The Change - Chapter 4 - Part 1

"And the winner is....not Tom Fredrickson!" 
One of the judges said. Tom looked crushed.. I was suprised myself that he didn't win.. His design was incredible! All of a sudden Tom stood up and looked like he was going to throw the table on the judges. "WHY DIDN'T I WIN!? MY DESIGN WAS, No.. IS THE BEST DESIGN IN HERE! COMPARED TO THESE STUPID BUNCH OF AMATEURS!" He shouted and looked at me and the other four designers. I don't like it when people is stepping on the weak so I stood up myself and all eyes in the room turned to me. "Seriously! Just because you didn't win this time you don't have to push us other down! With your abilities you will come far as it is. But even so I'm not sure, your own personality is really horrible! Calling us a stupid bunsh of amateurs... Didn't you yourself lose to this stupid bush of amateurs!?" I said and sat down. Then I realised that all the people in the whole room was listening... Great now I'm gonna lose to. I shaked of the thought and looked at Tom. He was still standing in the exact same spot as he did when I started shouting at him. "Tom, we would appriciate it if you would sit down on your chair so we can contiune the meeting.." One of the judgers said. Tom got out of his own world and sat down. His face were really red and I felt sympathy for him. "If it's okay I would like to contiune the meeting. I want to forget this inccident now." Everyone noddet to what the judger said. Including Tom.  "So.Tom, I want you to know that your skills around fashion is really something! If this would have been a meeting for designers that have been working with this kind of thing, we would absolutley have chosed your design. But as it is now, we cant. We need something new, something that reminds us of our first love!" It looked like Tom really took in the words. "So now it's just between the other five designers. And I'm really sad to tell you this. I have to hurry to another meeting so I will tellyou who the winner is and then I will talk with the winner by myself. The winner is....MINDY SMITH! Your design was truly mesmerising! We all really loved it! And your words to it was incredible too! You explained it exactly as it is!" What? What'd just happen? Did I win? No that's not possible! Or is it? "Mindy? Hello Mindy?" I looked up and everyone stared at me.. "How does it feel?" How should I explain this? Uhm... And I found just the right feeling. "Like a car crash... Like my whole life is about to change." Everyone stood up and started to applaud. I felt the smile playing on my lips. 

"So you will have to make your own dress 'til friday. Is that okay?" The man who is apparently named Daniel said. "It's just one problem.. I don't have the material and I don't have a sewing machine..."  I said and lookede down. He started to laugh at me. "Oh please! You will gett the money to material and a sewing machine! See? It's all over there!" He said and pointed at a table. On the table there was a sewing mashine and beside it a bunch of money. I jumped up and without thinking I kinda attacked Daniel. I gave him a big hug and squealed. "OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH! I CAN'T FIND WORDS FOR MY THANKFULLNESS!" I said and felt tears streaming down my face. He smiled and hugged me back. "See you on friday! It would be awesome if you could say the things you said to your design on friday too!" He said and we stopped hugging each other. I nodded and smiled.
I pressed down the money in my bag and took the sewing machine in my other hand. Thank god I'm good at sewing and not just drawing! Or else it would have been so embarrassing! Well now I have to hurry home and then get to the café! The clock's almost 06pm. And the at 12am I have to hurry to starbucks. At 03am I have to work at the gas station to 7am. At 10am my supplementary classes starts. So I have just 3 hours to sleep.. But I can ask Betty and Daisy for some time off! I smiled and started to walk home. When suddenly a hand stopped me. "Mindy?" I turned around and saw Tom standing with blushed cheeks infront of me. Irritation started to form and I turned around to start walking again. But of course he would follow me. "Hey! Stop right there! I'm sorry okay? I didn't mean the words I said in there I just get like that when I get angry or lose..." He said. I stopped and so did he. "So what you're saying is that you have aggresion problem?" He looked down and I felt kinda bad  and mean so I said sorry. He praised me for my design and I thanked him. Then we said goodbyeafter he by some reason had given me his number. Wierd. Oh well..

"Daisy...Could I possibly get some time of this week? Like an hour or a half?" Daisy turned her eyes to me and they became as big as footballs. He ran over to me and took my hands. "I never thought I would get to hear those words from you! OFCOURSE YOU CAN TAK SOME TIME OFF!" She started to sing and dance and then she ran away... Okay.. Now it's Betty left!

Uhm This is a part one.. CauseI don't think I can manage to writhe the whole chapter today.. Please comment! <3 It's so much fun to write when you comment!

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Really good! I want the next part now:D

Svar: Thank you! :)
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