That Day - Chapter 15 - Staying Behind For Awhile

Harry's Perspective

She slapped me and ran away. And when I saw her running with her bag I knew I had done something I shouldn't have done. 
Louis stared emotionless at me. 
- Allison? I said when I heard the hallway door shut. I tried to run over there but when I was about to walk by Louis I got a punch in the face. The punch was so strong that I fell to the ground.
What's going on in here!? Niall said and came in to the kitchen. When he saw me his eyes got big and he dropped his cupcake. 
- Louis!! What did you do!? He screamed and sat down beside me while the other boys came in to the kitchen. 
- Trust me, you would have done the same if you saw him kiss your girlfriend. Louis said and his eyes teared up. Zayn and Liam looked at eachother than they started running. 
Niall looked confused at me and when he realised what had happened he ran too. Soon enough there was just me and Louis left in the house. 

Allison's Perspective

It's raining. I can't stop rubbing my lips. I can't stop seeing Louis face when Harry kissed me. The emotions he showed was so sad. I feel so filthy. I saw a park and stopped there. 
*Mjau* I heard. *Mjau* I walked in th direction to the sound. In a small little box I saw a kitten.
- Aw.. You poor thing! I said. On the box it said ''Keep Me''
- I will keep you! The cat is grey and striped in white. 
I took it in my hoody and started to walk to a hotel.

- Hi, are animals allowed in this hotel? I asked the lady in the receptionist. 
- Yes, but only in the lowest floor. 
- Good. Can I rent a small room there for a few weeks? I have a kitten with me too.
I said and she nodded while whriting something on her computer. She gave me a key and said that my room was room number 38. 
- Thank you so much! She smiled at me and I walked away. 

- The room isn't that bad is it? Right litte kitten? The kitten laid on the bed and licked it's paw. 
- Thinking of it.. You don't have a name and I don't know you gender. And I need to get you some food.. What do you want to eat kitten?
The kitten looked at me and licked it's mouth. 
- Haha, you wait here! I will run to buy some food for us.
*Answer the call! Hello!? You there? Answer!*
I took up my phone from my pocket and looked at the screen ''Niall :)'' Even though I hate it I clicked him away and walked out the door. Soon after it vibrated in my pocket. It was Niall. I opened the text. 

Al! I think Harry regrets it.. Where are you!? Me Zayn and Liam is looking for you!

My eyes tearde up and I put the phone back in my pocket without answering. I can't do anything but cause trobble can I.. 

6 weeks later

(Listen while you read :3 )
I had put my phone in the desk turned of the vibrating and the sound. Me and the kitten has been living peacefully but it seems that the kitten understand something is wrong. When I go out for walks with her I can see myself in windows for tv shops. Someone is searching for me. I haven't checked the phone since I got that messege from Niall. 
- What do you think I should do kitten? I said and the kitten jumped up in my knee. It knocked it's hed to mine and I laughed. 
- You think I stupid 'cause I don't want to face it? The kitten walked away to the bathroom. It's grown big now. I sighed and opened the desk and took my phone. It was out of battery so I had to put it in the charger. I started it and it said ''1587 missed calls and 2395 messeges. I got chocked over how much it was. I opened one of them and it was from Zayn 

If you don't come to my place I will call the police! I'm not kidding! Come on! What Harry did was idiotic but aren't you doing something even more idiotic right now!?

That was three days after I left.. I opened another one from Liam.

Allison.. Lou is worrying to death please call him.. He's not sleeping in the nights he's always out looking for you. I'm really worried about him.

That was one week after.. Then I opened one from Harry the first one I got from him. It was one day after.

Allison, I'm sorry! Were are you!?

The most of the messeges was most likley like that. The last messege I got twi hours ago from Louis.

You can always come home...

- Home... I miss it.

I made a choice and wrote Louis a messege. 

Louis Perspective

I'm tired. Once again I'm searching for her around the London Eye. I got the boys to go out and search with me one more time even though the had given up on her. They have told me to give up too. But if you seriously love someone you can't just give up. My phone vibrated and I opened the text. 
Found her yet?

It was from Zayn and I wrote back that I haddn't found her. 
Five secounds later I got one more messege.
- That was fast.. I said and opened it without looking at the name. 

I want to come home now...

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the messege again. Then I looked at the person who sent the messege. Allison. As fast as I could I called Niall saying that she texted me and that he should call the others. Then I hung up without letting him say a word. I looked in my contact list searching for "My Girl Allison<3'' I found her and called. After two tones she answerd. 
- Uhm... It's Allison Bender? Hearing her voice it sounds as if she's insecure.. But just hearing it made me tear up. 
- Allison.. I sighed.
- Can I come home? She asked and that made me fall om my knees. 
- I missed you. 
I missed you more... I can hear that she cries.
- I'm so sorry Louis..

I know it's kinda messy but please just stand it :) Keep reading and comment please!

Jag vet att det är ganska rörigt men sälla stå ut med det :) Forsätt läsa och kommentera!

P.S Funderar på att sätta den här historian på paus och börja med en annan om One Direction.. Vad tycker ni? Isåfall blir den på svenska. 

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fortsätt med den här tycker jag den är så himla bra jag vill bara läsa mer och mer!:)

Svar: Men jag har liksom slut på ideér till den här.. Jag hade en plan men den röda tråden tog några vändninga och liksom blev typ gul.. eller nått... Ge mig gärna ideér så kanske den kommer igång igen! Fokuserar dock mest på The Change för tillfället :/
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