The Change - Chapter 3



"Haaaarrrriiiiie!!" All of a sudden Louis attacked me and I fell to the ground. "WHOA!!" I said while falling to the floor. I looked up on Louis and he showed of a proud smile. "Seriously... WHAT!!?" He gave me his hand but I didn't take it. I got up on my feet by myself. "This day suck already why don't you make it worse!" I shouted at him. He didn't care about my words. "Me, Niall, Liam and Zayn is going to a café nearby are you coming with us?"


I looked at Louis who was still smiling. "Louis...Louis..Louis. I'M NOT IN THE MOOD FOR COFFE!" I said and pushed him out of the room. I herd him sigh outside the door. "Don't blame me if you want a cake later! Going mad  just because of some boobs. Seriosly." He mumbled. Without a thought I kicked the door but I regretted it the secound after. "FUCK! !¤#%¤@¤¤&)¤#" Great! I sighed and jumped on one leg to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and carefully took off the sock. My big toe are really red. Kinda like a tomato. I could feel the pulse pumping. I started to undress myself. I can take a shower while I'm at it. 



The ring clock informed that a few costumers entered the place. I turned around to show them to a table. There were four boys. One blonde, two brunettes and one black haired guy. The blonde one laughed as well as one of the brow haired. The black haired one seemed to be in his own world. "A table for four?" I asked and everyone turned their eyes to me. The brown haired one that didn't laugh nodded. I showed them to a table in the corner. "I will be right back to take your orders." I said and left them. But when I started walking one of them started talking. "Guys, I'm worried. Harry is grumpy just becuse he saw that girl in the dressing room. What should we do?" I stopped walikng. What? They couldn't... "Easy Louis! I'm sure he's just hypntisised because he sw some boobes. He'll be fine tomrrow!" SHIT! They are talking about what happened today! I started walking again and came in to the kitchen. "Chris.. Can you take the orders at table nine?" I asked but Chris just sheked her head and said she had to do the dishes. "Betty?" Sorry, child. I need to cook the food, Emmett is sick today. Oh no.. Today there's only we who works the evening shift. I took some deep breaths and gathered up the courage to go out. 

"Would you like to order now?" I said and felt both the nervousness and my cheeks blushing. "I would like a cupcke and a coffee please." One of the brown hired guys said. The one who looks older than the other one. I wrote it down on the block. "I would like the same." Two of the boys said. Now it's just the blonde one left. I turned my eyes at him and notice he stared at me. "How would you feel if a bouy walked in on you while you were testing a bra?" What? I felt the blood running up o my face. "Oh.. Sorry.." He said and the other ones started to laugh. I'm not embarressed by the question but the fact that he just asked me 'bout what happened today.. But now there's a chanse for that Harry to know my feelings. "I would be really embarrassed and wouldn't be brave enough to test things in a long time. Your order?" I said and he looked kinda suprised that I actually answered the question. He mumbled, "The same as the others." I nodded and went back to the kitchen. Behind the door it was like a big stone disapeared from my belly. "Four coffee with cupcakes!" Shouted to Betty ans ran in to the toilet. 



I looked at the paper with the adress once again then I looked at the house. Number 76. It's here. The nervousness started to form in me. I took a deep breath and walked i to the big appartment looking building. They said I would walk three stairs and then I would be up. So I did as the person I talked with said and on the door it was a sign. ''VICTORIA'S SECRET MEETING'' I knocked on the door. A short girl with blonde curly hair opened the door. "Mindy?" She asked, I nodden and she shined up in a bright smile. "When we saw your designs that your boyfriend showed to us we immedietly fell in love!" I reacted to the word ''boyfriend'' and smiled. "I don't have a boyfriend the one who showed you my designs was my brother. But thank you very much!" The girl laughed and showed me in. In the beginning there was just a hallway. but when we had walked in to the other room there I was starstrucked. A long table in the middle and a big screen on the left side of the room. In the room there was at least fourty people sitting around the table and ten people standing by the wall. The girl whos called Pheopbe showed me a chair alomst in the place nearest the screen. "You'll be the third one to show your design." Pheobe said and I nodded. A man walked up on the platform by the screen. "Welcome everybody and thank you for taking your precious time to come here. We will today look at designs to the fasion show that will be on Friday! There will be a total six designs today and we will decide One design who will be showed to the world. As you know these designs has been drawn from young designeres from the whole USA.  There was over a million participants but only six were chosen." Okay.. This is sick! MILLIONS!? I didn't know that! Now I'm even more nervous! "First there will be a boy named Tom Fredrickson from Washington, showing you a design. Then a girl named Sasha Stone from Orlando. Third person, a girl, Mindy Smith. She's from New York. The fourth is a boy. Klas Gunnarson. He's born in Sweden but moved to Florida." He contiuned like that. Then it started. And the second I saw the first drawing I was totally sure I would lose. This guy has been doing this before. The judges made som sounds like ''Mmm and Ahhh. And when it was my turn I was shaking like hell. Pheobe gave me a thumb up. It felt like one percent better. I put my drawing on a small table and you could see it on the screen then I walked up to the small platform. "The theme is ''First Love'' right?" The audience nodded. So I contiuned. "First love.. It's like a earthquake. Pure. Hard to recover from. You can never really forget it." While saying those words, talking to all the persons. I felt home. This is were I should be. "But an earthquke isn't pure?" One in the audience said. "It's pure 'cause it's completley made by nature." The person nodded and wrote it down on a paper. I thanked for me and took my design and sat down on my chair, 

"So.. We have decided... The winner is....."


OUT! Know it got later than I said but I really had a har time thinking of what would happen.. But enjoy! :3

Postat av: Linda

Jättebra :) Jag skriver på svenska nu! Eftersom jag vet att du förstår det!
Jag tror helt seriöst att den här novellen kan bli en succe! Med tanke på hur den redan är :DD
Längtar till nästa del!

Svar: Åh herre gud! Vet du hur extas och överlycklig jag blev av den här komentaren!? :'3 Ska genast börja skriva på nästa del! Kram! <3
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2012-06-18 @ 19:06:31
Postat av: Linda

HIHIHIHI :DD Jag blev lite överlycklig nu, jag också! GAAAH :P Jag skrattar åt min reaktion..

Svar: Let's be överlyckliga!! ^^
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2012-06-18 @ 20:31:24
Postat av: Linda

Längtar till nästa kapitel, så att du vet! C:

2012-06-18 @ 20:44:17
Postat av: jenny

skit bra !

Svar: Tack! ^^
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2012-06-19 @ 09:27:29
Postat av: Emma

Grymt bra

2012-06-19 @ 13:10:03
Postat av: Emma

Grymt bra

Svar: Tack ^^
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2012-06-19 @ 13:10:06
Postat av: Anonym

really really great!! =)

Svar: Oh! Thank you! :) Are you from Sweden or from another country? c:
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2012-06-19 @ 23:20:18
Postat av: Anonym

no i'am from here but my dad is from England =)

Svar: Haha! Okey! So can you like talk Swedish?
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2012-06-20 @ 00:24:38

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