The Change - Chapter 2 - Part 2


I slammed the door behind me and started to take of my old, black converse. "Mindy?" I heard Fredrick say and soon after I could see his feets through the tears. "Oh dear lord Mindy, what happened!?" A few hiccups came ou of my mouth and I gave up on trying to take of my left shoe. My hand's shaking to much so I can't untie the knot. I leaned my back against the wall and pushed up my knees so that I could lay down my head. I felt someones arms around me, warm. "Can you tell me what happened?" Fredrick always care for me. I shaked my head and dried my tears. I put on a smile and looked Fredrick in the eyes. "I'm fine, It's okay now." He looked sceptical. "Well, you sertainly don't look fine! Did someone hurt you? Did you get raped? Should I call the police?" I laughed at him and looked at the clock. 03.05pm. "I have to go to work now!" I said to change the subject. I put on my right shoe and took my purse. "See You tonight Fred!" Then I shut the doorbehind me, this time I was more gentle. 


"Daisy can I take ten minuits of?" I asked. She smiled and nodded. I sat down by a table and took out my sketch block and a pen. First love huh.. It's something I haven't experienced. "Daisy.. How's first love like? How does it feel?" Daisy looked slightly supprised. Maybe 'cause I'm seventeen and have never had a boyfriend. She smiled. "It's like an earthquake, you can't forget it. It's pure. But there's alway some dirt that stains the feelings." She sighed and walked away. Her words made me think. I got an idea and started to scribble down some drawings. 

"It's time for you to leave now, Mindy." I looked up from my drawing. Daisy cleaned off th table beside me. I looked at the clock. 08.03pm. "Why didn't you tell me when my brake was over!? You know I get lost in time when I draw!" I don't like it when they give me money from work I haven't done. I took my bag and said bye to the staff. Then it was just to start running. 


"Haaaarrrriiiiie!!" All of a sudden Louis attacked me and I fell to the ground. "WHOA!!" I said while falling to the floor. I looked up on Louis and he showed of a proud smile. "Seriously... WHAT!!?" He gave me his hand but I didn't take it. I got up on my feet by myself. "This day suck already why don't you make it worse!" I shouted at him. He didn't care about my words. "Me, Niall, Liam and Zayn is going to a café nearby are you coming with us?"

It feels like I'm saying sorry alot... But now part two is out! :)  What do you think please comment! Not fun to write without comments. And the fact that I've got high statistic is frustrating. So now I'm telling you. At least three comments for you to get the next chapter. 

[No Maja, comments from you won't count...] 


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Postat av: Maja

BUHUUUUUU!!!!!!! :'c

Svar: Nej. ^^
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2012-06-17 @ 18:59:00
Postat av: Fanny

Erm...should I write in english or swedish?? Anyway, it's a really nice story, but I don't understand why you're writing in english 'coz you're swedish and the people who read it are probably also swedish!:) so I don't get this "thing" you have about to write in english...

Svar: Tack för komentaren! >///< Skriver på engelska för att nå ut till fler människor :3
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2012-06-17 @ 19:46:45
Postat av: Linn

sv; visst! lägger in dig direkt. :)

Svar: Tack! :3
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2012-06-17 @ 19:58:20
Postat av: Linda

älskar det, men du får gärna skriva lite längre kapitel, det är för kort ;(

Svar: Älskar dina komentarer Linda! Ska försöka i framtiden att dra till med några fler ord :3 Det är lite svårt för man vill inte ha för långa kapitel och man vill inte ha för korta kapitel. :/
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2012-06-17 @ 20:14:41
Postat av: linda

Hello ;D just to make sure, I'm not the same Linda as above. So I don't agree with her. And then this may was a bit short, but then. It's tho just a part 1.
Haha, jag skrev på min knagliga engelska.. Men kapitlet var jättebra! Längtar till nästa :D

Svar: Tack för din komentar! Din engelska är fin fin! :3 Eftersom att jag fått tre komentarer kommer kapitel tre ut antagligen ikväll eller imorgon :)
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2012-06-17 @ 20:43:50
Postat av: amanda

självklart jag vill göra det! kommentera när du har länkat? jag länkar i både menyn och i ett inlägg :)

Svar: Jag kan länk dig i ett inlägg också! ^^
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2012-06-17 @ 23:48:53
Postat av: Mathilda


Svar: Tack! :) Det blir mycket roligare tt skriva när man får komentare så tack! >///<
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2012-06-18 @ 15:00:13

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