The Change - Chapter 8 - Part 2


Honestly I'm really happy that she said to her friend that she loved me. But the fact that she doesn't want to love hurts. "Sooo... I kinda overheard the conversation you had with your friend..." I said and hurried with a glance on Mindy. Her face got really red. I smiled. "I guess my feelings has been answered." I drove a bit more slow and turned  my head o that I could see Mindy. Her face was in a color mixed with purple and blue. SHIT! I stepped on the brake and shaked Mindy. "BREATHE MINDY! BREATHE!" She coughed and I leaned back. "Are you trying to kill me?" I said and sighed. "Sorry.." She said, I smiled and looked at her. "It's okay! You're allright! ...right?" She looked at me and looked really sad. "No.. I'm sorry.. I can't be together with you.." I felt my smile fading away. "Haha.. Mindy, stop joking it's not funny." A tear slided down on her cheek. "Why? If it's the fans they won't do anything stupid." She shaked her head. "No. It's not them. We won't have time to be together and knowing that kills me. I don't know why. I've only met you like three times but I want to be with you every second. And it's like knifes cutting in my heart knowing I can't." Now she cried. I hugged her and said that everything would be okay that when she had time off from her work we could spend it together. And I know the feeling. I'm only here for two other weeks then I have to leave her. And half of the time I have interviews and conserts and photoshoots and I have to meet the fans... She dried her tears and turned her head to the window. I contiuned driving and it was extremley quiet. So I started to sing.

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She smiled and cried at the same time. Seeing her smiling made me smile too. "Mindy.." I said. "Mmm?" She answered and dried a tear drop. "I want you to meet the guys." She laughed. "I've met them twice. First at the café then at the fashion show." The café? Then I remembered Louis asked me to follow them to a café the same day as I met Mindy but I didn't wanna come. "Your friend... The blonde one, asked me what it would be like if a guy walked in on me while I was changing." I laughed. It probably just slipped Niall's mouth and that he didn't mean it. "Aww.. Poor Niall! But i mean. I want to show off my girlfriend."

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The Change - Chapter 8 - Part 1


"Sleep, I'll call the gas station and say that you don't feel okay."

"How am I supposed to sleep on a perverts lap?" She said but just about three second later her breathing got deeper and much more slow. I sighed and moved hair from her face. I don't know why but I want to protect this girl..


My phone started ringing and I hurried to answer.
"BLOODY HELL, HARRY! WHERE ARE YOU!?" Louis shouted in the phone. "Shhh!!! You'll wake her up!" I wispered.  "No. No, no, no. Please don't tell me you are with that girl!? Why can't you just let her live a normal life!?" I don't know why but Louis is against me being with girls. I guess it's because the media causes such a big fuss every time. Mindy started moving in my lap. "Sorry Lou! Gotta go!" I said and hung up. Mindy turned so that her face were facing me, she hasn't opened her eyes yet. "Morning." I said and she blinked. We looked in to each others eyes for a time that seemed like forever. Then she blushed and sat up. Finally my legs could I don't know? breathe!? It stinks like hell right now. "For how long have I slept!?" She asked and it looked like she panicked. "It's fine, you only slept for 6 hours." I can't get up. My legs won't obey my will. "Oh shit! i'm so sorry!" She said and took my hand. Then she helped me up. I got up but my legs are shaking. I didn't care about the pain before but now it's killing me. "Thank you, and sorry!" She said and took my arm around her neck. She was pretty short so she didn't really make any difference. But it was cute that she tried. 


It feels like I've known this guy for a long time, almost as it felt the first time I met Sarah. It's a nice feeling and I kinda want to contiune meeting him. But that he will never know. It's too embarrassing.
Meeting Harry shaked my world, huh? Waaaait a minuit... Shaked.. shaked? No, Mindy. No, not this guy! HE'S FAMOUS; YOU CAN'T FALL FOR HIM! 
I took away my arm from Harry. I need to call Sarah... I turned around and Harry looked confused. I started to blush but reached out my hand. "Phone.. I have to call someone..." He smiled and gave me my phone. I walked a couple of metres out in the woods. I saw Harrys name in my contact list but ignored it. "Sarah is in the phone. What is it sis?" I smiled to the word ''sis'' but shaked of the thoughts. "Sarah! I think I'm in lo...lo..lov... DAMN IT I CAN'T SAY IT!" How frustrating! I want to tell her but the words won't come out! "Mindy.. Tell me! I promise I won't tell anyone!" She said and I took a deep breath. "I think I'm inlove with Harry.." She laughed. "That's great! Go for it girl!" What is she saying? "No, no, Sarah you don't understand! He's famous and has tons of girls running after him everywhere! I can't love him! Please help me!" I begged. Once again she laughed. "Haha, no." Then she hung up. I sighed and put down my phone in my pocket. I turned around and saw Harry staring at me. Shit! Did he hear? He wasn't supposed to hear that! He opened his mouth to say something but I interrupted him. I guess my face is all tomato-ish right now.. "No, don't say anything! I don't wanna hear it and I don't wanna know it!" I said and walked passed him with the feeling of rejection. Why did this have to happen? When we came to the car I felt releaved. But I hate the fact that it's more than a two and a half hours home. 

"Sooo... I kinda overheard the conversation you had with your friend..." 

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The Change - Chapter 7


When I noticed she wasn't listening to my explanation and slept I somehow got realeved. She finally fell asleep. Mindy has dark hair and a pretty face. On the day we met at the fashion show she looked all up and awake, now she has dark rings under her eyes. She's overworking herself. I don't know why but I care for this girl.. I've never seen her smile from the heart... I stopped the car and I shaked Mindy slightly. 
"Mindy... We're here now. You have to wake up.." 


The first thing I saw when I woke up was Harrys green eyes. I felt my heart beating faster and faster and I started to blush. Why did I blush!? How embarrassing! I turned away my head and opened the car door. When I stepped out I saw that we were surrounded by trees. No.. Does he mean that we will walk!? "We have to walk from here.." NOOOOOO! Please just end my life now! I hate walking in the woods! It's too much bugs and spiders and other stuff! And I seriously don't wanna show this guy my weak side. "Uhm... I'm not comfortable with walking in the woods.." I said but he completley ignored me and started walking. How rude.
Even so I was curious and started walking too. Suddenly he stopped walking and turned around. He took out a handcrief out of his pocket and gave it to me. "Bind your eyes." He said. "Why?" Did he seriously think that I would bind my eyes and lose my abillity to see completley? No. No, no, no, never. "I want it to be a supprise."  He said and I shaked my head. "I'll give you 20$ if you bind your eyes." When he say it like that it becomes harder. "Come on put the handcrief on." He said, but when I didn't do anything he walked up behind me and then it became black. I can't see! What should I do? I won't see the bugs like this! "I'll lead you and tell you when the bugs are attacking you." Harry said, wait what? Can he read minds!? Seriously that's not normal and it's scary. How did he know? "Ho..." I started but he interrupted me. "You're easy to read. Like an open book." He said and once again I blushed.
I don't know why I always end up with doing as he says. 
He put his hands on my shoulder and we started walking. "Theres a stone now so lift your leg high." He said but  I didn't really understand that I had to lift my leg so I fell but Harry catched me before I landed on the ground. "I said this was a stupid idea." I complained but he just laughed at me. Where he's touching it feels like I'm burning, melting. "You're starting to fall?" He asked. "What?" What did he meen by that? "Nothing." He said. "Stop being such a mysterious, rude pervert." I said and you could almost hear the frustration over the word ''pervert,'' it's fun to tease him. Anyway, we contiuned walking but this time he stopped me everytime there was a hinderance. I'm thankful for that. 

"Are you afraid of heights?" Harry asked all of a sudden. "No, why?" I said but he didn't answer. He instead took of the handcrief. 
The view was amazing and I couldn't do anything but smile. We were standing on a mountain. 
I ran up to the edge and shouted, "HIIIII!!!!" Then I laughed. I spinned around and Harry was standing there, smiling.


I'm mesmerized by this girl, she has me in the palm of her hand. I want to see her smile even just for a second. I don't know how she did this to me, just a few days and I'm like this. She spinned around and she was laughing. When she saw me, her smile faded away but after a few seconds she smiled a more gentle smile. "Thank you, Harry." *BATHUMP* Wow..  I wasn't ready for that. That's foul play. If it contiunes like this my heart will stop. Breathe Harry, breathe.
I too walked up to the edge and looked out over New York. Mindy sat down and brushed of some dirt on her pants. After a few seconds I sat down too. (Feeling like a copycat now) "Why did you bring me here?" Mindy asked. "I wanted to see you smile.." I said and looked at her. Her face got red and it was really cute. My heart started thumping all over again. She yawned and looked like she was about to fall asleep. 
I took my hand on her head and pushed her down so that she layed on my lap. "What are you doing?" She said and looked at me. "You look tired." I said and her cheeks got slightlly pink. "I don't know what you're talking about." She said and turned her head to so that she could see the view. 
"You're not like I thought you would be."
"Haha, what did you imagine then?" 
She sighed.
"I don't know.. It's the first time I meet a famous person, but you seem like a forget that."
"You where about to say that I'm normal right? Why am I not?" 
"Well, you drive around in a expensive, nice car. You have girls chasing you everywere and let's see... oh! And you're a pervert."
When will she stop the whole pervert thing!? It was an accident! I didn't meen to run in to her while she was testing a bra! 
"I'll just ignore what you said just now. Where did you grow up again?"
"I grew up on a orphanage. My parents left me and my brother there. I still hate them because just because they didn't want me they didn't have to throw away my brother too."
"I'm sorry.." I said but she just started laughing.
"Everytime I tell people about my sad-story-of-life, the only thing they can come up with is ''sorry'' and to be honest, I don't want to recieve sympathy."
"Then is it better if I had said that you deserved it and that I'm not sorry?"
"Haha, I guess not."
"Tell me about yourself?"
"What do you want to know?"
"What's your favorit food?"
"Lasagne, you?" 
She yawned. We sat like that for hours and then it became dark. But that didn't stop us from talking. 

"Sleep, I'll call the gas station and say that you don't feel okay."
"How am I supposed to sleep on a perverts lap?" She said but just about three second later her breathing got deeper and much more slow. I sighed and moved hair from her face. I don't know why but I want to protect this girl..

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The Change - Chapter 6

I noticed Louis had been sitting right beside me during the whole phone call and i now staring at me. "I kinda took her phone..." I said and showed Louisthe phone. "HARRY!?!? Are you out of your mind!? If this comes out to the public it's finito with One Direction! Seriously What did you think, or did you even think about the consequenses?" He shouted. "Easy Louis, I'll return it tomorrow!" I explained but it didn't really make him happier.


When Sarah said that Harry had sent her a message saying he had my phone I immediately understood why he hugged me. "That son of a bitch!" I said to myself whille cleaning a table. *Cough Cough* I  turned around and Harry stood there. "I guess I'm that ''son of a bitch'' or am I wrong?" He said and smiled. "You're not wrong but absolutley right. Now can I get my phone back?" I said. He laughed and leaned forward so our face was just a few inches away from each other. I hate to addmit it but he smells wonderful.. Like a man but yet a teenager..


This girl smells like peaches and watermelon. I love it.. I smiled. "Not so fast.. You have to come with me to a place first. I searched for ages to find this place." To a beggining she looked supprised but then she changed expression to frustrated, irritated and pissed off. She turned around without a word.


I hate this guy. But I want my phone. "Thomas I don't feel well.. Can I go home?" I said and he looked at me and smiled. "Of course. Get well soon!" He said and I walked out to Harry again. But I didn't stop by him but just contiuned walking. I heard that he walked behind me. When I came out I stopped and turned around. He seemed to understand what I wanted and pointed. "That car over there." He said and I walked to it. If this would have been a normal day I would have died to sit in a car like this but now I didn't really care. Harry started the car and then drove away. I turned on the radio and the song that started to play was really beutiful.

Shot me out of the sky 
You're my Kryptonite 
You keep me making me weak 
Yeah, frozen and can't breathe 

Some things gotta give now 
Cause I'm dying just to make you see ~

More I didn't hear before Harry changed chanel. "Why did you do that!? It was a good song! Change back." I said. "I don't like hearing myself sing on the radio it doesn't feel right." WHAT!? WAS IT ONE DIRECTION WHO SUNG THAT!? "Was that you!?" I heard myself say. "Yes." He said, I sighed and looked out on the trees passing by. "So.. Why do you work so much?" He asked and I turned my head to look at him. Great. He has looked through my phone. "Not your business, pervert." I said and looked out again. "I've said it before and  I'll say it again, I. Am. NOT. A Pervert! I was chased that day by fans!" I laughed and waved my hand. "Yeah I'm sure you where." He sighed and it bekame quiet.

"It's been 2 and a half hour aren't we thre yet!?" I asked and he laughed. "I see... You're curious?" He asked and smiled. I felt my whole face blushing. I addmit it. I'm really curious. Where are we heading to!? "I have to hurry! I have another job you know!" I said. "I whent to that café called Betty's this morning and said to Batty you had a date with me so you had to take time off. She said it was okay. That you needed some time off." He said and let go of the wheel eith one hand. He pushed my head to the window. "Sleep." He said. "Just so know.. I can't sleep with a pervert beside me." I said. Even though.. With this guy I feel secure. He started to tell me the story about when he got chased but I didn't really listen. 


When I noticed she wasn't listening to my explanation and slept I somehow got realeved. She finally fell asleep. Mindy has dark hair and a pretty face. On the day we met at the fashion show she looked all up and awake, now she has dark rings under her eyes. She's overworking herself. I don't know why but I care for this girl.. I've never seen her smile from the heart... I stopped the car and I shaked Mindy slightly. "Mindy... We're here now. You have to wake up.." 

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The Change - Chapter 5

"PLEASE SARAH COME OVER HERE!" I said in a loud voice and hung up. "AH! BOOB GIRL!" I turned around and saw that guy named Harry with the four other boys that came to the café staring at me. 
I felt my cheeks blushing and Harry plugged his mouth. "I'm sorry! It slipped my mouth!" He said. "Harry.. Is that the girl you've been so upset about?" The older brown haired guy said. The blonde one stared at me. "Seriousley Mindy! Why did I have to come he... OH MY GOD!? ONE DIRECTION!!!" I heard Sarah shouting behind me. But the boys just kept staring at me...

"Sarah, you know these boys?" I asked and Sara nodded so fast that it looked like her head would fly away. "They're the worlds most famous boy band! Don't you know them!?" I shaked my head. "I don't." She stared at me then walked up to them. "Can I ask what One Direction are doing here?" Sarah asked the boys. The blonde one stopped staring at me and turned to Sarah. "We're here to sing for a design that 
represents ''First Love'' the design is made by someone named Mindy or something." Sarah left One Direction and ran to me. Took my hands and started to jump up and down. Knowing that these perverts are going to sing to my dress is making me wanna throw up. "OH GOD MINDY!! HOW DOES IT FEEL KNOWING THAT ONE D IS GOING TO SING TO YOUR DESIGN!?!" Sarah shouted. Apparently she's fangirling to these boys. I looked at them and then at Sarah. "Acctually it feels like I'm about to throw up." Sarah stopped jumping. "FIFTEEN MINUITS TO GO!" Daniel shouted and everyone started to hurry.
I took Sarahs hand and left One Direction behind me. I have to find the model! Her make up and hair has to be done!
I found the model and she looked really cute in her dress, and her shoes... I LOVE THEM!. 

"Mindy it's your turn in three minuits!" Daniel shouted and I had just stuck the last bobby-pin in the models hair. Done! We rand to the cat walk and she went out. I walked to the side like we had done in the repetition earlier this day. When all the other models where back in the backstage the band started to sing. I just got to know what band it would be. 
When they had sung their song I started talking. "This dress represents ''First Love''. Acording to me first love is like an earthquake..." I contiuned to say all the things I said at the meeting last monday. And when I was done everyone gave off a wave of applauds. It felt nice. 

Me and Daniel switched places and I dissapeared back stage. "That was the girl who designed the dress! MINDY SMITH!" Daniel is a really carefree man. He often do as he wants to. He's a cool guy. "Your design was awesome! And your word was just perfect! I was totally mesmericed.." I turned around and Harry smiled at me. I started to walk faster. "Hey wait! i want to talk to you!" He said and grabbed my hand. "That day I was chased by fans and I had to find a hiding place.. Please don't think I'm a pervert! I'm not a pervert.." He explained. "Haha, why would I think you're a pervert? I don't think stuff like that about men who run into a dressing room while a girl is testing a bra. It would only be wierd if I thought so." I said and put as much sarcasm possible in the sentence. I got my hand back from his grasp and started to walk away from Harry. But all of a sudden he grabbed my hand again and then turned me around and hugged me. Everything happened so fast. After a few secound he let go and walked away. Why did he hug me? Now I'm 100% sure he's a pervert.

"Mindy! You where awesome today!" Daniel said behind me while I packed my stuff. "Same goes for you Daniel!" I said and turned around. "I was just going to say that your dress will be realesed in the store in one month. And you'll get 50% of the money we earn on your dress." He said. "F-f-f-fiffty percent!?! Are you sure?" I said and he nodded. It looked like it wasn't a big deal. But for someone who's been chasing money in her whole life it's a big deal! Without a thought I attacked him in a hug and he laughed while hugging me back. 
After a few minuits he dissapeared but he wrote down his number on a paper and gave it to me, so I did the same.


This girl Mindy, only have one number on her phone. And that name was Sarah.. Is she that unsocial? I wrote in her number on my phone. Then I sent a message to that Sarah.

Hi! Harry Styles from One Direction here! Can you tell Mindy that if she want her phone back she have to call this number: xxxx-xxxxxxx Thanx! xoxo <3

I felt like a criminal when I checked around on her phone like what games she has and stuff (The only game she had was Temple Run) so I put in some more games for her. All of a sudden the phone started buzzing. *TIME TO GO TO STARBUCKS JOB!* I couldn't ignore it so I whent in to her ''reminder'' app. Everyday and night she worked and whent ot supplementary classes. I checked the time and she had almost less than three hours to sleep. Is she like a super human? I felt sorry for her and put the phone away. (Oh if you wonder...Her password to unlock the phone was 1234...) "Harry we're going to the hotel now, are you coming with us?" Zayn asked and I got up from the chair. "I'm comming!" I said  and we started to walk out of the building. 

"HAAARRRRIIIIEE!! Your phone is ringing." Louis said and ran towards me with my phone in his hand. I didn't recognise the number but answered anyway. "Harry's on tha phone! What's up?" I said. "Give me my phone back!" As I thought it's Mindy. "I can't." I said. To tease her. "Why!? I'll call the police and say you're a pervert AND a thief!" She said and sounded like she was in a hurry. "I can't give it to you, 'cause you're not here.." I said and laughed. "You little...." She started but didn't finish the sentence. "I'll meet you tomorrow on Starbucks the place where you work." I said and hung up. Then I noticed Louis had been sitting right beside me during the whole phone call and is now staring at me. "I kinda... took her phone..." I said and showed Louis the phone. "HARRY!?!? Are you out of your mind!? If this comes out to the public it's finito with One Direction! Seriously what did you think, or did you even think about the consequenses?" He shouted. "Easy Louis I'll return it tomorrow!"  I explained but it didn't really make him happier. 

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The Change - Chapter 4 - Part 2

"Daisy...Could I possibly get some time off this week? Like an hour or a half?" Daisy turned her eyes to me and they became as big as footballs. She ran over to me and took my hands. "I never thought I would get to hear those words from you! OF COURSE YOU CAN TAKE SOME TIME OFF!" She started to sing and dance and then she ran away... Okay.. Now it's Betty left!

"Betty can I get some time off this week? Just an hour or a half?" I said. Bett where sitting right infront of me making some kind of decoration on a cake. She looked up at me and smiled. "Of course, Child. You take some time off." Then I helped her decorate the cake. 
The cake got really pretty. Pink, with flowers and strawberry. The flowers where made of chocolate. 
"Bye!" I shouted to the crew and started walking in the direction to Starbucks. 

"So. You got it. Can you handle this all by yourself?" Thomas said and smiled. "Leave it to me!" He laughed and when to the kitchen, if you can call it a kitchen.. It's small and has a refrigerator, nothing more. That's where we have all the milk and latte stuff.. Oh there's a table and four chairs too! 
The door bell informed me that a costumer came in. My first costumer on Starbucks! She had middle long brown straight hair. Her eye's are brown too. She wore a sky-blue dress. "A latte to take please." Her accent. It's brittish. I smiled and made the latte. "That's 6$." I said and she gave me a ten dollar bill. "Keep the change." I smiled and gave her four dollars. "We need more people like you, but I don't like to get money I haven't earned." I said and she looked at me. "But if it's money won't it make anyone happy?" This girl doesn't give up. "No, making your own money, luck and love, that's happiness." She looked at me for a while and seemed to think about my words. "I like you. Can I get your number so we can hang out some day?" I really don't like that question 'cause my answer is really embarrassing. "I don't have a cellphone.." Her answer choked me. "Okay, then. I'll wait here 'till you get off!" Then she took her latte and got out. She doesn't even know when I get off? She has a really carefree spirit that girl. 

"I changed to my all day clothes and whent out of Starbucks on my way to the next job. "Finally you get off!" I flinched and turned around. The girl I met today were standing by the door. "Sarah." She said and we shaked hands. "Mindy." She smiled and we started walking. "Why did you wait?" I asked. "I thought you looked nice and wanted to be your friend!" She said and laughed. "Oh by the way.. Here." She gave me a box but it's dark so I can't see what it contains. "It's a cellphone." I stopped and stared at her. "I can't recieve this." I said and tried to give it back. But she just started walking. "I'm not poor. My family has money and they won't notice that the money dissapeared. Besides, you're my first friend." I didn't know what to say. "Thank you.. Uhm you're kinda my first friend too." I said. "REALLY!? What about the people in your school?" She asked.
"I'm really shy in scool, when I work it's a lot better. I think it's because I lived on a orphanage until two years ago.." I said and got really supprised. This girl, it feels like I've known her my whole life. "I'm sorry.." She said. "For what?" I asked, she was quiet for a while. "I don't know." I laughed. "Then don't say sorry!" She giggled a little but was kinda tense. "Now it's my turn to say sorry." I said. "Why?" "I have to go to work, but can I get your number? I have a new phone.." She laughed. "Of course you can get my number but didn't you just get off from work?" She said while taking up a pencil from her bag then took my arm and wrote her number. "I have four workplaces." I said. She stopped walking. "Won't you like overwork yourself!? Please stop working on at least one place!" It looked like she really got worried. "I'm fine! No need to worry!" I said and started to walk faster. "Text me when you start your phone!" She shouted behind me and I waved as an answer.

I was the last one to leave the gas station so I had to lock every door.
"Hey you!" Turned my head and a gang full of boys in their twenty walked toward me. I hurried to lock the door and walked away fast. "Hey you! Wait! Don't you wanna play with us?" Thinking of their actions they're drunk. Everyone laughed and screamed. "We know you want to!" All of a sudden someone gripped my hand and turned me around. He's stinking of alcohole. What did I learn in the self-defence class? Uhm.. Uhm? I don't remember! "What are you thinking of sweetie? Oh wait, I don't care." He said and breathe in my face. I  was on the verge of throwing up. Without thinking I grabbed his hand with my right hand and locked his scoulder with my left hand. Then I spit right in his face and kicked him between his legs. "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING!? YOU LITTLE SL*T" Then I didn't really hear anymore. I ran as fast as I could home and closed the door behind me. Oh right Fredrick isn't home now. He's working till 08am.. I sighed and went to my room. Thank good I whent to buy some material to my design today. Before I went to Betty's. The fabric is pink. I started to cut the fabrick and needle it. Only that took like 2 hours and I realise that I had to go to bed.. But before that I put my phone in the charger. The phone's named Iphone 4S. It's my first phone ever. I put in Sarah in my contact list and it took some time before she wans in there. I didn't know how to do it. How do I send a message? I tested clicking on the little icon that loocked like a letter and on Sarah's name then I wrote. "Why did you buy such an advanced phone!? You need to teach me the details someday.." After afew secounds it ringed. A message from Sarah. I opened it. "You're advanced >.<" I laughed and put away my phone the went to bed. I fell asleep immedietly. 


I gave the dress to the model and she went away to change. I'm really nervous. I took my phone and called Sarah. "Sarah's on tha phone! What's up?" I took a deep breath. "Sarah.. I can't do this. What shouls I do there's at leat one thousand people out there!" I wispered. "You can do this! I'm one of those thousands remember?" Yes, Sarah came to the fashion show to be my support but she being out there is'nt helping me at all! "PLEASE SARAH COME OVER HERE!" I said in a loud voice and hung up. "AH! BOOB GIRL!" I turned around and saw that guy named Harry with the four other boys that came to the café staring at me. 
I felt my cheeks blushing and Harry plugged his mouth. "I'm sorry! It slipped my mouth!" He said. "Harry.. Is that the girl you've been so upset about?" The older brown haired guy said. The blonde one stared at me. "Seriousley Mindy! Why did I have to come he... OH MY GOD!? ONE DIRECTION!!!" I heard Sarah shouting behind me. But the boys just kept staring at me...

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The Change - Chapter 4 - Part 1

"And the winner is....not Tom Fredrickson!" 
One of the judges said. Tom looked crushed.. I was suprised myself that he didn't win.. His design was incredible! All of a sudden Tom stood up and looked like he was going to throw the table on the judges. "WHY DIDN'T I WIN!? MY DESIGN WAS, No.. IS THE BEST DESIGN IN HERE! COMPARED TO THESE STUPID BUNCH OF AMATEURS!" He shouted and looked at me and the other four designers. I don't like it when people is stepping on the weak so I stood up myself and all eyes in the room turned to me. "Seriously! Just because you didn't win this time you don't have to push us other down! With your abilities you will come far as it is. But even so I'm not sure, your own personality is really horrible! Calling us a stupid bunsh of amateurs... Didn't you yourself lose to this stupid bush of amateurs!?" I said and sat down. Then I realised that all the people in the whole room was listening... Great now I'm gonna lose to. I shaked of the thought and looked at Tom. He was still standing in the exact same spot as he did when I started shouting at him. "Tom, we would appriciate it if you would sit down on your chair so we can contiune the meeting.." One of the judgers said. Tom got out of his own world and sat down. His face were really red and I felt sympathy for him. "If it's okay I would like to contiune the meeting. I want to forget this inccident now." Everyone noddet to what the judger said. Including Tom.  "So.Tom, I want you to know that your skills around fashion is really something! If this would have been a meeting for designers that have been working with this kind of thing, we would absolutley have chosed your design. But as it is now, we cant. We need something new, something that reminds us of our first love!" It looked like Tom really took in the words. "So now it's just between the other five designers. And I'm really sad to tell you this. I have to hurry to another meeting so I will tellyou who the winner is and then I will talk with the winner by myself. The winner is....MINDY SMITH! Your design was truly mesmerising! We all really loved it! And your words to it was incredible too! You explained it exactly as it is!" What? What'd just happen? Did I win? No that's not possible! Or is it? "Mindy? Hello Mindy?" I looked up and everyone stared at me.. "How does it feel?" How should I explain this? Uhm... And I found just the right feeling. "Like a car crash... Like my whole life is about to change." Everyone stood up and started to applaud. I felt the smile playing on my lips. 

"So you will have to make your own dress 'til friday. Is that okay?" The man who is apparently named Daniel said. "It's just one problem.. I don't have the material and I don't have a sewing machine..."  I said and lookede down. He started to laugh at me. "Oh please! You will gett the money to material and a sewing machine! See? It's all over there!" He said and pointed at a table. On the table there was a sewing mashine and beside it a bunch of money. I jumped up and without thinking I kinda attacked Daniel. I gave him a big hug and squealed. "OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH! I CAN'T FIND WORDS FOR MY THANKFULLNESS!" I said and felt tears streaming down my face. He smiled and hugged me back. "See you on friday! It would be awesome if you could say the things you said to your design on friday too!" He said and we stopped hugging each other. I nodded and smiled.
I pressed down the money in my bag and took the sewing machine in my other hand. Thank god I'm good at sewing and not just drawing! Or else it would have been so embarrassing! Well now I have to hurry home and then get to the café! The clock's almost 06pm. And the at 12am I have to hurry to starbucks. At 03am I have to work at the gas station to 7am. At 10am my supplementary classes starts. So I have just 3 hours to sleep.. But I can ask Betty and Daisy for some time off! I smiled and started to walk home. When suddenly a hand stopped me. "Mindy?" I turned around and saw Tom standing with blushed cheeks infront of me. Irritation started to form and I turned around to start walking again. But of course he would follow me. "Hey! Stop right there! I'm sorry okay? I didn't mean the words I said in there I just get like that when I get angry or lose..." He said. I stopped and so did he. "So what you're saying is that you have aggresion problem?" He looked down and I felt kinda bad  and mean so I said sorry. He praised me for my design and I thanked him. Then we said goodbyeafter he by some reason had given me his number. Wierd. Oh well..

"Daisy...Could I possibly get some time of this week? Like an hour or a half?" Daisy turned her eyes to me and they became as big as footballs. He ran over to me and took my hands. "I never thought I would get to hear those words from you! OFCOURSE YOU CAN TAK SOME TIME OFF!" She started to sing and dance and then she ran away... Okay.. Now it's Betty left!

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The Change - Chapter 3



"Haaaarrrriiiiie!!" All of a sudden Louis attacked me and I fell to the ground. "WHOA!!" I said while falling to the floor. I looked up on Louis and he showed of a proud smile. "Seriously... WHAT!!?" He gave me his hand but I didn't take it. I got up on my feet by myself. "This day suck already why don't you make it worse!" I shouted at him. He didn't care about my words. "Me, Niall, Liam and Zayn is going to a café nearby are you coming with us?"


I looked at Louis who was still smiling. "Louis...Louis..Louis. I'M NOT IN THE MOOD FOR COFFE!" I said and pushed him out of the room. I herd him sigh outside the door. "Don't blame me if you want a cake later! Going mad  just because of some boobs. Seriosly." He mumbled. Without a thought I kicked the door but I regretted it the secound after. "FUCK! !¤#%¤@¤¤&)¤#" Great! I sighed and jumped on one leg to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and carefully took off the sock. My big toe are really red. Kinda like a tomato. I could feel the pulse pumping. I started to undress myself. I can take a shower while I'm at it. 



The ring clock informed that a few costumers entered the place. I turned around to show them to a table. There were four boys. One blonde, two brunettes and one black haired guy. The blonde one laughed as well as one of the brow haired. The black haired one seemed to be in his own world. "A table for four?" I asked and everyone turned their eyes to me. The brown haired one that didn't laugh nodded. I showed them to a table in the corner. "I will be right back to take your orders." I said and left them. But when I started walking one of them started talking. "Guys, I'm worried. Harry is grumpy just becuse he saw that girl in the dressing room. What should we do?" I stopped walikng. What? They couldn't... "Easy Louis! I'm sure he's just hypntisised because he sw some boobes. He'll be fine tomrrow!" SHIT! They are talking about what happened today! I started walking again and came in to the kitchen. "Chris.. Can you take the orders at table nine?" I asked but Chris just sheked her head and said she had to do the dishes. "Betty?" Sorry, child. I need to cook the food, Emmett is sick today. Oh no.. Today there's only we who works the evening shift. I took some deep breaths and gathered up the courage to go out. 

"Would you like to order now?" I said and felt both the nervousness and my cheeks blushing. "I would like a cupcke and a coffee please." One of the brown hired guys said. The one who looks older than the other one. I wrote it down on the block. "I would like the same." Two of the boys said. Now it's just the blonde one left. I turned my eyes at him and notice he stared at me. "How would you feel if a bouy walked in on you while you were testing a bra?" What? I felt the blood running up o my face. "Oh.. Sorry.." He said and the other ones started to laugh. I'm not embarressed by the question but the fact that he just asked me 'bout what happened today.. But now there's a chanse for that Harry to know my feelings. "I would be really embarrassed and wouldn't be brave enough to test things in a long time. Your order?" I said and he looked kinda suprised that I actually answered the question. He mumbled, "The same as the others." I nodded and went back to the kitchen. Behind the door it was like a big stone disapeared from my belly. "Four coffee with cupcakes!" Shouted to Betty ans ran in to the toilet. 



I looked at the paper with the adress once again then I looked at the house. Number 76. It's here. The nervousness started to form in me. I took a deep breath and walked i to the big appartment looking building. They said I would walk three stairs and then I would be up. So I did as the person I talked with said and on the door it was a sign. ''VICTORIA'S SECRET MEETING'' I knocked on the door. A short girl with blonde curly hair opened the door. "Mindy?" She asked, I nodden and she shined up in a bright smile. "When we saw your designs that your boyfriend showed to us we immedietly fell in love!" I reacted to the word ''boyfriend'' and smiled. "I don't have a boyfriend the one who showed you my designs was my brother. But thank you very much!" The girl laughed and showed me in. In the beginning there was just a hallway. but when we had walked in to the other room there I was starstrucked. A long table in the middle and a big screen on the left side of the room. In the room there was at least fourty people sitting around the table and ten people standing by the wall. The girl whos called Pheopbe showed me a chair alomst in the place nearest the screen. "You'll be the third one to show your design." Pheobe said and I nodded. A man walked up on the platform by the screen. "Welcome everybody and thank you for taking your precious time to come here. We will today look at designs to the fasion show that will be on Friday! There will be a total six designs today and we will decide One design who will be showed to the world. As you know these designs has been drawn from young designeres from the whole USA.  There was over a million participants but only six were chosen." Okay.. This is sick! MILLIONS!? I didn't know that! Now I'm even more nervous! "First there will be a boy named Tom Fredrickson from Washington, showing you a design. Then a girl named Sasha Stone from Orlando. Third person, a girl, Mindy Smith. She's from New York. The fourth is a boy. Klas Gunnarson. He's born in Sweden but moved to Florida." He contiuned like that. Then it started. And the second I saw the first drawing I was totally sure I would lose. This guy has been doing this before. The judges made som sounds like ''Mmm and Ahhh. And when it was my turn I was shaking like hell. Pheobe gave me a thumb up. It felt like one percent better. I put my drawing on a small table and you could see it on the screen then I walked up to the small platform. "The theme is ''First Love'' right?" The audience nodded. So I contiuned. "First love.. It's like a earthquake. Pure. Hard to recover from. You can never really forget it." While saying those words, talking to all the persons. I felt home. This is were I should be. "But an earthquke isn't pure?" One in the audience said. "It's pure 'cause it's completley made by nature." The person nodded and wrote it down on a paper. I thanked for me and took my design and sat down on my chair, 

"So.. We have decided... The winner is....."


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The Change - Chapter 2 - Part 2


I slammed the door behind me and started to take of my old, black converse. "Mindy?" I heard Fredrick say and soon after I could see his feets through the tears. "Oh dear lord Mindy, what happened!?" A few hiccups came ou of my mouth and I gave up on trying to take of my left shoe. My hand's shaking to much so I can't untie the knot. I leaned my back against the wall and pushed up my knees so that I could lay down my head. I felt someones arms around me, warm. "Can you tell me what happened?" Fredrick always care for me. I shaked my head and dried my tears. I put on a smile and looked Fredrick in the eyes. "I'm fine, It's okay now." He looked sceptical. "Well, you sertainly don't look fine! Did someone hurt you? Did you get raped? Should I call the police?" I laughed at him and looked at the clock. 03.05pm. "I have to go to work now!" I said to change the subject. I put on my right shoe and took my purse. "See You tonight Fred!" Then I shut the doorbehind me, this time I was more gentle. 


"Daisy can I take ten minuits of?" I asked. She smiled and nodded. I sat down by a table and took out my sketch block and a pen. First love huh.. It's something I haven't experienced. "Daisy.. How's first love like? How does it feel?" Daisy looked slightly supprised. Maybe 'cause I'm seventeen and have never had a boyfriend. She smiled. "It's like an earthquake, you can't forget it. It's pure. But there's alway some dirt that stains the feelings." She sighed and walked away. Her words made me think. I got an idea and started to scribble down some drawings. 

"It's time for you to leave now, Mindy." I looked up from my drawing. Daisy cleaned off th table beside me. I looked at the clock. 08.03pm. "Why didn't you tell me when my brake was over!? You know I get lost in time when I draw!" I don't like it when they give me money from work I haven't done. I took my bag and said bye to the staff. Then it was just to start running. 


"Haaaarrrriiiiie!!" All of a sudden Louis attacked me and I fell to the ground. "WHOA!!" I said while falling to the floor. I looked up on Louis and he showed of a proud smile. "Seriously... WHAT!!?" He gave me his hand but I didn't take it. I got up on my feet by myself. "This day suck already why don't you make it worse!" I shouted at him. He didn't care about my words. "Me, Niall, Liam and Zayn is going to a café nearby are you coming with us?"

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The Change - Chapter 2 - Part one


OH MY GOD! WHAT SHOULD I DO!? I'M GONNA GET RAPED IN A DRESSING ROOM! At least it's by a hot guy.. BUT I'M GONNA DIE!! FREDRICK!!! AHH WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?! I can run away! No.. I'm not wearing anything.. Except my pants.. WHO IS THIS GUY!?!?! WHY IS HE HERE!? I can't speak.. WHAT IS HE DOING HERE??? 
My inner thoughts is in war. I can't think straight. I felt tears threating to run down my chin. I squealed and I felt the man watching me. Please don't look at me.. I built up some curage and opened my eyes. He looked chocked. HE looked CHOCKED. IT'S NOT HE WHO IS NAKED INFRONT OF A PERSON IN A DRESSING ROOM! He seemed to understand that this situation is embarrassing for me so he took away his hand from my mouth and turned around. "Sorry.." He has the nerve to say sorry? I hurried on with my bra and shirt. Then I pushed my way out of the cramped room. I hate guys. I ran away. Ran and ran. Tears falling without hesitation. So embarrassing! I haven't even had a boyfriend that have seen my body. And the first to see it is a random guy in a dressing room! Embarrassing, embarrassing, EMBARRASSING! 


I feel so sorry for that girl.. I ran after her but she was really fast. When I saw those tears I felt like a pervert or something. All I could think about to say then was "sorry" Seriously Harry? "Sorry" You really are a bad person. Why don't you just throw yourself in the river? 
I closed the door to my hotelroom and threw my shoes at the floor, took of my coat and hung it on the chair beside me. "Is there somthing wrong Harry?" I flinched and looked up. Louis, Niall and Liam sat on one bed and looked at me. Where's Zayn? "Well when I came here I walked in the shopping center and got found by a fan who shouted my name then lots of girls formed an army and started hunting me so I ran into a store. For women." I could feel mt cheaks get hotter. "Harry why are you blushing?" Louis asked. I looked at him and sighed helplessly. "Well to not get attacked I ran in to a clothing room.. In the room a girl were topless.. Literally topless, no shirt, no bra, nothing." Their eyes got big bigger than Peter Griffins (in Family Guy) nose. "Was she hot!?" I turned around and saw Zayn standing by the door. He obvioussly heard everything 'cause he had the same face as the others. "THAT'S NOT THE PROBLEM!" I screamed. He didn't care and waited for an answer. I nodded. She was hot. Good figure, brown eyes, nice lips and even though I don't want to addmit it she had perfect breasts. She looked like she was in my age. I want to apologise.. "WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK FOR HER NAME!?" Right now Zayn is dancing on my nerves. "WOULD YOU ASK A NAKED GIRL FOR HER NUMBER!?" I shouted back at him. He realised the wrongs in his sentence. "You're right.." I don't know what to do.. "Wait a minuit.. What are all of you doing here by the way?" I asked. they smiled at me. "We've been invited to sing at a fashion show!" Niall screamed and attacked me. "Are you serious!? That's awesome!" I shut the thoughts of that girl out and laughed. It's the first time ever we're goinng to sing at a fashion show! "When?" I asked Louis answered. "About two weeks from now. We're going to sing to the theme ''First Love'', Apparently there's a new designer who will design an outfit to that theme. Her name is Mindy or something..."

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The Change - Chapter 1

Mindy's Perspective

"Mindy? Can you take away the dishes from table seven please?" Daisy said while making a soup that someone had ordered. "Count on me!" I said and started to pluck. "Thank you sweety, you always work so hard for us. Not only us! Don't you have like two other jobs too?" I laughed at her. "Actually.. Just recently I got accepted as a part time worker at starbucks four minuits away from here!" I said happily and dried of the table. "Seriously your overworking yourself first you have supplementary classes and then you have to work here and after that you have like twenty minuits to get to that cafè that's like 2 kilometres away from here and in the night you work at the gas station. And now you have another job!? How do you get to sleep!?" Daisy always worries about me. Maybe 'cause I've worked here since I was 15.. "Daisy. I'm alright, don't you see?" I put on a smile even though I feel so tired. Every night I sleep for less than 3 hours but I'm used to it now. It's nothing really! I looked at the clock. 05.00pm. "AH! I'm off! Bye!" I took off my apron and took my bag then I ran out of the shop to my other job. 

"Are'nt you working to much child?" Betty call me ''Child'' 'cause she thinks I'm as hardworking and energtic as one. "I've already had this conversation at my other working place. Yes! I am fine!!" She smiled at me and said I could take a short brake 'cause there isn't many costumors today. "Thank you!" I laughed and ran to a table. I took out the pencil I had in my pocket and a small paper out of my apron then I just drew. I ended up with a girl in a kind of rose coloured tube top and a blue skirt with flowers on. "I want to be a stylist soon.." I said to myself. I laid my head down and thought of how wonderful it would be to show the world my work on a catwalk. 
The beautiful model wearing one of my outfits. Her hair tied in a pretty hairstyle. Designers praising me for my creativity. And my brother. Helping my beloved brother would make everything perfect. 

"May? You need to go home now." I opened my eyes and saw Betty's I'm-worried face. "But I haven't worked my time yet." I said, she smiled at me and sid that when I slept it looked as if I was in peace so she didn't wanna wake me up. I laughed at her and started to walk home. In one and a half hour I have to go to the gas station. I'm lucky it's just outside my appartment. 
"Are you home Fredrick?" I heard a laugh from the kitchen and a wonderful feelt a wonderful smell dancing around my nose. "Come in and eat Mindy!" He shouted. I hurried of with my shoes and went in to the kitchen. "Yeeii! My favorit! Lasagne!!" Fredrick smiled at me. "I made it 'cause it's friday and you've been working so hard. And I have a supprise..." I looked at him with big eyes as if he had nought something we can't afford. "What did you buy?" He shaked his head and laughed at me. "Why do you think I've bought something?" I showed off some sarcasm and contiuned to eat. "I didn't know if I would ask you but I knew that if I did you wold say no. So I took your designs and went to a that shop named secret viccy-something, 'cause I saw a poster this morning that they searched for young designers. But anyway I showed 'em your drawings and guess what? She liked your work and wants you to design something to the theme ''First Love'', Oh you'll have a meeting with the lady next week on monday at 12.00am." Had stopped eating. I dropped my spoon and looked at my brother. "Don't tell me you're joking right now?" He chaked his head and smiled. "It's 100% truth." My brother is the only one in the whole world that knnows of my drawings. And now more than millions of people will know them. "I love you!" I screamed and ran over to his side of the table to hug him. He laughed and patted my head. "You deserve it! So please stop working on that gas station. I don't like it when you are out on the nights." I laughed an shaked my head. "No, we need those money!" His sad look made my heart ache but I ignored it. "Tomorrow I have a day off from my supplementary classes so I'll go to the shopping center to shop some necessary stuff." I said and looked down on my plate. Please don't ask what, please don't ask what.. I prayed. Obviously he noticed it so he didn't ask me. I really love my brother. 
We've been living in this appartment about 4 years now. Ever since Fredrick turned 18 and we moved out of the orphanage. He didn't want me to stay there 'cause I got a little bit bullied. My mom and dad abadoned us when I was born it's sad really. Just 'cause they didn't want me they didn't have to throw away my brother too. But even so I'm still searshing for them in secret. My brother can't know about this, he'll tell me to stop. That it'll only bring me pain. But meeting my mother is one of my biggest dreams. It's not for her, it's for me. For me to know that she's alright. As for my dad I don't really care so much, my brother said that all he remembers from them is that dad used to hit mum. That's my story. So me and my brother live here in the north part of New York. It's really expensive here.

Harry's Perspective

Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall are already at the hotel. Because I went to visit my mum in London I had to take another plane. So I'm here now. "Isn't that Harry Styles?" I heard behind me and then it began. "It's Harry Styles!!!" I looked back, more and more girls started to form something that looked like an army. I started to run and so did they. "Shit." I said to myself. All of a sudden I got into a womens clothing store. I hid behind some of the clothes and the girls ran in. "Have someone in here seen a hot guy with curls!?" I giggled to myself and someone noticed me. I sneaked away quietly. Opened a door. When I turned around and sighed of realife a girl with long brown hair stared at me. My eyes went down and I noticed she didn't wear a brah, wich means. She's bare breasted..

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Prolog For The Change

Mindy Smith är 17 år och extremt modeintresserad. Problemet är att hon bor med sin extremt överbeskyddande storebror, Fredrick Smith (Fredrick Smith). Hennes föreldrar lever men de ville inte behålla barnen. De två syskonen hamnade på ett barnhem och när Fredrick blev 18 flyttade han ut därifrån med Mindy. Fredrick jobbar som på en matbutik och tjänar inte mycket pengar. Mindy har 4 part-time jobb och de försöker hålla upp ekonomin. Mindy har aldrig riktigt vågat visa sina egna ritningar på kläder för någon. Hon älskar att gå till olika shopping center för att prova käder, men en dag gick hon inte för att prova kläder utan för att köpa en BH. När hon står i omklädningsrummet precis påväg att ta av sig BH:n. Hon knäpper upp bak i ryggen och dörren till hennes lilla bås öppnas och en man kommer in. Inte vilken som helst utan självaste Harry Styles... OHHH~~~~ Harry you little pervert ;)

Mindy Smith is 17 years od and extrem fashion intressted. The problem is that she lives with her extrem overprotective big brother, Fredrick Smith (22 years old). Her parents are alive but they didn't want to keep the children so they sent them to a orphanage. When Fredrick turned 18 he moved from the orphanage with Mindy and now is working in a food shop. Mindy has 4 part-time jobs just to help Fredrick with the economy. Mindy often goes to the shopping center on her free time. She don't buy the clothes just test them on. But one day she went to buy a brah. When she stands in her little room taking off the brah a man comes in. Not just any man. But Harry Styles... OHHHH~~~~ Harry you little pervert ;)

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That Day - Chapter 15 - Staying Behind For Awhile

Harry's Perspective

She slapped me and ran away. And when I saw her running with her bag I knew I had done something I shouldn't have done. 
Louis stared emotionless at me. 
- Allison? I said when I heard the hallway door shut. I tried to run over there but when I was about to walk by Louis I got a punch in the face. The punch was so strong that I fell to the ground.
What's going on in here!? Niall said and came in to the kitchen. When he saw me his eyes got big and he dropped his cupcake. 
- Louis!! What did you do!? He screamed and sat down beside me while the other boys came in to the kitchen. 
- Trust me, you would have done the same if you saw him kiss your girlfriend. Louis said and his eyes teared up. Zayn and Liam looked at eachother than they started running. 
Niall looked confused at me and when he realised what had happened he ran too. Soon enough there was just me and Louis left in the house. 

Allison's Perspective

It's raining. I can't stop rubbing my lips. I can't stop seeing Louis face when Harry kissed me. The emotions he showed was so sad. I feel so filthy. I saw a park and stopped there. 
*Mjau* I heard. *Mjau* I walked in th direction to the sound. In a small little box I saw a kitten.
- Aw.. You poor thing! I said. On the box it said ''Keep Me''
- I will keep you! The cat is grey and striped in white. 
I took it in my hoody and started to walk to a hotel.

- Hi, are animals allowed in this hotel? I asked the lady in the receptionist. 
- Yes, but only in the lowest floor. 
- Good. Can I rent a small room there for a few weeks? I have a kitten with me too.
I said and she nodded while whriting something on her computer. She gave me a key and said that my room was room number 38. 
- Thank you so much! She smiled at me and I walked away. 

- The room isn't that bad is it? Right litte kitten? The kitten laid on the bed and licked it's paw. 
- Thinking of it.. You don't have a name and I don't know you gender. And I need to get you some food.. What do you want to eat kitten?
The kitten looked at me and licked it's mouth. 
- Haha, you wait here! I will run to buy some food for us.
*Answer the call! Hello!? You there? Answer!*
I took up my phone from my pocket and looked at the screen ''Niall :)'' Even though I hate it I clicked him away and walked out the door. Soon after it vibrated in my pocket. It was Niall. I opened the text. 

Al! I think Harry regrets it.. Where are you!? Me Zayn and Liam is looking for you!

My eyes tearde up and I put the phone back in my pocket without answering. I can't do anything but cause trobble can I.. 

6 weeks later

(Listen while you read :3 )
I had put my phone in the desk turned of the vibrating and the sound. Me and the kitten has been living peacefully but it seems that the kitten understand something is wrong. When I go out for walks with her I can see myself in windows for tv shops. Someone is searching for me. I haven't checked the phone since I got that messege from Niall. 
- What do you think I should do kitten? I said and the kitten jumped up in my knee. It knocked it's hed to mine and I laughed. 
- You think I stupid 'cause I don't want to face it? The kitten walked away to the bathroom. It's grown big now. I sighed and opened the desk and took my phone. It was out of battery so I had to put it in the charger. I started it and it said ''1587 missed calls and 2395 messeges. I got chocked over how much it was. I opened one of them and it was from Zayn 

If you don't come to my place I will call the police! I'm not kidding! Come on! What Harry did was idiotic but aren't you doing something even more idiotic right now!?

That was three days after I left.. I opened another one from Liam.

Allison.. Lou is worrying to death please call him.. He's not sleeping in the nights he's always out looking for you. I'm really worried about him.

That was one week after.. Then I opened one from Harry the first one I got from him. It was one day after.

Allison, I'm sorry! Were are you!?

The most of the messeges was most likley like that. The last messege I got twi hours ago from Louis.

You can always come home...

- Home... I miss it.

I made a choice and wrote Louis a messege. 

Louis Perspective

I'm tired. Once again I'm searching for her around the London Eye. I got the boys to go out and search with me one more time even though the had given up on her. They have told me to give up too. But if you seriously love someone you can't just give up. My phone vibrated and I opened the text. 
Found her yet?

It was from Zayn and I wrote back that I haddn't found her. 
Five secounds later I got one more messege.
- That was fast.. I said and opened it without looking at the name. 

I want to come home now...

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the messege again. Then I looked at the person who sent the messege. Allison. As fast as I could I called Niall saying that she texted me and that he should call the others. Then I hung up without letting him say a word. I looked in my contact list searching for "My Girl Allison<3'' I found her and called. After two tones she answerd. 
- Uhm... It's Allison Bender? Hearing her voice it sounds as if she's insecure.. But just hearing it made me tear up. 
- Allison.. I sighed.
- Can I come home? She asked and that made me fall om my knees. 
- I missed you. 
I missed you more... I can hear that she cries.
- I'm so sorry Louis..

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Chapter Fourteen - The Move

Allison's perspective

- I'm sorry Lou..
- Then why did you lie to me? Oh gosh.. What should I say? I don't want to lie so I'll just tell the truth. 
- Harry came by when I sat on a bench and said that I looked frozen. He gave me the scarf and I tried to refuse it but he put it on me anyway. Wwhen I tried to take it of he took my hand and said that he knows what I want 'cause I was his girlfriend. Then I yelled at him saying I can't reacive things from a boy who's not my boyfriend. Then I ran away and forgot about the scarf. I'm so sorry.. I said and looked down on my hands.
- Then, why did you cry? I looked up on Louis and his eyes were as serious as they can be. 
- Can I please not tell you that? I asked. His serious eyes didn't let me go.
- Was it because of me? He asked and I didn't want to hurt him so I just shaked my head and smiled.
- Why would it be because of you? I said and took my hand on his cheek. His face got all white and his eyes as big as golfballs. 
- You didn't... He said and ran into the kitchen. I waited in the hallway for a while but when he didn't come back I walked in to the kitchen and the secound I got in he threw a handfull flour on me. I coughed and coughed.
- Allison? Are you all right!? Louis are worried.
- Yeah! Just got a little bit flour in my throat. No worries! I sad and laughed a bit. Louis Sighed of realife and hugged me.
- I thought you choked. 
- I'm not that weak! But you need to let me go, the cupcakes are in the owen and I thing they're done by now. I said and he let me go. The cupcakes were slightly burned but not black. Just a little bit too brown. 
My phone started ringing and I looked at the screen. It said ''Niall :)''
I answered. 
- I can smell it from here. What are you cooking? He said with a serious tone of voice.
- I'm not cooking, I'm baking. I said.
- Even better. What are you baking. No never mind. I'm comming over with the boys. Whatever you are doing must be done in ten minuits or I will eat it anyway. He said and then he ended the call. 
- Hello? Niall? Helloooooo? I sighed and put the phone in my pocket. 
- What's up? Louis asked.
- The roof? I said and smiled.
- Not funny. 
- Alright! Niall and the othrs are comming over 'cause Niall could ''smell'' what I was doing. 
- Is Harry also coming over?
I wonder why he said that.
- Actually.. I don't know.. Why?
- I don't like the fact that you two were together before. 
- Oh gosh Lou! It's been nearly three years since he dumped me! And he dumped me in the worst possible way in the dumpings history!
- Still...
- I don't like this subject. Change it now. Please.
I said while putting cream on my cupcakes. 
- I will take a shower.
I sighed and heard him shut the door to the bathroom. Just a few minuits after that the hallway door opened.
- Is it done!? I don't care. Niall stormed in to the kitchen and took a cupcake and ran away. 
- At least say thank you Niall! I screamed after him. 
- Thank you Al I love you! Great now I got a boyish nickname too. 
- Smells great can I take one? Liam askes and took one.
- Thank you! He said and walked away. So did Zayn too. 
- Where's Lou? Harry asked. 
- In the shower. He's probably comming out soon. I said just to be sure he won't try anything. 
- Great cause I need to show him something.
I've got to admit that I'm a little bit curious.

Harry has been sitting and watched every little move I've made. And The other three boys has been comming and going to get cupcakes.
The bathroom door opened and Harry got up. He stood beside me and all of a sudden he grabbed my neck and pushed me so that our lips met. I can't move my head because of his hands. So I moved my hands instead. I slapped him and looked at the kitchen door. The one I saw was Louis. I didn't say anything just ran to my room and grabbed my bag. Then I ran to my shoes. I didn't put onmy shoes just took them and got out of there.  

Why did he have to brake me one more time?

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