Chapter Ten - That's what I'm here for

Lyssna till<3

Louis Perspektiv

That day was horrible. I met up with Harry and told him I was inlove with Allison and I dont know why but he slapped me in the face, wasn't it he that broke up with her? He said sorry and I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back Harry talked in my phone and his face reaked of jealosy. I took the phone and what I heard was just the expected, Allison said she would stay at zayn's. It doesn't get better. When I came home and the note at the table said:

Dear Louis.
Thank you for taking care of me and letting me sleep at your place these past two days.
I'm sleeping at Zayn's place until I've figured out how I should do..
Hugs from Allison.
P.S. Food's in the fridge. D.S

I was going straight to bed that day.

Allison's Perspektiv

Niall woked me up that morning and he said that i had to be quiet cause we were going to prank Zayn and Liam. 
- What are we going to do? I asked.
- We're putting spoons in Liam's bed and drawing a mustach in Zayn's face... He smiled and we walked down the kitchen to get the spoons and a marker pen. 
- You take Zayn and I take Liam cause I bet you're better than me at drawing. Niall said. 
- Alright! This is the first time I've pranked somebody.. I said and I could feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins. I felt that I could do anything with these guys. The first time in a very long time I could see the world in a whole new sight. And it's beautiful. 
Zayn got a really big mustache. Liam had at least 43 spoons in his bed, I couldn't stop giggle. We took a floor mirror and put right at Zayn's bed and then we screamed: WAKE UP!!! Zayn got up from his bed and looked in to the mirror. He touched the place were his mustache were and I laughed like hell. Liam blinked a few times then he suddenly panicked and eventually he ended up on the floor.. And so did I. I laughed so hard and Niall laughed with me. The rest of the morning Niall and I got to run for our lifes. Oh god, this is fun. All four of us was laying in the grass laughing when something wet fell on my face. I looked up and saw small white snowflakes fall from the sky. I didn't notice it was cold, maybe cause I'm all sweaty from running.
- First snow.. The guys looked up and they stopped laughing.
Niall started humming a melody and Zayn started to sing a few words. 
Liam soon got in and they sung a song I've never heard of. 
- Did you make up that now!? I asked pretty suprised.
Niall laughed and said,
- You haven't heard any of our songs?
- No. I blushed and looked down. 
- It's a song named, What makes you beautiful.
- It's a nice song. I said. 
- It hink I'm going over to Louis place for a little bit of talking. I contiuned. 
The guys looked at me and Zayn said,
- What if Harry's there?
- Then it's just fine cause I need to talk to him too. I said and got up on my feets. 
I walked in to the house and got dressed then I apologised for not making breakfast, Niall looked sad. But I just gave him a candy that I  had in my pocked and he became happy. 
- Bye! See you guys soon! And then I took a taxi on my way to Louis. 

Louis Perspektiv

It knocked on the door and I ran to see who it was. I opend the door and I saw Allison. She looked me in the eyes and smiled.
- Good Morning Louis! She said. 
- I'm just going to say that I'll come over in a few hours so don't go off somewere! she contiuned. Then she closed the door and ran off. She seems happier today.. 

Allison's Perspektiv

My heart is beating faster than ever. I got Harrys nimber from Zayn and I texted him.

Meat me at Starbucks near the studio were you had your inteview yesterday, meat me ther in 15 minuits. Allison.

I ordered a coffe and then I waited, after ten minuits the bell ringed and Harry came in. He saw me and smiled, I didn't. He sat down and ordered a coffe he too. 
- Hi Alli... He started.
- Harry, Don't speek until I've said mine. I started then I looked at my coffe and took a deep breth then I let the words that I've wanted to say get out. 
- I don't understand why you broke up with me and I don't want any explaination. I looked up in the eyes that I drowned in when I was fifteen. 
I contiuned talking while looking in his eyes.
- Before I wanted to forget the time I was with you, but now I want to kiss the memories away. I was happy with you. But I don't think I can be that again.
Louis happend to confess to me. And I'm going to say yes. I'm telling you this cause...... I want to be your friend and I want you to be Louis friend. That you owe me. I ended. His smile had faded away but I saw understanding in his eyes. He smilled a vague smile and said,
- I was a jerk that threw you away. Then he got up from the chair, I did the same. 
He hugged me and I smiled. 
- I still love you Allison. He said and looked me in the eyes. 
- Karma is a bitch, huh? I said. And he laughed. 
- Friends? He asked.
- Friends. I said. 
We left Starbucks and I took a taxi to Louis place. Harry walked home to his place.

I knocked on the door, really nervous. 
Louis opened and I smiled. 
- Yes. I said and he understood right on time. He hugged me and I laughed. 
- I love you. He wispered in my ear. 
- What can I say? You healed my heart and Iäm nearvous around you. I think I love you too.. I said.
- That's what I'm here for.. He said and then he suddenly kissed me. I felt the butterflies in my stomach. 


Naawww!! Dom blev tillsammans!! Jag vet att det är långa kapitel! Men fortsätt läsa! :D Kommentera! <3
Naawww!! They are together!! I know it's long chapters!! But contiune reading! :D Comment! <3

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Jätte bra. Det är bra med långa kapitel :)

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