Chapter Eight - The conffesion


- So... Who's the girl that we have with us? The muff-guy said.
- She's a friend I just picked up. Zayn said.
- Interesting.... So Niall, do you know about this girl?
Niall looked my way.
- No, but I've seen her somewere before...
That was it. I can tolerate questions but I'm not, NOT tolerating people talking about me on radio. I ran to the muff guy and....

Zayn's Perspektiv
Oh no... Allison snapped, I can't blame her. She's apparently been through alot of stuff. Before she got to the muff guy one of the guards inside the room dragged her away. And then he took one of his keys and opened the door he throwed her out and then looked the door again. What am I supposed to do now? I sighed and then the radio interview contiuned.

Louis Perspektiv
I got really supprised when zayn came back from Starbucks and had brought Allison. But I got even more happy when I saw her smile. Then she saw Harry and her smile faded away.. Then when the muff guy started to talk about her she snapped and got away. I bet she's really embarrased and regret doing that.. But it's not like I can run after her now.
Harry w
Alisson's Perspektiv
I ran as far away as I could.. My bag was in the studio and Zayn have my phone. I'm so embarrased. I don't know were to go cause my money is in my bag. So I started to walk to the only place in the world that I'm welcome to, without being yelled at. I walked to Louis place. I walked through  a park with very green grass and lovley trees. It's wierd that it still was so warm cause it's the beggining of november. Even though it's going dark fast at nights it's still warm. My stomach started to sound, I'm hungry. I don't know how long I've walked for but when I saw the sign for Louis street I got really happy. I started to run and soon I was outside Louis door. And the first time on a long time I feel 'I'm home'. I looked under Louis doormath and found the 
''Wow, Louis. You couldn't find a better place?'' I wispered and smiled. When I came in I Laid the kay under the doormath again and looked the door. I took of my shoes and hung up my jacket on one of the hooks. Then I started to cook lunch. I cooked for three persons in case if Louis brought any of his friends home and right now I don't care if he brings Harry with him. I noticed there was still blood on the kitchenfloor so while the noodles boiled I was washing away th blood. And five minuits later the noodles was done, Then I fried the vegetables and in the end it turned out to be wook. I set the table with plates, forks and knifes and of course glasses. 

I heard the doorkey lock up the door and that someona talked outside. 
- Yeah but were do you think she went? I mean she doesn't have her money with her and Zayn has her phone. I heard Louis say.
- I know.. I heard someone else say but it wasn't Harry and not sayn so it has to be either the guy named Liam or the other one, Niall. The door opened and they stopped talking. 
- It smells good... Louis said. Then I heard one of them walk fast. I was in the diner room so I guess he stopped by the kitchen first. 
- Allison? He said. 
Then he ran in to the dining room and our eyes met. 
- Allison!! He shouted and smiled. 
-Haha, welcome home? I said.
He took me in his arms and gave me a big warm hug.
- I think someone is in love. Louis turned around and I saw his ears go bright pink and that made me blush..
- Niall.. He said and then started to run forward to Niall. They started a minifight. 
I started laughing and when they were done we started eating. 
- I brought your bag. Louis told me. 
- Thank you! I said. 
- So, how come you came to this house? Niall aske me.
- It started with Louis. I was about to run away on my own but he picked me up infront of my house.. Then I lived here for one night and this morning you guys ate the baguetts I made. I pretended to look sad and Niall begged for forgivnes. 
- I'm sooooo Sorry! He said. 
- Itäs fine. Haha. I said.
- How come you are so good at cooking? He asked. 
- MY mother died when I was four so I've been taken care of my dad since I was old enough to use the oven. I explained. 
- Well, I'm really jealous of the man who will marry you! He said and stuffed his mouth with food. 
I looked at Louis whos cheeks was slightly pink. 
- Can one of you maybe call Zayn so I can get my phone back?
- Of course. Louis said. And left the table. 
I could feel Niall stare at me so I thought why not just face the questions? I turned my head so our eyes met. I smiled and asked,
- What are you thinking about?
- I'm just wondering what Louis like so much about you..
I blushed and turned my head.
- What do you mean? Then I laughed.
- Haven't you... Then Louis came in to the dinerroom. 
- Zayn's coming over in a few minuits. He said. 

We started to clean up and Niall contiuned with his stares. 

Niall's Perspektiv

Ít's weird. What is it with this girl who Louis love. I know Louis likes this girl, he talked about her all the way home. 
- Niall can I talk to you? 
- Yeah? We walked in to the kitchen.
- What am I supposed to do? Louis asked.
- Don't know. Was my answer.
- I think I love her, Allison. He confessed.
- Wha... ?
Both me and Louis turned around and Allison was standing right  behind us. With a confused face. 


Sjuk idag :/ Men det stoppar inte mig från att skriva till mina läsare! Så vad tror ni kommer hända? Hur kommer Allison ta det här? Det blir spännande!! Vad kommer Harry säga!?!?! Kommentera!
Sick today :/ But that doesn't stop me from writing to my readers! So, what to you think will happen? How will Allison react? It's getting exiting!! What will Harry say!?!?! Comment!


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