The Change - Chapter 6

I noticed Louis had been sitting right beside me during the whole phone call and i now staring at me. "I kinda took her phone..." I said and showed Louisthe phone. "HARRY!?!? Are you out of your mind!? If this comes out to the public it's finito with One Direction! Seriously What did you think, or did you even think about the consequenses?" He shouted. "Easy Louis, I'll return it tomorrow!" I explained but it didn't really make him happier.


When Sarah said that Harry had sent her a message saying he had my phone I immediately understood why he hugged me. "That son of a bitch!" I said to myself whille cleaning a table. *Cough Cough* I  turned around and Harry stood there. "I guess I'm that ''son of a bitch'' or am I wrong?" He said and smiled. "You're not wrong but absolutley right. Now can I get my phone back?" I said. He laughed and leaned forward so our face was just a few inches away from each other. I hate to addmit it but he smells wonderful.. Like a man but yet a teenager..


This girl smells like peaches and watermelon. I love it.. I smiled. "Not so fast.. You have to come with me to a place first. I searched for ages to find this place." To a beggining she looked supprised but then she changed expression to frustrated, irritated and pissed off. She turned around without a word.


I hate this guy. But I want my phone. "Thomas I don't feel well.. Can I go home?" I said and he looked at me and smiled. "Of course. Get well soon!" He said and I walked out to Harry again. But I didn't stop by him but just contiuned walking. I heard that he walked behind me. When I came out I stopped and turned around. He seemed to understand what I wanted and pointed. "That car over there." He said and I walked to it. If this would have been a normal day I would have died to sit in a car like this but now I didn't really care. Harry started the car and then drove away. I turned on the radio and the song that started to play was really beutiful.

Shot me out of the sky 
You're my Kryptonite 
You keep me making me weak 
Yeah, frozen and can't breathe 

Some things gotta give now 
Cause I'm dying just to make you see ~

More I didn't hear before Harry changed chanel. "Why did you do that!? It was a good song! Change back." I said. "I don't like hearing myself sing on the radio it doesn't feel right." WHAT!? WAS IT ONE DIRECTION WHO SUNG THAT!? "Was that you!?" I heard myself say. "Yes." He said, I sighed and looked out on the trees passing by. "So.. Why do you work so much?" He asked and I turned my head to look at him. Great. He has looked through my phone. "Not your business, pervert." I said and looked out again. "I've said it before and  I'll say it again, I. Am. NOT. A Pervert! I was chased that day by fans!" I laughed and waved my hand. "Yeah I'm sure you where." He sighed and it bekame quiet.

"It's been 2 and a half hour aren't we thre yet!?" I asked and he laughed. "I see... You're curious?" He asked and smiled. I felt my whole face blushing. I addmit it. I'm really curious. Where are we heading to!? "I have to hurry! I have another job you know!" I said. "I whent to that café called Betty's this morning and said to Batty you had a date with me so you had to take time off. She said it was okay. That you needed some time off." He said and let go of the wheel eith one hand. He pushed my head to the window. "Sleep." He said. "Just so know.. I can't sleep with a pervert beside me." I said. Even though.. With this guy I feel secure. He started to tell me the story about when he got chased but I didn't really listen. 


When I noticed she wasn't listening to my explanation and slept I somehow got realeved. She finally fell asleep. Mindy has dark hair and a pretty face. On the day we met at the fashion show she looked all up and awake, now she has dark rings under her eyes. She's overworking herself. I don't know why but I care for this girl.. I've never seen her smile from the heart... I stopped the car and I shaked Mindy slightly. "Mindy... We're here now. You have to wake up.." 

I hope you like the chapter. Now, I want 10 comments if you wnat the next chapter. :)
I love you!

Postat av: Fanny

Moooooore!:D but ya can't say that ya wont write untill ther's 10 comment! That's not right!:) ya know they love it even though they don't comment!;)

Svar: Thank you, but I want comments! I know my readers can handle this ^^ I have over 50 unique visitors. This won't be a big deal for you.. :3
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2012-06-25 @ 00:07:34
Postat av: Linda

It is really good, i love it. Can´t you try to update the blog everyday? i want more updates :)

Svar: It's fun when I look at a comment and see that someone wants updates everyday! :3 Thank you!
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2012-06-25 @ 09:58:39
Postat av: M

Min kommentar räknas. PUNKT. SLUT.

Svar: Haha eftersom att min kommentar räknas så får din också göra det! ^^
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2012-06-25 @ 10:29:45
Postat av: sofia

du e jätte bra :D tycker du ska försöka iaf uppdatera varje dag, vill inte vänta på nästa kapitel vill ha d direkt!! :D as grym :D

Svar: Ja visst kan jag släppa kapitel varje dag men då vill jag ha kommentarer... Jag gillar liksom inte att skriva när jag inte får kommentarer :/ Mina läsare är mitt bränsle! :3
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2012-06-25 @ 17:19:54
Postat av: Linda

Jag älskar det!
Förlåt att jag inte kommenterade ditt förra kaapitel. Men helt ärligt så glömde jag bort det, nu när det är sommarlov och allt! Men jag lovar att jag ska kommentera varje kapitel nu!

Svar: Va gullig du är Linda! Det gör inget om du glömmer ett kapitel! :)
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2012-06-25 @ 22:52:41
Postat av: Emma

Sjukt bra!

Svar: Tack! :)
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2012-06-26 @ 17:23:30
Postat av: Linda

Vad du plågar oss, klarar inte av att vänta mer ;I

Svar: Jag vet och jag mår uselt över det! D: Funderar faktiskt på att lägga ut kapitlet endå.. Det är skrivet och så, det enda som saknas är en bild... FÖRLÅT!!
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2012-06-26 @ 22:05:18
Postat av: Daniella

Sjukt bra!

Svar: Tack! :)
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2012-06-27 @ 00:00:52
Postat av: Anonym


Svar: What? :s
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2012-06-27 @ 00:07:17
Postat av: Nicole

super bra kapitel! :) och nu är det 10 kommentarer ;)

2012-06-28 @ 00:46:23

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