The Change - Chapter 8 - Part 1


"Sleep, I'll call the gas station and say that you don't feel okay."

"How am I supposed to sleep on a perverts lap?" She said but just about three second later her breathing got deeper and much more slow. I sighed and moved hair from her face. I don't know why but I want to protect this girl..


My phone started ringing and I hurried to answer.
"BLOODY HELL, HARRY! WHERE ARE YOU!?" Louis shouted in the phone. "Shhh!!! You'll wake her up!" I wispered.  "No. No, no, no. Please don't tell me you are with that girl!? Why can't you just let her live a normal life!?" I don't know why but Louis is against me being with girls. I guess it's because the media causes such a big fuss every time. Mindy started moving in my lap. "Sorry Lou! Gotta go!" I said and hung up. Mindy turned so that her face were facing me, she hasn't opened her eyes yet. "Morning." I said and she blinked. We looked in to each others eyes for a time that seemed like forever. Then she blushed and sat up. Finally my legs could I don't know? breathe!? It stinks like hell right now. "For how long have I slept!?" She asked and it looked like she panicked. "It's fine, you only slept for 6 hours." I can't get up. My legs won't obey my will. "Oh shit! i'm so sorry!" She said and took my hand. Then she helped me up. I got up but my legs are shaking. I didn't care about the pain before but now it's killing me. "Thank you, and sorry!" She said and took my arm around her neck. She was pretty short so she didn't really make any difference. But it was cute that she tried. 


It feels like I've known this guy for a long time, almost as it felt the first time I met Sarah. It's a nice feeling and I kinda want to contiune meeting him. But that he will never know. It's too embarrassing.
Meeting Harry shaked my world, huh? Waaaait a minuit... Shaked.. shaked? No, Mindy. No, not this guy! HE'S FAMOUS; YOU CAN'T FALL FOR HIM! 
I took away my arm from Harry. I need to call Sarah... I turned around and Harry looked confused. I started to blush but reached out my hand. "Phone.. I have to call someone..." He smiled and gave me my phone. I walked a couple of metres out in the woods. I saw Harrys name in my contact list but ignored it. "Sarah is in the phone. What is it sis?" I smiled to the word ''sis'' but shaked of the thoughts. "Sarah! I think I'm in lo...lo..lov... DAMN IT I CAN'T SAY IT!" How frustrating! I want to tell her but the words won't come out! "Mindy.. Tell me! I promise I won't tell anyone!" She said and I took a deep breath. "I think I'm inlove with Harry.." She laughed. "That's great! Go for it girl!" What is she saying? "No, no, Sarah you don't understand! He's famous and has tons of girls running after him everywhere! I can't love him! Please help me!" I begged. Once again she laughed. "Haha, no." Then she hung up. I sighed and put down my phone in my pocket. I turned around and saw Harry staring at me. Shit! Did he hear? He wasn't supposed to hear that! He opened his mouth to say something but I interrupted him. I guess my face is all tomato-ish right now.. "No, don't say anything! I don't wanna hear it and I don't wanna know it!" I said and walked passed him with the feeling of rejection. Why did this have to happen? When we came to the car I felt releaved. But I hate the fact that it's more than a two and a half hours home. 

"Sooo... I kinda overheard the conversation you had with your friend..." 

If I get three comments by tonight I'll release part two and chapter 9 in the middle of the night and tomorrow! :)
I Love You!

Postat av: Fanny

LOVE IT!!!!!! Jag lääängtar till nästa del!!:D

Svar: Tackar! :) Har lite mer än hälften kvar att skriva men den kommer säkert ut inatt om jag får två kommentarer till :D
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2012-06-28 @ 23:16:26
Postat av: Nicole

super bra! :) längtar supeeer mycket till nästa! :)

Svar: Tack! Klar med part två så det enda som behövs är en till kommentar! :)
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2012-06-28 @ 23:48:18
Postat av: Maya

Ahhh, gud, hur pinsamt! Jag kommer dö av andnisngsbrist, stackars tjej! hahha, jag älskar det!! x]

Svar: :) Eller hur! Tack för din kommentar! part två är ute inom en minut! :D
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2012-06-29 @ 00:12:35

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