bed and drawing a mustach in Zayn's face... He smiled and we walked down the kitchen to get the spoons and a marker pen. 
- You take Zayn and I take Liam cause I bet you're better than me at drawing. Niall said. 
- Alright! This is the first time I've pranked somebody.. I said and I could feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins. I felt that I could do anything with these guys. The first time in a very long time I could see the world in a whole new sight. And it's beautiful. 
Zayn got a really big mustache. Liam had at least 43 spoons in his bed, I couldn't stop giggle. We took a floor mirror and put right at Zayn's bed and then we screamed: WAKE UP!!! Zayn got up from his bed and looked in to the mirror. He touched the place were his mustache were and I laughed like hell. Liam blinked a few times then he suddenly panicked and eventually he ended up on the floor.. And so did I. I laughed so hard and Niall laughed with me. The rest of the morning Niall and I got to run for our lifes. Oh god, this is fun. All four of us was laying in the grass laughing when something wet fell on my face. I looked up and saw small white snowflakes fall from the sky. I didn't notice it was cold, maybe cause I'm all sweaty from running.
- First snow.. The guys looked up and they stopped laughing.
Niall started humming a melody and Zayn started to sing a few words. 
Liam soon got in and they sung a song I've never heard of. 
- Did you make up that now!? I asked pretty suprised.
Niall laughed and said,
- You haven't heard any of our songs?
- No. I blushed and looked down. 
- It's a song named, What makes you beautiful.
- It's a nice song. I said. 
- It hink I'm going over to Louis place for a little bit of talking. I contiuned. 
The guys looked at me and Zayn said,
- What if Harry's there?
- Then it's just fine cause I need to talk to him too. I said and got up on my feets. 
I walked in to the house and got dressed then I apologised for not making breakfast, Niall looked sad. But I just gave him a candy that I  had in my pocked and he became happy. 
- Bye! See you guys soon! And then I took a taxi on my way to Louis. 

Louis Perspektiv

It knocked on the door and I ran to see who it was. I opend the door and I saw Allison. She looked me in the eyes and smiled.
- Good Morning Louis! She said. 
- I'm just going to say that I'll come over in a few hours so don't go off somewere! she contiuned. Then she closed the door and ran off. She seems happier today.. 

Allison's Perspektiv

My heart is beating faster than ever. I got Harrys nimber from Zayn and I texted him.

Meat me at Starbucks near the studio were you had your inteview yesterday, meat me ther in 15 minuits. Allison.

I ordered a coffe and then I waited, after ten minuits the bell ringed and Harry came in. He saw me and smiled, I didn't. He sat down and ordered a coffe he too. 
- Hi Alli... He started.
- Harry, Don't speek until I've said mine. I started then I looked at my coffe and took a deep breth then I let the words that I've wanted to say get out. 
- I don't understand why you broke up with me and I don't want any explaination. I looked up in the eyes that I drowned in when I was fifteen. 
I contiuned talking while looking in his eyes.
- Before I wanted to forget the time I was with you, but now I want to kiss the memories away. I was happy with you. But I don't think I can be that again.
Louis happend to confess to me. And I'm going to say yes. I'm telling you this cause...... I want to be your friend and I want you to be Louis friend. That you owe me. I ended. His smile had faded away but I saw understanding in his eyes. He smilled a vague smile and said,
- I was a jerk that threw you away. Then he got up from the chair, I did the same. 
He hugged me and I smiled. 
- I still love you Allison. He said and looked me in the eyes. 
- Karma is a bitch, huh? I said. And he laughed. 
- Friends? He asked.
- Friends. I said. 
We left Starbucks and I took a taxi to Louis place. Harry walked home to his place.

I knocked on the door, really nervous. 
Louis opened and I smiled. 
- Yes. I said and he understood right on time. He hugged me and I laughed. 
- I love you. He wispered in my ear. 
- What can I say? You healed my heart and Iäm nearvous around you. I think I love you too.. I said.
- That's what I'm here for.. He said and then he suddenly kissed me. I felt the butterflies in my stomach. 


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Chapter Nine - New World


- Niall can I talk to you?
- Yeah? We walked in to the kitchen.
- What am I supposed to do? Louis asked.
- Don't know. Was my answer.
- I think I love her, Allison. He confessed.
- Wha... ?
Both me and Louis turned around and Allison was standing right  behind us. With a confused face.

Allison's Perspektiv

Memories.. They come back, the bad ones won't go away.. I looked at Louis who watched me with scared eyes. What was he afraid of?
- I'll leave you two alone. Niall said and patted my shoulder. After a few minuits I heard the door shut and we were alone. 
- Allison...
- Louis, what you said just now is it true? I interrupted.
- Yes..
- Since when? I asked.
- The first time I met you. It came as a chock. 
- But why did you cry the first time I met you?
- The night befor my ex-girlfriend broke up with me. 
He answered truthfully and didn't keep anything away. 
- You don't have to give me an answer right away, think about it slowly and take your time. He said and walked out. 
- I'm going out to meet Harry. Zayn will be here in a few minuits. 

I was still standing in the kichen and the clock informed me that it's beed seven minuits since Louis left.
My knees dropped to the floor and I'm now sitting down. 
- Was Happening!? I heard Zayn's voice from the hallway. 
- Hello?
Then he came into the kitchen I could just hear his steps but I couldn't see him.
- Allison? and after a few seconds he was sitting right infront of me.
- How are you? He asked.
- I'm fine.. I said but I could feel my tears running down my chin. The next secound I was in Zayn's arms. Why am I crying? I should be happy, someone in the world still likes me. 
- What happned? Zayn asked.
- Louis confessed,not directly to me, he said to Niall that he liked me and I was standing right behind them.. I don't know what to do.. I explined.
- You know what I think?
- What?
- Let's fix up your phone call Louis and tell him you're going to sleep at my place until you've figured out what you want. 
- Okay.. 
We fixed my phone and Zayn told me Louis number. I called him but the one who anwerd wasn't Louis.. It was Harry.
- Louis phone, I'm Harry.
I stared at Zayn and pushed the phone at my chest. 
- It's Harry, what do I do!?
- Ask if Louis is there?
- Alright...
I took the phone to my ear and asked, 
- It's Allison, are Louis there?
- Allison!? How did you get Lois number?
- Are LOUIS there? I marked the word'spretty well so he would understand that I did'nt want to talk to him. 
- Alright I get it. Wait three seconds. 
After a few more seconds than three I heard Louis in the phone. 
- Yeah, Louis in the phone!
- Hi, it's Allison. I'm just saying.. I will stay over at Zayn's place until I've figured out what I want.. I waited for an answer and I dwear thatmy heart was beating faster than it have done in years..
- Okay... I'll call you every now and then to see how you are doing, kay'?
- Okay. Bye.
- Yeah, bye...
We hung up and my tears started to fall once again, what if he hates me now? I don't want him to hate me!
- Shall you go pack your stuff? I'll call Liam and Niall, we can have a sleep over party!
- Okay. I said and smiled through the tears. Zayn is a great guy. 

I left a note on the kitchen table and the me and Zayn left the house. 

Zayn's house was pretty big and messy but you could feel at eas there. 
- Do you mind if I clean up the place? I asked, I don't like it messy so right now it itches in my fingertips. 
- Well, I won't stop yah! He said then ran up the stairs with my bag. I cleaned for at least  three hours and I got scared when the doorbell ringed. Niall and Liam came in and laughed. 
- ALLISON!! Niall shouted and ran to me then he hugged me! I smiled and said hi. 
Then a hand appeared.
- Liam. Liam Payne. Nice to meet you! I looked up and the guy with the hair style that reminds a little about Justin Biebers former hair style was standing before me. I took his hand and smiled.
- Allison, Allison Bender. The pleasure is mine.
I laughed a little and then I saw the big bags behind them. 
- Niall are you moving in? I asked and turned my eyes at him. 
- No. If there's going to be a sleep overparty we need, movies and snacks. 
- Okay... So what's in the other half of the big bag? Zayn and Liam started to laugh and Niall smiled at me. 
- Secrets! Then he ran away. I sighed and started with the little cleaning that was left. 
- It's rare to see it clean in this place. Liam said.
- It's all thanks to Allison! Zayn shouted.
I smiled and thought, Maybe I can forget about today, just for a while?
When the cleaning was done I made some soup to us but the guys watched tv. 
I decorated the table with bowls and spoons and the I shouted,
- Food!!
The first person who came in was Niall.
I laughed. Then Zayn came in and he just sat at the table and said something like, ''Smells good'' 
The shock was when Liam came in and looked at the table then all of a sudden he ran away. I ran after him and he stopped in the livingroom.
- Is there something wrong, Liam? I asked. 
- I don't like spoons.
- What? What is he talking about!? Spoons? 
- Liam has spoonphobia.. Naill laughed. He apperently have come to the livingroom he to. 
- Well. *Giggle* What are we going to do then? I asked. It was pretty funny..
- You can drink out of a cup! I contiuned and took his hand and then we walked out of the kitchen. I took away Liam's bowl and spoon. Then I found a bigg cup that he got to drink out of. 
- You're really good at cooking! Everyone of them said. It's fun to cook when you get praised and these guys praise me alot. 
After the dinner we watched a movie named 'A womans revenge' It was really good, it's about a woman who met a guy and they got married but it turned out that the guy was a total frek who cheated on her and he didn't care about it, he just said that it's a mans needs. Thet he owned her. The Woman and took their child and ran away from the country. Then she had to leave her child to her best friend so she could learn to fight. When she had learned everything she confronted the man and the faught. I the end she killed the man. The police said that she was the lucky one. Appearently he had killed other womans. 
After the movie we watched anotherone but I got really tired and fell asleep just a few secounds after it had started.

Liam's Perspektiv

I got really suprised when Allison's head fell in my lap but I gues she was really tired so I let her be and contiuned to watch the movie.


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Chapter Eight - The conffesion


- So... Who's the girl that we have with us? The muff-guy said.
- She's a friend I just picked up. Zayn said.
- Interesting.... So Niall, do you know about this girl?
Niall looked my way.
- No, but I've seen her somewere before...
That was it. I can tolerate questions but I'm not, NOT tolerating people talking about me on radio. I ran to the muff guy and....

Zayn's Perspektiv
Oh no... Allison snapped, I can't blame her. She's apparently been through alot of stuff. Before she got to the muff guy one of the guards inside the room dragged her away. And then he took one of his keys and opened the door he throwed her out and then looked the door again. What am I supposed to do now? I sighed and then the radio interview contiuned.

Louis Perspektiv
I got really supprised when zayn came back from Starbucks and had brought Allison. But I got even more happy when I saw her smile. Then she saw Harry and her smile faded away.. Then when the muff guy started to talk about her she snapped and got away. I bet she's really embarrased and regret doing that.. But it's not like I can run after her now.
Harry w
Alisson's Perspektiv
I ran as far away as I could.. My bag was in the studio and Zayn have my phone. I'm so embarrased. I don't know were to go cause my money is in my bag. So I started to walk to the only place in the world that I'm welcome to, without being yelled at. I walked to Louis place. I walked through  a park with very green grass and lovley trees. It's wierd that it still was so warm cause it's the beggining of november. Even though it's going dark fast at nights it's still warm. My stomach started to sound, I'm hungry. I don't know how long I've walked for but when I saw the sign for Louis street I got really happy. I started to run and soon I was outside Louis door. And the first time on a long time I feel 'I'm home'. I looked under Louis doormath and found the 
''Wow, Louis. You couldn't find a better place?'' I wispered and smiled. When I came in I Laid the kay under the doormath again and looked the door. I took of my shoes and hung up my jacket on one of the hooks. Then I started to cook lunch. I cooked for three persons in case if Louis brought any of his friends home and right now I don't care if he brings Harry with him. I noticed there was still blood on the kitchenfloor so while the noodles boiled I was washing away th blood. And five minuits later the noodles was done, Then I fried the vegetables and in the end it turned out to be wook. I set the table with plates, forks and knifes and of course glasses. 

I heard the doorkey lock up the door and that someona talked outside. 
- Yeah but were do you think she went? I mean she doesn't have her money with her and Zayn has her phone. I heard Louis say.
- I know.. I heard someone else say but it wasn't Harry and not sayn so it has to be either the guy named Liam or the other one, Niall. The door opened and they stopped talking. 
- It smells good... Louis said. Then I heard one of them walk fast. I was in the diner room so I guess he stopped by the kitchen first. 
- Allison? He said. 
Then he ran in to the dining room and our eyes met. 
- Allison!! He shouted and smiled. 
-Haha, welcome home? I said.
He took me in his arms and gave me a big warm hug.
- I think someone is in love. Louis turned around and I saw his ears go bright pink and that made me blush..
- Niall.. He said and then started to run forward to Niall. They started a minifight. 
I started laughing and when they were done we started eating. 
- I brought your bag. Louis told me. 
- Thank you! I said. 
- So, how come you came to this house? Niall aske me.
- It started with Louis. I was about to run away on my own but he picked me up infront of my house.. Then I lived here for one night and this morning you guys ate the baguetts I made. I pretended to look sad and Niall begged for forgivnes. 
- I'm sooooo Sorry! He said. 
- Itäs fine. Haha. I said.
- How come you are so good at cooking? He asked. 
- MY mother died when I was four so I've been taken care of my dad since I was old enough to use the oven. I explained. 
- Well, I'm really jealous of the man who will marry you! He said and stuffed his mouth with food. 
I looked at Louis whos cheeks was slightly pink. 
- Can one of you maybe call Zayn so I can get my phone back?
- Of course. Louis said. And left the table. 
I could feel Niall stare at me so I thought why not just face the questions? I turned my head so our eyes met. I smiled and asked,
- What are you thinking about?
- I'm just wondering what Louis like so much about you..
I blushed and turned my head.
- What do you mean? Then I laughed.
- Haven't you... Then Louis came in to the dinerroom. 
- Zayn's coming over in a few minuits. He said. 

We started to clean up and Niall contiuned with his stares. 

Niall's Perspektiv

Ít's weird. What is it with this girl who Louis love. I know Louis likes this girl, he talked about her all the way home. 
- Niall can I talk to you? 
- Yeah? We walked in to the kitchen.
- What am I supposed to do? Louis asked.
- Don't know. Was my answer.
- I think I love her, Allison. He confessed.
- Wha... ?
Both me and Louis turned around and Allison was standing right  behind us. With a confused face. 


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Chapter Seven - Radio

Allisons Perspektiv
He decided to sit down in the seat that is in front of me.
- Which one of them are you?
He gave me his hand, I think he wanted me to shake it.
- Zayn. Zayn Malik He said, I stared at his hand and after a while he took it away when he realised that I wouldn't shake it. 
- So do you want any help with that or not? He asked and looked at my new phone.
- I'm really bad at understanding things like phones and anything that have something with technology to do. That's why I had my old phone til now.
- What happened to your old phone?
- I left it at home.
- Why do you have to buy a new one just because you left it at home? Zayn asked with a suprised face.
- I need a new one so that my dad won't know my number.
- Why can't your dad call you?
- I ran away from home yesterday. I said, I'm suprised that this guy asked me so many questions, it's not many people who does that in these times.
- WOW! He shouted.
- So were have you been staying, at a hotel or have you been drinking at a bar, do you even have money for that!? He contiuned. I sighed and thoúght why not just spill it, he will get to know from Harry anyway.
- I stayed at your friend Louis place, I've saved money since I was four and you guys ate our breakfast.
He  watched me with curiosity in his eyes.
- Why did you hide from us?
- Harry is a jerk and I don't want to see him. I said.
- That's the first time I heard a girl speak of Harry that way! I like you. You're straight forward and that's how it supposed to be. But what have Harry done to you?
- He Broke my heart after we had been together for three years and then he left me alone on the beach so I had to walk home alone, in the dark. I cried my eyes out for months and I don't feel anything special about anything. I said and looked down on my coffe.
- He did? Wow! That's really mean.. How could that little cheeky choppy do that to a girl? He looked overly sad and I laughed a little. I looked up again and told the same lie that I tell everyone,
- It's okay now! I'm okay!
- Oh, YOU LAUGHED!! But if you're okay why did you run away? He saw right through me.. I looked down on my hands. 
- Busted. He said.
Then all of asudden he took my new phone and laid it in his bag, took my hand. Then he started to run. 
- Wha....? I started. 
- Sshhh!! I said but contiuned running. Then we ran in to a house with stairs. We ran up for two stairs and then we stood in front of a brown door with a sign on it,  Radio station under that sign there was abother one, Interview ongoing, do not disturb!. But Zayn didn't care about the signs he just walked in. In the room there was a guy who wore earmuffs and had a microphone in front of him it was big and fluffy. It's my first time seeing this stuff but when I felt glares at me from the otherside of the room I turned around, and the little tiny little smile I had on my mouth faded away. There was four persons, one blond person with blue eyes aand pink cheeks, the second one was the one with brown hair and it was kind of straight but a little bit like Justin Biebers former hair style. Then I saw Louis, he haven't combed his hair today.. But he looked at me with big eyes and then his face brightened up and that big smile of his showed it self. The last one was Harry and he looked at me with eyes of sorrow, he opened his mouth but Zayn interupted him. 
- I found this one in Starbucks so I couldn't get anyone of you a coffe, Niall, you have to wait for your sandwich. Harry, keep quiet until the interwiew is over. Zayn managed to keep Harry quiet but he didn't stop staring at me. Then Zayn walked over so he stood in between me and Harry so either of us could see each other. He looked down at my face and said,
- Stay here and then solve things out with Harry. Just so you know, you can't get out... Then he showed me a small key that he held in his left hand. I'm now extremly frustrated and just want to go somewere. I knew I couldn't trust anyone, I have known it for three years! I looked back right in his eyes and wispered, 
- If you think this will change things, you're wrong. He... I pointed at Harry, then contiuned - broke. my. heart. Left it in pieces and you think I want to listen to him? then I turned around and walked to my chair. 
- Oh, and I was wrong when I told you I don't feel something abouth anything anymore. Now I'm completley frustrated, angry and not feeling any kind of happines in any way. Then I turned around and sat down on the nearest chair possible. Zayn walked to the other boys and sat down he too. 
- Sending in, 3... 2....1.... a guy with black hair said.
- And we're back! I have one direction by my side, so what do you guys do i your privat life? The guy with the ear muffs asked. (Let's call him 'The muff-guy)
- Well. We're like alway, having fun with everyone else. Louis said.
- So... Who's the girl that we have with us? The muff-guy said.
- She's a friend I just picked up. Zayn said.
- Interesting.... So Niall, do you know about this girl?
Niall looked my way.
- No, but I've seen her somewere before... 
That was it. I can tolerate questions but I'm not, NOT tolerating people talking about me on radio. I ran to the muff guy and....


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Chapter Six - The new place

Louis Perspektiv
I knew that she was thinking that if she could be as much burden to me I would let her go, It's sad that her plan won't work out. 
I smiled back and leaned against her,
- Great! I said.
She flinched and looked away.
- I'll take the guestroom. She said and took her bag. I watched her back while she walked to the guestroom. 
I grined and walked to my own bedroom. I changed to P'Js and laid down in the bed. But I couldn't sleep so I checked my phone and I saw that I had 7 messeges, three from Harry two from Liam and one from Zayn the last one was from Niall, he asked if I had seen his cake. 
- Excuse me. 
I turned my head to the door and I felt my face turning red, Allison was standing in the doorstep in her P'Js. She was extremly cute. 
- Yes? Can I help you with anything?
I got out of the bed. 
- I'm just wondering, is it okay if I make a sandwich or two? I'm hungry,I haven't eating anything today.. 
- Of course! Eat as much as you want! I said. 
- Thanks. She said and walked away. 
I checked the rest of my text's. Liam wondered were I was. Zayn said that if I didn't come back before midnight he would take my sleepingplace. Harry's text's was the nes who worried me the most. 
''Louis, where did you go? :o''
''Were are you!?''
''If you don't answer I will come to your house and wait for you y'know!''
He couldn't be serious. I texted him right away.
''Sorry, I wanted to go for a ride alone, then I got tired and drived home.''
I hate to lie. It feels like I'm about to puke. But it's for Allisons sake.
I walked in to the kitchen and a wonderfull smell hit my nose. Allison was standing by the oven cooking something that looked like a poridge.
- Nice sandwich! I said and laughed.
She flinched and looked at me. 
- Sorry, I just saw the ingrediens...
- It's Okay!!! Easy know! When I said you could take what you want I meant it.
She nodded and contiuned with the poridge.
- You want some? She asked
- Have you poisoned it?
She looked at me and I laughed.
- I'll take some!
I placed two plates on the table and gave us each a spoon.
When the food was done it felt like ages since my llast meal. 
He cooking was really good it gave warmth out to the tip of my fingers.
- This is really good! Where have you learned to cook like this?
- I've learned myself. I just take what I have and make something out of it. She said
- Oh right! Can I get your phone number? You will be staying here for a while I suspect?
- I left my phone at dad's place. This girl was really straight forward. 
- Then we will buy a new one tomorrow!! 
She didn't say anything more about the subject. But Icould see a smile playing on her lips. 
After the lunch we cleaned up and said godnight to each other.

I woke up the next day by a crash in the kitchen.
- Shoot!
I smiled just by hearing her voice. I got up and walked to the kitchen.
- What have the princess caused this time?
- I broke a glas. She said
She was sitting on the floor cleaning up the glas.
- Carefull! What if you cut your...
- Ow! Holy Mother Of Jesus Christ, This hurts!
- ...self... I sighed and took her hand.
The cut wasn't that deep but it's bleeding like hell. 
- Put you finger in your mouth.
She looked at me with a confused face. 
- It will stop the bleeding faster. I walked out of the room and came back with my first aid box.
Allison was still sitting on the floor but now she had a disgused look on her face and she had her thumb in her mouth. She gave me her hand and i started to clean up her wound.
- So what are you making?
- Breakfast?
- Haha, I see what you did there. I laughed. 
She got up on her feets an I cleaned up the rest of the damage. 
*Knock knock knock*
Allison and I looked at each other. Her eyes got bigger.
- Go to your room.. I said and walked to the door.
I heard Allisons steps. I opened the door and I got attacked by Zayn. 
- You little!! He shouted while rubbing my head.
- It smells good what are you cooking? Niall stepped over us and Liam followed. 
Zayn got up and Harry got in the house too. 
- When did you learn how to cook? Harry asked. 
I looked down.
- Food programs. I said. 
He walked in to the kitchen and I noticed that he didn't believe me.. 
- This is really good. Niall said. 
I saw that Allison had done homade orange juice and three baguettes. How did she get the bread!? Ad then I saw it in the sink, there was dirty bowls and other stuff. The oven was still on too. 
Did she make all this? Just for breakfast? That's just amazing! 
- Hey guys! I'm hungry too! I said and took one of the sandwiches. 
- We wanted to ask if you are ready for the interwiew? Harry asked.
- Obviously, I'm not. I said and looked down on my P'Js.
- Haha, well just be on the place at four, okay? Zayn said.
- How much is the clock? I asked.
- Twelve. Harry said. 
After another half hour of talking they left. Everyone but Harry. 
- What are you hiding Louis? He asked
- Nothing. I said
- Then why was it blood on the floor in the kitchen, why did you decide to bake now, why....
I pushed him ut of the house and closed the door. 
- I hate lying, Harry. I really hate it. I feel sick whe doing it. I said
- Then don't lie. He said
- But I'm doing it for another person.. 
- Who? He asked but I just sheked my head. 
- I can't tell. 
- But if you don't tell me I won't be able to help you. 
- But she'll hate me if I tell you! And just after the words had left my mouth I regretted that I had said anything. 
- She? Harry looked confused at first but after a few seconds I saw the understanding grow in his eyes. He ran in to the house and stopped. 
- Were is she Louis? He asked. 
I didn'tsay anything I just kept quiet. 
- Allison!? He shouted. 
- Where are you? He asked. He turned around and looked at me.
- Why is she here? His eyes showed worries and anger.
- She wasabout to run away from home and I brought her here instead. 
- Wait.. How did you know that she was about to run away?
- Twitter.
He looked at me with jealousy in his eyes. 
- Allison please let me explain.
- As if! Harry turned around again and I looked up. We both saw Allison she was holding her suitcase. She walked forward to me and gave me a warm hug. She smiled and said, 
- Thank you for lending me a sleeping place tonight. After that she walked out of the house,both me and Harry are completley stunned by what happned. 

Allisons Perspektiv

It was hard to see Harry. But I brought my suitcase and took a black taxi to town.
- Keep the change. I said when I got out. I wallked around just looking at stuff with nothing to do. Then I rememberd, Louis said that we would buy a new cell phone today. I hurried to the nearest phone shop. 
I looked at the many phones that was on the wall. I asked one of the wrkers if they could help me chose a good phone. 
In the end I bought an Iphone 5 or something. 
I walked in to starbucks, right beside the phoneshop. 
- Can I take your order?
I looked up and saw a small thin girl with black hair. Smiling at me. She must be at least 15 years old.
I smiled back and said, 
- Just a coffe, please. I said.
- Comming right away! She said and ran away. 
When my coffe came the girl ran away before I got to give her tip. 
- Hey you! Can you come over here? I shouted after her. She turned around and asked,
- Is there something wrong? You could see it long ways that she felt awkward in this situation.
- No, you just forgot your tip. I explained.
- Oh. Thanks!
I gave her the tip and she ran away. 
I opened the box were my new phone was and I read the maual. But I didn't understand a thing. I hit my head in the table and sighed.
Why do I have to be so bad at these thing? 
- Do you need help with that?
I looked up and saw one of the guys that Louis hang around with.


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Chapter Five - Run Away

Allison's Perspektiv
I couldn't take it anymore. I ran. The door slammed behind my back and I ran up to my room. I throwed myself on the bed, but I didn't cry.. Dad came in to my room and I looked up on his face. He looked at me to see that I were okay. I'm not. But I put on a smile and said,
-  It's fine dad, I'm fine! 
He walked out of the room and closed the door. 
As soon as I heard the footsteps go away I pulled out my suitcase and packed it with as much clothes as possible. Then I hid it under my bed.
I walked to my writing desk and crawled under it and there in the little corner was the box. I took the box and brought it with me.
I sat down on my bed and opened the box. Inside the box all my savings were. I started counting, 20....50...100...500....800...1200....3000....7000....10000....20000....22782$ All my christmas money, birthday money and more. I've saved every little penny that I've got ever since mom died. So from four years of age I'd saved this much. I laid the monny in a small bag and put it in my suitcase. Then I opened my computer and logged in to twitter. I wrote, Leaving T'night! xxx.
I closed the computer and set my alarm at 3.00 am. Before going to bed I wrote a short note to my dad, 

Hi Dad!
Thank you for putting up with me all this time.
But I think I need some time alone. To rebuild my life..
Please don't search for me, you need to rest too!
Don't worry, I've got money, and I won't be gone forever. I'll call you.
Take care, okay?
♥I Love You♥

I held the note close to my heart while falling asleep.

Louis Perspektiv
I'm worried. Does me and Harry like the same girl? While thinking of that I logged in to twitter and was going to follow her but when I saw her last tweet I froze. I sat there for at least 5 minutes. 
- What are you up to, hoooney~ I heard Harry comming up behind me. I hurried with closing down the site and turned around.
- Aww, Harry~ I was just looking at some cute dresses that would fit you perfectly! I said and kissed him on the cheek. 
And just in that momen Zayn walked in to the room.
- Naw, you cheeky choppy boys! Waz Happening!?
- Harry, we can contiune this tonight, can we? We don't want Zayn to see! I wispered loudly. 
We started too laugh and then when Zayn and Harry started to talk abouut the interwiew we have in two days, I sneeked away. 
I ran out to my car, turned it on and drove off. I stopped the car in front of a red house and waited. The clock showed 02.00 am. In one hour she will come out of the house. I turned oon the radio and I smiled when I heard the first note to ''What Makes You Beautiful'' playing. I started to play on my IPhone but when I lost more than three times at Temple Run I gave up. i checked in to twitter and wrote, ``It's cold outside tonight!´´ in just a few seconds my mentions got bombed. I didn't answer any of them this time. I saw someone walk  out of the big white house and I started the car.
- Hey, Princess! I said while driving beside her. 
- OH BLOODY HELL LOUIS! Don't scare me like that! She shouted at me. But she did'nt stop walking.
- Well just jump in to the car! I said.
- Pft! You wish! 
- Aw! Come on! Please, were else are you going to? I said.
- On a hotel of course! 
- What if I step out of the car and run in to your dad and saying that you're about to run away.
She stopped walking so I had to hit the break. I looked up to her and her eyes was bigger than normaly, and she have really big eyes..
She walked to the other side of the care and jumped in. 
- Happy now? She said with tears in her eyes. My intentions was never to make her cry. 
- Were are you going to take me? To Harry's place so he can mock me? 
- Please! I'm not that low, neither are Harry!
She looked at me and I saw a tear falling down on her cheek. I couldn't stop myself, my hand moved on it's own and dryed the tear away. When I realised my action I took my hand away and started driving. 
I could feel that she glanced at me every now and then. It made things awkward.
- So... Why do you want to run away?
- I don't want to give my old dad so much trouble..
- And how do you think you would survive without money!?
- I've saved my money since I was four.
- Oh...
When I was four I would take every little penny I got to buy chocolat.. How could she stand it!?
- I got all the things I needed in presents. She said.
- So how mych do you have right now? I asked.
- 22782$.
I turned my head to her and she looked at me.
- 22782$ !? 
- Yes.
I turned my head back on the road. I couldn't get the fact that she has 22872$ with her. 
We didn't talk more on that trip.
I parked the car outside my house. 
I looked at Allison and she just watched the house, relieved that it wasn't Harry's house. 
- If you're running away this will be you hidding place. I said
- That's kidnapping. She looked at me with empty eyes.
- Well! Aren't that funny!? Kidnapping and stuff, now get in the house! I said while stepping out of the car and running to her side.
I opened the door and she stepped out. 
- I can take your bag if you want. I said. 
But she just ignored me and contiuned walking. 
I catched up with her and soon enough we were at the front door.
I opened the door and we stepped inside. 
- This is my home. I said.
She took of her shoes and walked in to the house, thank god I've cleaned up her!
I showed her around and when I said that she could feel like home here and take what she wanted she just nodded. 
- You can chouse if you want to sleep in the guestroom or in my room. I said and smiled at her.
She smiled back and said,
- I can take your room...

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Chapter Four - Begging

Allison's Perspektiv

That night I couldn't sleep at all, I cried until I almost couldn't breathe anymore.

Harry's Perspektiv
I couldn't get Allison out of my mind, so I said to the boys that I would go on a walk. Louis saw that something was wrong so he said he wantd to go with me. I started to say no but it was pretty meaningless because when Louis have decided on something he wouldn't change his mind. 
So Louis followed me out on my walk. 
- Harry, is there something wrong. Louis asked. 
- I just can't get Allison out of my head... I said.
- Who's Allison?~ He asked with a smug on his face.
- A girl I was together with for three years and then I dumped her. I think the girl this morning was Allison... I said.
- Oh my... LET'S GO THERE!!!
- Go where? I asked
- To Allison's place! You gotta explain stuff for her!
- I don't think it's such a good idea...
In the end Louis dragged me there.. 
- Harry... He started.
- What now?
- Were does she live?
That's right.. She lives just three blocks away from me.. 
- Just follow me. I said.
We walked for half an hour and then ended up outside a white house with grey roof. Louis said he would wait for me so I wouldn't feel any preasure. But when I rang on the door bell I started to fell very nervous..
After a few seconds the door opened..
- Hi, Bill...
Allisons dad didn't recognise me but after a while his eyes turned black and he was about to close the door.
- Wait! Please let me talk to her.. I begged him. He stepped out of the house and closed the door. 
- Do you know how much pain she has experiensed!? And just when it was about to get better you just come again! With your 'I'm-Famous-And-Your'e-Not' Attitude! Just do her a favour and step out of her life....
He did'nt get to say much more until the door behind him opened and Allison came out. 
- Dad.. I want to talk to him... She said, and the words made me realifed. 
- But sweetheart..
- It's okay dad, I want to clear this up on my own..
The thing that made me very sad was that she didn't want to look at me. 
- Besides his friend is with him so he can watch us. 
Her dad looked worried. He turned over to me and said,
- If she comes home crying, don't expect me to forgive you.
He walked in to the house again, and Allison started to walk down the parkinglot. Louis said 'Hi' and they talked for a while. It made me really annoyed.
- Shall we go? I asked when I came to them. Sllison contiuned looking att Louis and answerd 'Yes' She turned her head to the ground. And started walking.
- I think she likes me~ Louis wispered. I saw that Allison started blushing and it made me really irritated.
- So Allison.. It's been a long time since we last met huh? I triied to start a conversation. But she freezed and looked up on me with tears in her eyes.
- Yeah, you became famous when I was stuck in the past and lost in the dark... You didn't even call.. You just left me, after tree year! How could you do that!? I hate you...
Her words tore me apart and I didn't know what to say...
- I'm sorry... Was the only thing that came out of my mouth.
- I seriously hate you...
Now she started to cry and even I felt tears rolling down my chin. I pulled her into my arms and repeated the word 'sorry' over and over again. In the end she got to the reality again and pushed me away..
She screamed and ran away.   


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Chapter three - Meeting

Lyssna till

My body just froze. He watched over all of the people and then his eyes met mine. He smiled and then looked away. He don't remember me? Well I don't blame him, my hair has grown, I've changed my fashion and I have started to wear make up. But shouldn't you at least remember the girl you have been toghether with for three years? I didn't feel my legs anymore and soon enough I was on the ground, again.

- Are you okay?
My heart stopped beating. I looked up and met the eyes that once made me warm and happy, now I don't feel a thing.
- ..erk...
- I'm sorry can you repeat that?
- YOU JERK! I screamed and his eyes got bigger. I got up on my legs and ran away. I cried and I cried. The tears wouldn't stop even though I promised my self that I wouldn't cry over him anymore.

Louis Perspektiv
I got really supprised when that girl screamed at Harry, no one screams at Harry... The girl was the one that bumped in to me just a few minuits ago, but what have Harry done to her?

Harry's Perspektiv
I think I know that girl from somewere but I just can't put my finger on it. Her eye's remind me of someone..
- Harry, do you know that girl? Louis asked me.
- I don't know... Was my answer.
And then it hit me.. About two years ago I broke up with my first love, Allison.
- I met her this morning, she look like nice girl.
- Did she tell you her name? I asked.
- No, she was in a hurry, but it didn't look like she knew who I was, and that made me intrested in her.
Louis got dumped by his girlfriend Eleanor this night so it isn't wierd that he's searching for a knew girl but I think he is recovering a little bit to fast.. And if that girl was Allison I got to see an heartbroken soul created by me..
- Ey! C'mon boys stop flirting with each other we gotta go! Zayn screamed.
- I'm comming honey!! Louis screamed back. I just followed him. Thinking back on 'That night'..

Allison's Perspektiv
I slammed the door behind me and ripped of my shoes.
- Oh my... What happned?
- He... doesn't.... even remember... me... I cried out the words and sat down on the floor.
My dad understood right away and pulled me into his arms, he stroked me on the back and said that everythin is going to be okay. That he's not worthy my tears. But unfortunatly his words didn't make any difference. I cried for hours without stop. Dad managed to get me to the couch and he put a blanket on me, then he walked away.
After a few minuits he came back with a cup of hot chocolate. He didn't say anything, he just turned on the TV. I think he ddn't want to remind me of anyting that has to do with 'Him'. But the first thing on TV I saw was him and his face had a weird expression on it. I felt tears rolling down my chin.
- I'm going to bed..
- But it's just three o'clock...
- I'm not feeling well.
- Okay, shall I wake you up when dinner is ready?
- No.
With tired legs I wlked up to my room and laid down om my bed. The only thing in the whole world I wished for was to never meet him again.


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Chapter Two - In a hurry

I woke up and felt that I'd bee sweating alot. 
- Wow, that dream. It's been 2 years from now huh... I said to my self. I got up from my bed and searched for clothes to wear. I turned out to be a knitted sweater in the coulor of beige and a pair of blue jeans. I took my clothes with me and walked in to the shower. It was a nise feeling, the water that showered away all the sweat. 
I stepped out of the shower and dressed myself then I put on some make up. The thing that annoys me really much today is that it feels like I'm forgetting something really important. But what? I ran down the stairs and walked in to the kitchen. The kitchen gives of a really warm  feeling. The walls are beige and the got a brown, flower pattern ont them. It's not very big but it's nice. I made some teh and walked to the dinner room, my dad gave me the ''I'm-worried'' look and it immedietly got uncomfortoble. 
- Good morning dad. I said just to get aay from his glares. 
- God morning. He said, but the glares didn't leave. 
- Is there something wrong? I asked. 
He got out of his trans and looked down in his newspapers. 
- No.
My dad, Bill Bender, has never been mch of a talk active person ever since my mom died when I was four years. But the fact that he still worries about me is enough for me to love him. 
- Weren't you going to go to a meeting with the reporters today? He asked me.
Shoot! That's the thing I forgot! How can I forget such an important thing!? I looked at th clook on my Iphone and saw that I just have one hour to get to the place. 
- Oh no! I'm in a hurry now! Thanks dad!
I flew up from my chair and kissed him on his forehead. Then I brushed my theeth. 
I put on my black converse an started to walk through the London gates. I notised it had been raining because there was puddles everywere. I looked att the clock and realised that i only had twenty minuits to be by the subway. Apperently there was some famous group coming today and I have to particpite in the reporting. Because I'm workng part time on that job. I started running and before I knew it I was on the ground. I realised tht I had bumped in to a stranger. 
- I apologise for not watching were I was running. I said and got up on my feet.
- Haha! No need to apologise! The stranger I bumped in to was a guyy but I couldn't lok up on his face. I was to concerned by the dirt on my sweater. 
- I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry so could you please let this mistake slide? I asked him.
- Of course I could. He said.
I looked up on his face and saw nothing different. He was a guy in his twenty. His hair was un cambed and he wore a striped shirt.and a pair of blue pants. But he had tears in his eyes..
- OMG! I'm so sorry did I hurt you somewere!? Oh no... What should I do?
- It's okay! It's not your fault. I'm sorry but I'm in a hurry too. 
- Really? You're sure you're okay?
- I'm 100% sure. He said
- Okay. Well, bye then!
- Bye!
He smiled to me while walking away. I looked at the clook and now I only have 10 minuits to go.. 
- Aw man...
I started running and in just five minuits I was on place. I looked around and then I saw her, Mary.
- HI MARY! I screamed while waving at her. 
- Oh there you are! Allison! Soon the band will be here so fast come over here! She said.
I pushed my way through allt the people and soon I was by Mary's side.
- Oh god, so many people! I said to my self. 
- Okay, so we are gonna try to get an interwiew wuth this band so try to make them look at us so we can catch their interest! Mary explained to me.
- Right! 
Then the black car stopped and all of the people started pushing and in that moment I realised that almost every little person in this huge group of humans is girls.
I turned my attention to the black car and the door opened. The first person who came out was a guy with blach hair, the other one was a guy with blond hair. The third person was a guy with brown hair. And I got very supprised when I saw the stranger I bumped in to earlier step out of the car. But the thing that tore me apart was when I saw that curly, brown har come out of the car and his face had a smile on it... 


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Chapter One - Flash Back

I was fifteen years old and me and my boyfriend was sitting on the beach talking. 
- Allison...

He sighed

- What is it Harry?
I was leaning my head on his shoulder while we watched the sun go down, the fire red colour was truly amasing. I was mesmericed.
When suddenly something dripped on my cheek and I thought it had started raining.
- Oh no.. Whe have to go home. It's starting to rain.. 
I looked up to see Harrys face but the thing I met was tears, they rolled down his cheeks. One by one. My beautiful Harry cried. Why? 
- Harry, what's up? 
I hugged him for at least five minuits, then he lightly pushed me away. 
- Allison, I want to break up.
His words cut like knifes and I was sitting there like a stone trying to react to the reallity. The boy I've been going out with for three years is breaking up with me.. 
- I think it's for the best if we don't meet each other for a very long time. 
He said the words I didn't want to hear. The words that would tear my heart in pieces. He got up and started to walk away. But I just couldn't get up and face it. In my heart we were still sitting in the sand, watching the sun set. What did I do wrong in this relatonship? And then I felt them, the tears that would wound my heart for life..

Three ours later it was already pich black and I started to walk home. It was thought that Harry would drive me home on his bike cause I live one mile from the beach.. But the plans got changed. Anyway, the only light I got was the flash light from my I phone. And that was enough for me to see were I set my feet. 

I got home after two hours. And when I stepped in to the hal I saw dad sitting in the couch watching tv. 
- Were have you been!? I've been so worried! Wasn't Harry supposed to drive you home at seven? Do you know what time it is know!? She's 2:am! I can't....  
He didn't finish the last sentence when he saw my face.
- What happned? Oh my.. SweetHeart you look like your heart have smashed in pieces. What did he do?
Again I started crying and my legs didn't want to keep me up so soon enough I laid on the flour.. Then It got darker and darker. 

I woke up in my own bed. I still had the clothes fromyesterday on me. Yesterday... Everything is black and white and I don't see the reason why I should get up. That day was the beggining of a world for the heart broken me, fifteen years old...

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