The Change - Chapter 1

Mindy's Perspective

"Mindy? Can you take away the dishes from table seven please?" Daisy said while making a soup that someone had ordered. "Count on me!" I said and started to pluck. "Thank you sweety, you always work so hard for us. Not only us! Don't you have like two other jobs too?" I laughed at her. "Actually.. Just recently I got accepted as a part time worker at starbucks four minuits away from here!" I said happily and dried of the table. "Seriously your overworking yourself first you have supplementary classes and then you have to work here and after that you have like twenty minuits to get to that cafè that's like 2 kilometres away from here and in the night you work at the gas station. And now you have another job!? How do you get to sleep!?" Daisy always worries about me. Maybe 'cause I've worked here since I was 15.. "Daisy. I'm alright, don't you see?" I put on a smile even though I feel so tired. Every night I sleep for less than 3 hours but I'm used to it now. It's nothing really! I looked at the clock. 05.00pm. "AH! I'm off! Bye!" I took off my apron and took my bag then I ran out of the shop to my other job. 

"Are'nt you working to much child?" Betty call me ''Child'' 'cause she thinks I'm as hardworking and energtic as one. "I've already had this conversation at my other working place. Yes! I am fine!!" She smiled at me and said I could take a short brake 'cause there isn't many costumors today. "Thank you!" I laughed and ran to a table. I took out the pencil I had in my pocket and a small paper out of my apron then I just drew. I ended up with a girl in a kind of rose coloured tube top and a blue skirt with flowers on. "I want to be a stylist soon.." I said to myself. I laid my head down and thought of how wonderful it would be to show the world my work on a catwalk. 
The beautiful model wearing one of my outfits. Her hair tied in a pretty hairstyle. Designers praising me for my creativity. And my brother. Helping my beloved brother would make everything perfect. 

"May? You need to go home now." I opened my eyes and saw Betty's I'm-worried face. "But I haven't worked my time yet." I said, she smiled at me and sid that when I slept it looked as if I was in peace so she didn't wanna wake me up. I laughed at her and started to walk home. In one and a half hour I have to go to the gas station. I'm lucky it's just outside my appartment. 
"Are you home Fredrick?" I heard a laugh from the kitchen and a wonderful feelt a wonderful smell dancing around my nose. "Come in and eat Mindy!" He shouted. I hurried of with my shoes and went in to the kitchen. "Yeeii! My favorit! Lasagne!!" Fredrick smiled at me. "I made it 'cause it's friday and you've been working so hard. And I have a supprise..." I looked at him with big eyes as if he had nought something we can't afford. "What did you buy?" He shaked his head and laughed at me. "Why do you think I've bought something?" I showed off some sarcasm and contiuned to eat. "I didn't know if I would ask you but I knew that if I did you wold say no. So I took your designs and went to a that shop named secret viccy-something, 'cause I saw a poster this morning that they searched for young designers. But anyway I showed 'em your drawings and guess what? She liked your work and wants you to design something to the theme ''First Love'', Oh you'll have a meeting with the lady next week on monday at 12.00am." Had stopped eating. I dropped my spoon and looked at my brother. "Don't tell me you're joking right now?" He chaked his head and smiled. "It's 100% truth." My brother is the only one in the whole world that knnows of my drawings. And now more than millions of people will know them. "I love you!" I screamed and ran over to his side of the table to hug him. He laughed and patted my head. "You deserve it! So please stop working on that gas station. I don't like it when you are out on the nights." I laughed an shaked my head. "No, we need those money!" His sad look made my heart ache but I ignored it. "Tomorrow I have a day off from my supplementary classes so I'll go to the shopping center to shop some necessary stuff." I said and looked down on my plate. Please don't ask what, please don't ask what.. I prayed. Obviously he noticed it so he didn't ask me. I really love my brother. 
We've been living in this appartment about 4 years now. Ever since Fredrick turned 18 and we moved out of the orphanage. He didn't want me to stay there 'cause I got a little bit bullied. My mom and dad abadoned us when I was born it's sad really. Just 'cause they didn't want me they didn't have to throw away my brother too. But even so I'm still searshing for them in secret. My brother can't know about this, he'll tell me to stop. That it'll only bring me pain. But meeting my mother is one of my biggest dreams. It's not for her, it's for me. For me to know that she's alright. As for my dad I don't really care so much, my brother said that all he remembers from them is that dad used to hit mum. That's my story. So me and my brother live here in the north part of New York. It's really expensive here.

Harry's Perspective

Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall are already at the hotel. Because I went to visit my mum in London I had to take another plane. So I'm here now. "Isn't that Harry Styles?" I heard behind me and then it began. "It's Harry Styles!!!" I looked back, more and more girls started to form something that looked like an army. I started to run and so did they. "Shit." I said to myself. All of a sudden I got into a womens clothing store. I hid behind some of the clothes and the girls ran in. "Have someone in here seen a hot guy with curls!?" I giggled to myself and someone noticed me. I sneaked away quietly. Opened a door. When I turned around and sighed of realife a girl with long brown hair stared at me. My eyes went down and I noticed she didn't wear a brah, wich means. She's bare breasted..

First chapter out! Please comment on it I know it's a messed up chapter but I'm already working on the other one! It'll be alot better. Love you! x

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Postat av: Linda

Så sjukt glad att du började skriva på denna bloggen igen. Trodde faktiskt inte du skulle börja igen men kunde inte sluta titta in lite då och då för att se så snälla sluta inte blogga nu :)

2012-06-06 @ 16:52:52
Postat av: J

Kände för en kort paus :3 Tack för stt du kommenterar! Det blir så mycket roligare att skriva då ^^

2012-06-06 @ 17:02:49
Postat av: Linda

Det är okej, bara du inte tar en paus snart igen!! xD

Kommer det upp ett nytt kapitel idag? :)

2012-06-06 @ 19:52:56
Postat av: J

Inte idag men kanske imorgon :3 Beror på om jag har tid.. Har ett matteprov på fredag och jag behöver träna... Men ska försöka få den klar i morgon ^^ Blir superglad när jag får veta att något läser :'D

2012-06-06 @ 22:20:33
Postat av: Maja


2012-06-06 @ 22:30:26

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