Hi... I'm sorry that I haven't been publishing any new chapters in a while.. And What I'm going to tell you all now has been a very, very hard decision for me to make. When the summer break is over, I will not continue this blog. I want to focus on my grades so that I can become a lawyer or a person who will move to another country. Of course I will write The Change's end. I had planned to write stories about Zayn, Niall and Liam too. But I had to rethink.. Please support me in this and don't be sad about it! ( ・_・)


Is five comments really that hard? Is it really that tough to write like 10 letters and then post it? I don't think so. Actually now I'm pretty irritated. It's been three days and I've got 1 comment. I don't get irritated often but this gets on my nerves. Sorry if you think this is a inconvenient publish.

The Change - Chapter 12

You will get the chapter whe I get 3 comments. I really love you and three comments is very VERY little.

This is really making me sad

Seriously. I get a lot of readers each day passing. And how many of you have commented on part one? This is kinda making me not wanna write part two. At least four comments for you to get the next part. Sorry but you brought this upon yourself. I'm really sorry for the bad update, but my mom and little sister have just had their birthday. And I was with a friend! It's summer break! I Love You! x

Next Chapter

Chapter 11 will be out around this night... Keep tuned! ;)


I wrote a whole chapter then this fucking internet ruined it all when I published it! Is it not enough that I wont get to g to Justin Biebers concert. I will have to rewrite half chapter 9 tomorrow. Sorry..

I'll be away for about 2-3 days.

For 2-3 days I'll be away. But I'll write chapter 9,10,11,12 and 13 there so when I come back you'll have a lot to read! c: Hugs!
I Love You!

Why no updates?

I've been on an Island with a friend! Y'know I need pauses too... Oh well I'm going back there tomorrow x.x But I will try to publish chapter 9 today.. Even though I want to hang out with my friend some too...
I Love You!

Okey then.

One more comment and I'll release the new chapter, will that make you happy? :)

Four Comments

Hey Guys! I just wanted to say thank you for those wonderful comments! I just need four more then I'll release chapter 7 ^^ Keep it up!

Design - Header

If you wonder.. My friend is working on the header as fast as she can so please stand the no-header thing for a while longer! >///<



Sorry, I lied...

Oh wait.. I still need three more comments before the next update.. Oh well I'll just start to write it ^^


HI! Just noticed that they've installed internet here! WOOP WOOP! So I think I can publish a chapter either tonight or like 12-02am c: Stay Tuned! Oh I would love it if you would like comment some critics. It's you who read my work! #Love you!


Följ min blogg med Bloglovin För de som inte vet när jag lägger upp inlägg och sånt så kan man följa mig här ^^ Jag vet absolut INGENTING om bloglovin :/

New Novel?

I've been thinking of doing a new novel but I'll still contiune with ''That Day'' but in case I do a new novel a want to know if you guys want it in Swedish or in English.. So please comment on wich language you want! <3 The new novel will be named ''The Change'' A prolog will come out tonight or tomorrow..^^

Jag har tänkt på att göra en till novel men isåfall ska jag fortsätta med ''That Day'' Men om jag gör en ny novel vill jag veta om ni vill ha den på Engelska eller på Svenska.. Så kommentera vilket pråk ni vill ha! <3 Den nya novellen ska heta ''The Change'' En prolog kommer ut antingen  kväll eller i morgon..^^



Tusen gånger om ursäkt! Har haft en såndär period i skolan där alla lärare kastar alla proven på en och samma vecka :/ Och i tisdags när jag äntligen tänkte skriva ett kapitel så klämmer jag ett finger i en bildörr.. Så det sket ju sig.. Men snälla förlåt mig! Jag såg att ni fortfarande kikade in här! Men jag ska hinna med iallafall 2 kapitel i dag. 

I'm so sorry! It's been one of those periods in school when the teachers throws all the tests on you at the same week :/ And this tuesday when I finally was about to write a new chapter I squash my finger in the cardoor.. So I got to shit in that.. But please forgive me! I saw that you guys still check in here! Iwill try to write at least two chapters today.

Hugs from me! xx I love you guys!


Jag vill bara skriva ett stort grattis till min allra första undera vän. Tyvär så var hennes födelsedag igår :'(  Och då jag skulle skriva grattis till henne så slutade mitt internet att funka och jag har inga pengar på min mobil... FÖRLÅT SÅ OTROLIGT MYCKET VÄNNEN MIN! 
Men hon är en av dom mest galnaste, underbaraste, coolaste, hyperaktivaste, energiska, omtänksamma, hjälpsamma, fantastiska (och mera...) Vännen du kan ha! Kan du hitta någon bättre så säg INTE till mig för jag vill behålla min! <3

I just want to say a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To my very first incredible friend. Unfortunatly he birthday was yesterdy :'( And just when I was about to write a 'Congratulation' to her my internet stopped working. And I don't have any money on my phone... I'M SO SO SORRY MY FRIEND! But she's one of the most crazy, wonderfull, awesome, hyperactive, energic, thoughtful, amasing (and more) Friend you can ever have! If you can find anyone better... DON'T tell me cause I want to keep her! <3

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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