The Change - Chapter 5

"PLEASE SARAH COME OVER HERE!" I said in a loud voice and hung up. "AH! BOOB GIRL!" I turned around and saw that guy named Harry with the four other boys that came to the café staring at me. 
I felt my cheeks blushing and Harry plugged his mouth. "I'm sorry! It slipped my mouth!" He said. "Harry.. Is that the girl you've been so upset about?" The older brown haired guy said. The blonde one stared at me. "Seriousley Mindy! Why did I have to come he... OH MY GOD!? ONE DIRECTION!!!" I heard Sarah shouting behind me. But the boys just kept staring at me...

"Sarah, you know these boys?" I asked and Sara nodded so fast that it looked like her head would fly away. "They're the worlds most famous boy band! Don't you know them!?" I shaked my head. "I don't." She stared at me then walked up to them. "Can I ask what One Direction are doing here?" Sarah asked the boys. The blonde one stopped staring at me and turned to Sarah. "We're here to sing for a design that 
represents ''First Love'' the design is made by someone named Mindy or something." Sarah left One Direction and ran to me. Took my hands and started to jump up and down. Knowing that these perverts are going to sing to my dress is making me wanna throw up. "OH GOD MINDY!! HOW DOES IT FEEL KNOWING THAT ONE D IS GOING TO SING TO YOUR DESIGN!?!" Sarah shouted. Apparently she's fangirling to these boys. I looked at them and then at Sarah. "Acctually it feels like I'm about to throw up." Sarah stopped jumping. "FIFTEEN MINUITS TO GO!" Daniel shouted and everyone started to hurry.
I took Sarahs hand and left One Direction behind me. I have to find the model! Her make up and hair has to be done!
I found the model and she looked really cute in her dress, and her shoes... I LOVE THEM!. 

"Mindy it's your turn in three minuits!" Daniel shouted and I had just stuck the last bobby-pin in the models hair. Done! We rand to the cat walk and she went out. I walked to the side like we had done in the repetition earlier this day. When all the other models where back in the backstage the band started to sing. I just got to know what band it would be. 
When they had sung their song I started talking. "This dress represents ''First Love''. Acording to me first love is like an earthquake..." I contiuned to say all the things I said at the meeting last monday. And when I was done everyone gave off a wave of applauds. It felt nice. 

Me and Daniel switched places and I dissapeared back stage. "That was the girl who designed the dress! MINDY SMITH!" Daniel is a really carefree man. He often do as he wants to. He's a cool guy. "Your design was awesome! And your word was just perfect! I was totally mesmericed.." I turned around and Harry smiled at me. I started to walk faster. "Hey wait! i want to talk to you!" He said and grabbed my hand. "That day I was chased by fans and I had to find a hiding place.. Please don't think I'm a pervert! I'm not a pervert.." He explained. "Haha, why would I think you're a pervert? I don't think stuff like that about men who run into a dressing room while a girl is testing a bra. It would only be wierd if I thought so." I said and put as much sarcasm possible in the sentence. I got my hand back from his grasp and started to walk away from Harry. But all of a sudden he grabbed my hand again and then turned me around and hugged me. Everything happened so fast. After a few secound he let go and walked away. Why did he hug me? Now I'm 100% sure he's a pervert.

"Mindy! You where awesome today!" Daniel said behind me while I packed my stuff. "Same goes for you Daniel!" I said and turned around. "I was just going to say that your dress will be realesed in the store in one month. And you'll get 50% of the money we earn on your dress." He said. "F-f-f-fiffty percent!?! Are you sure?" I said and he nodded. It looked like it wasn't a big deal. But for someone who's been chasing money in her whole life it's a big deal! Without a thought I attacked him in a hug and he laughed while hugging me back. 
After a few minuits he dissapeared but he wrote down his number on a paper and gave it to me, so I did the same.


This girl Mindy, only have one number on her phone. And that name was Sarah.. Is she that unsocial? I wrote in her number on my phone. Then I sent a message to that Sarah.

Hi! Harry Styles from One Direction here! Can you tell Mindy that if she want her phone back she have to call this number: xxxx-xxxxxxx Thanx! xoxo <3

I felt like a criminal when I checked around on her phone like what games she has and stuff (The only game she had was Temple Run) so I put in some more games for her. All of a sudden the phone started buzzing. *TIME TO GO TO STARBUCKS JOB!* I couldn't ignore it so I whent in to her ''reminder'' app. Everyday and night she worked and whent ot supplementary classes. I checked the time and she had almost less than three hours to sleep. Is she like a super human? I felt sorry for her and put the phone away. (Oh if you wonder...Her password to unlock the phone was 1234...) "Harry we're going to the hotel now, are you coming with us?" Zayn asked and I got up from the chair. "I'm comming!" I said  and we started to walk out of the building. 

"HAAARRRRIIIIEE!! Your phone is ringing." Louis said and ran towards me with my phone in his hand. I didn't recognise the number but answered anyway. "Harry's on tha phone! What's up?" I said. "Give me my phone back!" As I thought it's Mindy. "I can't." I said. To tease her. "Why!? I'll call the police and say you're a pervert AND a thief!" She said and sounded like she was in a hurry. "I can't give it to you, 'cause you're not here.." I said and laughed. "You little...." She started but didn't finish the sentence. "I'll meet you tomorrow on Starbucks the place where you work." I said and hung up. Then I noticed Louis had been sitting right beside me during the whole phone call and is now staring at me. "I kinda... took her phone..." I said and showed Louis the phone. "HARRY!?!? Are you out of your mind!? If this comes out to the public it's finito with One Direction! Seriously what did you think, or did you even think about the consequenses?" He shouted. "Easy Louis I'll return it tomorrow!"  I explained but it didn't really make him happier. 

I hope you like chapter five ^^ I worked really hard with it.. And if I get 6 coments by today I'll publish chapter 6 TODAY! :D I love you! X
(I thought that if you want I can do a post were I show all the caracters ^^ Comment if you want to!)

Postat av: Sofia

Åh vilken bra novell!! Du e as duktig ju! Och gillar att du skriver på engelska!:) haha har tyvärr inte så mycket mer kritik än att du är jättebra på att skriva:D längtar till nästa, puss <3

Svar: Gud vilken underba komentar! (Lät lite gammal där...) Men det är seriös as roligt att få långa komentarer! Love it! Har redan börjat på chapter 6 ^^
None None

2012-06-23 @ 18:17:01
Postat av: Dina

skit bra =) mer ikväääll snälla =)

2012-06-23 @ 20:53:03
Postat av: Zoe

asbra meeeer :)

2012-06-23 @ 20:53:39
Postat av: Fanny

More more more! Please, one more tonight!:)

Svar: Maybe :3 I'm currently working on a new design.. (My first time doing one :/ But thank you!)
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2012-06-23 @ 21:11:48
Postat av: J


2012-06-23 @ 22:23:14
Postat av: Linda

DU är så sjukt duktig, älskar allt du skriver! Älskar också den nya designen! Fortsätt skriv och uppdatera! :) xx

Svar: Tack! :D Den nya designen står min kompis för så det kan jag inte ta kredit för c: Ska försöka hinna med Chapter 6 idag ^^
None None

2012-06-24 @ 10:21:24
Postat av: Maya

Du skriver verkligen sjukt bra!! Vill läsa mer direkt typ.. och tycker oxå om att du skriver på engelska xD.. men aja, hoppas det kommer en till del idag! xoxo

Svar: Tack! Älskar långa komentarer! :D Ska försöka hinna med Chapter 6 idag ^^
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2012-06-24 @ 11:18:17

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