The Change - Chapter 7


When I noticed she wasn't listening to my explanation and slept I somehow got realeved. She finally fell asleep. Mindy has dark hair and a pretty face. On the day we met at the fashion show she looked all up and awake, now she has dark rings under her eyes. She's overworking herself. I don't know why but I care for this girl.. I've never seen her smile from the heart... I stopped the car and I shaked Mindy slightly. 
"Mindy... We're here now. You have to wake up.." 


The first thing I saw when I woke up was Harrys green eyes. I felt my heart beating faster and faster and I started to blush. Why did I blush!? How embarrassing! I turned away my head and opened the car door. When I stepped out I saw that we were surrounded by trees. No.. Does he mean that we will walk!? "We have to walk from here.." NOOOOOO! Please just end my life now! I hate walking in the woods! It's too much bugs and spiders and other stuff! And I seriously don't wanna show this guy my weak side. "Uhm... I'm not comfortable with walking in the woods.." I said but he completley ignored me and started walking. How rude.
Even so I was curious and started walking too. Suddenly he stopped walking and turned around. He took out a handcrief out of his pocket and gave it to me. "Bind your eyes." He said. "Why?" Did he seriously think that I would bind my eyes and lose my abillity to see completley? No. No, no, no, never. "I want it to be a supprise."  He said and I shaked my head. "I'll give you 20$ if you bind your eyes." When he say it like that it becomes harder. "Come on put the handcrief on." He said, but when I didn't do anything he walked up behind me and then it became black. I can't see! What should I do? I won't see the bugs like this! "I'll lead you and tell you when the bugs are attacking you." Harry said, wait what? Can he read minds!? Seriously that's not normal and it's scary. How did he know? "Ho..." I started but he interrupted me. "You're easy to read. Like an open book." He said and once again I blushed.
I don't know why I always end up with doing as he says. 
He put his hands on my shoulder and we started walking. "Theres a stone now so lift your leg high." He said but  I didn't really understand that I had to lift my leg so I fell but Harry catched me before I landed on the ground. "I said this was a stupid idea." I complained but he just laughed at me. Where he's touching it feels like I'm burning, melting. "You're starting to fall?" He asked. "What?" What did he meen by that? "Nothing." He said. "Stop being such a mysterious, rude pervert." I said and you could almost hear the frustration over the word ''pervert,'' it's fun to tease him. Anyway, we contiuned walking but this time he stopped me everytime there was a hinderance. I'm thankful for that. 

"Are you afraid of heights?" Harry asked all of a sudden. "No, why?" I said but he didn't answer. He instead took of the handcrief. 
The view was amazing and I couldn't do anything but smile. We were standing on a mountain. 
I ran up to the edge and shouted, "HIIIII!!!!" Then I laughed. I spinned around and Harry was standing there, smiling.


I'm mesmerized by this girl, she has me in the palm of her hand. I want to see her smile even just for a second. I don't know how she did this to me, just a few days and I'm like this. She spinned around and she was laughing. When she saw me, her smile faded away but after a few seconds she smiled a more gentle smile. "Thank you, Harry." *BATHUMP* Wow..  I wasn't ready for that. That's foul play. If it contiunes like this my heart will stop. Breathe Harry, breathe.
I too walked up to the edge and looked out over New York. Mindy sat down and brushed of some dirt on her pants. After a few seconds I sat down too. (Feeling like a copycat now) "Why did you bring me here?" Mindy asked. "I wanted to see you smile.." I said and looked at her. Her face got red and it was really cute. My heart started thumping all over again. She yawned and looked like she was about to fall asleep. 
I took my hand on her head and pushed her down so that she layed on my lap. "What are you doing?" She said and looked at me. "You look tired." I said and her cheeks got slightlly pink. "I don't know what you're talking about." She said and turned her head to so that she could see the view. 
"You're not like I thought you would be."
"Haha, what did you imagine then?" 
She sighed.
"I don't know.. It's the first time I meet a famous person, but you seem like a forget that."
"You where about to say that I'm normal right? Why am I not?" 
"Well, you drive around in a expensive, nice car. You have girls chasing you everywere and let's see... oh! And you're a pervert."
When will she stop the whole pervert thing!? It was an accident! I didn't meen to run in to her while she was testing a bra! 
"I'll just ignore what you said just now. Where did you grow up again?"
"I grew up on a orphanage. My parents left me and my brother there. I still hate them because just because they didn't want me they didn't have to throw away my brother too."
"I'm sorry.." I said but she just started laughing.
"Everytime I tell people about my sad-story-of-life, the only thing they can come up with is ''sorry'' and to be honest, I don't want to recieve sympathy."
"Then is it better if I had said that you deserved it and that I'm not sorry?"
"Haha, I guess not."
"Tell me about yourself?"
"What do you want to know?"
"What's your favorit food?"
"Lasagne, you?" 
She yawned. We sat like that for hours and then it became dark. But that didn't stop us from talking. 

"Sleep, I'll call the gas station and say that you don't feel okay."
"How am I supposed to sleep on a perverts lap?" She said but just about three second later her breathing got deeper and much more slow. I sighed and moved hair from her face. I don't know why but I want to protect this girl..

It took some time for you to comment. But even so, I'm happy! Thank you and enjoy! I won't take any comments this time 'cause I really trust that you'll comment anyway. 
I love you! :3

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I want a new chapter now! ;) When does it come? :D btw, awsome chapter! :)

Svar: Thank you! I planned to give you the new chapter t-day but... I don't have the time :/ Sorry!
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