Chapter Fourteen - The Move

Allison's perspective

- I'm sorry Lou..
- Then why did you lie to me? Oh gosh.. What should I say? I don't want to lie so I'll just tell the truth. 
- Harry came by when I sat on a bench and said that I looked frozen. He gave me the scarf and I tried to refuse it but he put it on me anyway. Wwhen I tried to take it of he took my hand and said that he knows what I want 'cause I was his girlfriend. Then I yelled at him saying I can't reacive things from a boy who's not my boyfriend. Then I ran away and forgot about the scarf. I'm so sorry.. I said and looked down on my hands.
- Then, why did you cry? I looked up on Louis and his eyes were as serious as they can be. 
- Can I please not tell you that? I asked. His serious eyes didn't let me go.
- Was it because of me? He asked and I didn't want to hurt him so I just shaked my head and smiled.
- Why would it be because of you? I said and took my hand on his cheek. His face got all white and his eyes as big as golfballs. 
- You didn't... He said and ran into the kitchen. I waited in the hallway for a while but when he didn't come back I walked in to the kitchen and the secound I got in he threw a handfull flour on me. I coughed and coughed.
- Allison? Are you all right!? Louis are worried.
- Yeah! Just got a little bit flour in my throat. No worries! I sad and laughed a bit. Louis Sighed of realife and hugged me.
- I thought you choked. 
- I'm not that weak! But you need to let me go, the cupcakes are in the owen and I thing they're done by now. I said and he let me go. The cupcakes were slightly burned but not black. Just a little bit too brown. 
My phone started ringing and I looked at the screen. It said ''Niall :)''
I answered. 
- I can smell it from here. What are you cooking? He said with a serious tone of voice.
- I'm not cooking, I'm baking. I said.
- Even better. What are you baking. No never mind. I'm comming over with the boys. Whatever you are doing must be done in ten minuits or I will eat it anyway. He said and then he ended the call. 
- Hello? Niall? Helloooooo? I sighed and put the phone in my pocket. 
- What's up? Louis asked.
- The roof? I said and smiled.
- Not funny. 
- Alright! Niall and the othrs are comming over 'cause Niall could ''smell'' what I was doing. 
- Is Harry also coming over?
I wonder why he said that.
- Actually.. I don't know.. Why?
- I don't like the fact that you two were together before. 
- Oh gosh Lou! It's been nearly three years since he dumped me! And he dumped me in the worst possible way in the dumpings history!
- Still...
- I don't like this subject. Change it now. Please.
I said while putting cream on my cupcakes. 
- I will take a shower.
I sighed and heard him shut the door to the bathroom. Just a few minuits after that the hallway door opened.
- Is it done!? I don't care. Niall stormed in to the kitchen and took a cupcake and ran away. 
- At least say thank you Niall! I screamed after him. 
- Thank you Al I love you! Great now I got a boyish nickname too. 
- Smells great can I take one? Liam askes and took one.
- Thank you! He said and walked away. So did Zayn too. 
- Where's Lou? Harry asked. 
- In the shower. He's probably comming out soon. I said just to be sure he won't try anything. 
- Great cause I need to show him something.
I've got to admit that I'm a little bit curious.

Harry has been sitting and watched every little move I've made. And The other three boys has been comming and going to get cupcakes.
The bathroom door opened and Harry got up. He stood beside me and all of a sudden he grabbed my neck and pushed me so that our lips met. I can't move my head because of his hands. So I moved my hands instead. I slapped him and looked at the kitchen door. The one I saw was Louis. I didn't say anything just ran to my room and grabbed my bag. Then I ran to my shoes. I didn't put onmy shoes just took them and got out of there.  

Why did he have to brake me one more time?

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