The Change - Chapter 4 - Part 2

"Daisy...Could I possibly get some time off this week? Like an hour or a half?" Daisy turned her eyes to me and they became as big as footballs. She ran over to me and took my hands. "I never thought I would get to hear those words from you! OF COURSE YOU CAN TAKE SOME TIME OFF!" She started to sing and dance and then she ran away... Okay.. Now it's Betty left!

"Betty can I get some time off this week? Just an hour or a half?" I said. Bett where sitting right infront of me making some kind of decoration on a cake. She looked up at me and smiled. "Of course, Child. You take some time off." Then I helped her decorate the cake. 
The cake got really pretty. Pink, with flowers and strawberry. The flowers where made of chocolate. 
"Bye!" I shouted to the crew and started walking in the direction to Starbucks. 

"So. You got it. Can you handle this all by yourself?" Thomas said and smiled. "Leave it to me!" He laughed and when to the kitchen, if you can call it a kitchen.. It's small and has a refrigerator, nothing more. That's where we have all the milk and latte stuff.. Oh there's a table and four chairs too! 
The door bell informed me that a costumer came in. My first costumer on Starbucks! She had middle long brown straight hair. Her eye's are brown too. She wore a sky-blue dress. "A latte to take please." Her accent. It's brittish. I smiled and made the latte. "That's 6$." I said and she gave me a ten dollar bill. "Keep the change." I smiled and gave her four dollars. "We need more people like you, but I don't like to get money I haven't earned." I said and she looked at me. "But if it's money won't it make anyone happy?" This girl doesn't give up. "No, making your own money, luck and love, that's happiness." She looked at me for a while and seemed to think about my words. "I like you. Can I get your number so we can hang out some day?" I really don't like that question 'cause my answer is really embarrassing. "I don't have a cellphone.." Her answer choked me. "Okay, then. I'll wait here 'till you get off!" Then she took her latte and got out. She doesn't even know when I get off? She has a really carefree spirit that girl. 

"I changed to my all day clothes and whent out of Starbucks on my way to the next job. "Finally you get off!" I flinched and turned around. The girl I met today were standing by the door. "Sarah." She said and we shaked hands. "Mindy." She smiled and we started walking. "Why did you wait?" I asked. "I thought you looked nice and wanted to be your friend!" She said and laughed. "Oh by the way.. Here." She gave me a box but it's dark so I can't see what it contains. "It's a cellphone." I stopped and stared at her. "I can't recieve this." I said and tried to give it back. But she just started walking. "I'm not poor. My family has money and they won't notice that the money dissapeared. Besides, you're my first friend." I didn't know what to say. "Thank you.. Uhm you're kinda my first friend too." I said. "REALLY!? What about the people in your school?" She asked.
"I'm really shy in scool, when I work it's a lot better. I think it's because I lived on a orphanage until two years ago.." I said and got really supprised. This girl, it feels like I've known her my whole life. "I'm sorry.." She said. "For what?" I asked, she was quiet for a while. "I don't know." I laughed. "Then don't say sorry!" She giggled a little but was kinda tense. "Now it's my turn to say sorry." I said. "Why?" "I have to go to work, but can I get your number? I have a new phone.." She laughed. "Of course you can get my number but didn't you just get off from work?" She said while taking up a pencil from her bag then took my arm and wrote her number. "I have four workplaces." I said. She stopped walking. "Won't you like overwork yourself!? Please stop working on at least one place!" It looked like she really got worried. "I'm fine! No need to worry!" I said and started to walk faster. "Text me when you start your phone!" She shouted behind me and I waved as an answer.

I was the last one to leave the gas station so I had to lock every door.
"Hey you!" Turned my head and a gang full of boys in their twenty walked toward me. I hurried to lock the door and walked away fast. "Hey you! Wait! Don't you wanna play with us?" Thinking of their actions they're drunk. Everyone laughed and screamed. "We know you want to!" All of a sudden someone gripped my hand and turned me around. He's stinking of alcohole. What did I learn in the self-defence class? Uhm.. Uhm? I don't remember! "What are you thinking of sweetie? Oh wait, I don't care." He said and breathe in my face. I  was on the verge of throwing up. Without thinking I grabbed his hand with my right hand and locked his scoulder with my left hand. Then I spit right in his face and kicked him between his legs. "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING!? YOU LITTLE SL*T" Then I didn't really hear anymore. I ran as fast as I could home and closed the door behind me. Oh right Fredrick isn't home now. He's working till 08am.. I sighed and went to my room. Thank good I whent to buy some material to my design today. Before I went to Betty's. The fabric is pink. I started to cut the fabrick and needle it. Only that took like 2 hours and I realise that I had to go to bed.. But before that I put my phone in the charger. The phone's named Iphone 4S. It's my first phone ever. I put in Sarah in my contact list and it took some time before she wans in there. I didn't know how to do it. How do I send a message? I tested clicking on the little icon that loocked like a letter and on Sarah's name then I wrote. "Why did you buy such an advanced phone!? You need to teach me the details someday.." After afew secounds it ringed. A message from Sarah. I opened it. "You're advanced >.<" I laughed and put away my phone the went to bed. I fell asleep immedietly. 


I gave the dress to the model and she went away to change. I'm really nervous. I took my phone and called Sarah. "Sarah's on tha phone! What's up?" I took a deep breath. "Sarah.. I can't do this. What shouls I do there's at leat one thousand people out there!" I wispered. "You can do this! I'm one of those thousands remember?" Yes, Sarah came to the fashion show to be my support but she being out there is'nt helping me at all! "PLEASE SARAH COME OVER HERE!" I said in a loud voice and hung up. "AH! BOOB GIRL!" I turned around and saw that guy named Harry with the four other boys that came to the café staring at me. 
I felt my cheeks blushing and Harry plugged his mouth. "I'm sorry! It slipped my mouth!" He said. "Harry.. Is that the girl you've been so upset about?" The older brown haired guy said. The blonde one stared at me. "Seriousley Mindy! Why did I have to come he... OH MY GOD!? ONE DIRECTION!!!" I heard Sarah shouting behind me. But the boys just kept staring at me...

Like I said, 5 comments to get the next chapter but that won't be a big deal will it?
I love you my readers! <3 C':

Postat av: Fanny

More, more, more!!:D I really love this! Keep goin':)

Svar: Shit! How fast can a person be to read a chapter! I really love your comments! Thank you!
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2012-06-21 @ 23:52:02
Postat av: Fanny

Well, I love your stories so...yeah!:)

Svar: Thank you! It makes me wanna write all the time knowing that someone likes it ^^
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2012-06-22 @ 00:00:31
Postat av: Jenny

skit bra :D

Svar: Tack! :D
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skit bra =)

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Du är typ sjukt duktig på att skriva ^^

Svar: Tack! Är inte direkt sådär yber proffsig..
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2012-06-23 @ 00:29:54
Postat av: Fanny

Can I write this and then you'll do one more chapter?;) can't wait!

Svar: Haha Thank you Fanny! I've got one more comment than I actually need and it makes me super happy! :D
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