The Change - Chapter 2 - Part one


OH MY GOD! WHAT SHOULD I DO!? I'M GONNA GET RAPED IN A DRESSING ROOM! At least it's by a hot guy.. BUT I'M GONNA DIE!! FREDRICK!!! AHH WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?! I can run away! No.. I'm not wearing anything.. Except my pants.. WHO IS THIS GUY!?!?! WHY IS HE HERE!? I can't speak.. WHAT IS HE DOING HERE??? 
My inner thoughts is in war. I can't think straight. I felt tears threating to run down my chin. I squealed and I felt the man watching me. Please don't look at me.. I built up some curage and opened my eyes. He looked chocked. HE looked CHOCKED. IT'S NOT HE WHO IS NAKED INFRONT OF A PERSON IN A DRESSING ROOM! He seemed to understand that this situation is embarrassing for me so he took away his hand from my mouth and turned around. "Sorry.." He has the nerve to say sorry? I hurried on with my bra and shirt. Then I pushed my way out of the cramped room. I hate guys. I ran away. Ran and ran. Tears falling without hesitation. So embarrassing! I haven't even had a boyfriend that have seen my body. And the first to see it is a random guy in a dressing room! Embarrassing, embarrassing, EMBARRASSING! 


I feel so sorry for that girl.. I ran after her but she was really fast. When I saw those tears I felt like a pervert or something. All I could think about to say then was "sorry" Seriously Harry? "Sorry" You really are a bad person. Why don't you just throw yourself in the river? 
I closed the door to my hotelroom and threw my shoes at the floor, took of my coat and hung it on the chair beside me. "Is there somthing wrong Harry?" I flinched and looked up. Louis, Niall and Liam sat on one bed and looked at me. Where's Zayn? "Well when I came here I walked in the shopping center and got found by a fan who shouted my name then lots of girls formed an army and started hunting me so I ran into a store. For women." I could feel mt cheaks get hotter. "Harry why are you blushing?" Louis asked. I looked at him and sighed helplessly. "Well to not get attacked I ran in to a clothing room.. In the room a girl were topless.. Literally topless, no shirt, no bra, nothing." Their eyes got big bigger than Peter Griffins (in Family Guy) nose. "Was she hot!?" I turned around and saw Zayn standing by the door. He obvioussly heard everything 'cause he had the same face as the others. "THAT'S NOT THE PROBLEM!" I screamed. He didn't care and waited for an answer. I nodded. She was hot. Good figure, brown eyes, nice lips and even though I don't want to addmit it she had perfect breasts. She looked like she was in my age. I want to apologise.. "WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK FOR HER NAME!?" Right now Zayn is dancing on my nerves. "WOULD YOU ASK A NAKED GIRL FOR HER NUMBER!?" I shouted back at him. He realised the wrongs in his sentence. "You're right.." I don't know what to do.. "Wait a minuit.. What are all of you doing here by the way?" I asked. they smiled at me. "We've been invited to sing at a fashion show!" Niall screamed and attacked me. "Are you serious!? That's awesome!" I shut the thoughts of that girl out and laughed. It's the first time ever we're goinng to sing at a fashion show! "When?" I asked Louis answered. "About two weeks from now. We're going to sing to the theme ''First Love'', Apparently there's a new designer who will design an outfit to that theme. Her name is Mindy or something..."

I'm already running out on ideas.. But I have this plan in my head and I'm writing like this for things to not go to fast. :3 So can you please stand the mess. Part two will be out tomorrow ^^ Comment <3

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Postat av: Hanna

Tack så mycket att du gillar novellen , kompitlet kommer ut så fort jag är tillgänglig till en dator , sluta inte läs och tipsa gärna vänner :)

2012-06-10 @ 03:19:20

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