Chapter Six - The new place

Louis Perspektiv
I knew that she was thinking that if she could be as much burden to me I would let her go, It's sad that her plan won't work out. 
I smiled back and leaned against her,
- Great! I said.
She flinched and looked away.
- I'll take the guestroom. She said and took her bag. I watched her back while she walked to the guestroom. 
I grined and walked to my own bedroom. I changed to P'Js and laid down in the bed. But I couldn't sleep so I checked my phone and I saw that I had 7 messeges, three from Harry two from Liam and one from Zayn the last one was from Niall, he asked if I had seen his cake. 
- Excuse me. 
I turned my head to the door and I felt my face turning red, Allison was standing in the doorstep in her P'Js. She was extremly cute. 
- Yes? Can I help you with anything?
I got out of the bed. 
- I'm just wondering, is it okay if I make a sandwich or two? I'm hungry,I haven't eating anything today.. 
- Of course! Eat as much as you want! I said. 
- Thanks. She said and walked away. 
I checked the rest of my text's. Liam wondered were I was. Zayn said that if I didn't come back before midnight he would take my sleepingplace. Harry's text's was the nes who worried me the most. 
''Louis, where did you go? :o''
''Were are you!?''
''If you don't answer I will come to your house and wait for you y'know!''
He couldn't be serious. I texted him right away.
''Sorry, I wanted to go for a ride alone, then I got tired and drived home.''
I hate to lie. It feels like I'm about to puke. But it's for Allisons sake.
I walked in to the kitchen and a wonderfull smell hit my nose. Allison was standing by the oven cooking something that looked like a poridge.
- Nice sandwich! I said and laughed.
She flinched and looked at me. 
- Sorry, I just saw the ingrediens...
- It's Okay!!! Easy know! When I said you could take what you want I meant it.
She nodded and contiuned with the poridge.
- You want some? She asked
- Have you poisoned it?
She looked at me and I laughed.
- I'll take some!
I placed two plates on the table and gave us each a spoon.
When the food was done it felt like ages since my llast meal. 
He cooking was really good it gave warmth out to the tip of my fingers.
- This is really good! Where have you learned to cook like this?
- I've learned myself. I just take what I have and make something out of it. She said
- Oh right! Can I get your phone number? You will be staying here for a while I suspect?
- I left my phone at dad's place. This girl was really straight forward. 
- Then we will buy a new one tomorrow!! 
She didn't say anything more about the subject. But Icould see a smile playing on her lips. 
After the lunch we cleaned up and said godnight to each other.

I woke up the next day by a crash in the kitchen.
- Shoot!
I smiled just by hearing her voice. I got up and walked to the kitchen.
- What have the princess caused this time?
- I broke a glas. She said
She was sitting on the floor cleaning up the glas.
- Carefull! What if you cut your...
- Ow! Holy Mother Of Jesus Christ, This hurts!
- ...self... I sighed and took her hand.
The cut wasn't that deep but it's bleeding like hell. 
- Put you finger in your mouth.
She looked at me with a confused face. 
- It will stop the bleeding faster. I walked out of the room and came back with my first aid box.
Allison was still sitting on the floor but now she had a disgused look on her face and she had her thumb in her mouth. She gave me her hand and i started to clean up her wound.
- So what are you making?
- Breakfast?
- Haha, I see what you did there. I laughed. 
She got up on her feets an I cleaned up the rest of the damage. 
*Knock knock knock*
Allison and I looked at each other. Her eyes got bigger.
- Go to your room.. I said and walked to the door.
I heard Allisons steps. I opened the door and I got attacked by Zayn. 
- You little!! He shouted while rubbing my head.
- It smells good what are you cooking? Niall stepped over us and Liam followed. 
Zayn got up and Harry got in the house too. 
- When did you learn how to cook? Harry asked. 
I looked down.
- Food programs. I said. 
He walked in to the kitchen and I noticed that he didn't believe me.. 
- This is really good. Niall said. 
I saw that Allison had done homade orange juice and three baguettes. How did she get the bread!? Ad then I saw it in the sink, there was dirty bowls and other stuff. The oven was still on too. 
Did she make all this? Just for breakfast? That's just amazing! 
- Hey guys! I'm hungry too! I said and took one of the sandwiches. 
- We wanted to ask if you are ready for the interwiew? Harry asked.
- Obviously, I'm not. I said and looked down on my P'Js.
- Haha, well just be on the place at four, okay? Zayn said.
- How much is the clock? I asked.
- Twelve. Harry said. 
After another half hour of talking they left. Everyone but Harry. 
- What are you hiding Louis? He asked
- Nothing. I said
- Then why was it blood on the floor in the kitchen, why did you decide to bake now, why....
I pushed him ut of the house and closed the door. 
- I hate lying, Harry. I really hate it. I feel sick whe doing it. I said
- Then don't lie. He said
- But I'm doing it for another person.. 
- Who? He asked but I just sheked my head. 
- I can't tell. 
- But if you don't tell me I won't be able to help you. 
- But she'll hate me if I tell you! And just after the words had left my mouth I regretted that I had said anything. 
- She? Harry looked confused at first but after a few seconds I saw the understanding grow in his eyes. He ran in to the house and stopped. 
- Were is she Louis? He asked. 
I didn'tsay anything I just kept quiet. 
- Allison!? He shouted. 
- Where are you? He asked. He turned around and looked at me.
- Why is she here? His eyes showed worries and anger.
- She wasabout to run away from home and I brought her here instead. 
- Wait.. How did you know that she was about to run away?
- Twitter.
He looked at me with jealousy in his eyes. 
- Allison please let me explain.
- As if! Harry turned around again and I looked up. We both saw Allison she was holding her suitcase. She walked forward to me and gave me a warm hug. She smiled and said, 
- Thank you for lending me a sleeping place tonight. After that she walked out of the house,both me and Harry are completley stunned by what happned. 

Allisons Perspektiv

It was hard to see Harry. But I brought my suitcase and took a black taxi to town.
- Keep the change. I said when I got out. I wallked around just looking at stuff with nothing to do. Then I rememberd, Louis said that we would buy a new cell phone today. I hurried to the nearest phone shop. 
I looked at the many phones that was on the wall. I asked one of the wrkers if they could help me chose a good phone. 
In the end I bought an Iphone 5 or something. 
I walked in to starbucks, right beside the phoneshop. 
- Can I take your order?
I looked up and saw a small thin girl with black hair. Smiling at me. She must be at least 15 years old.
I smiled back and said, 
- Just a coffe, please. I said.
- Comming right away! She said and ran away. 
When my coffe came the girl ran away before I got to give her tip. 
- Hey you! Can you come over here? I shouted after her. She turned around and asked,
- Is there something wrong? You could see it long ways that she felt awkward in this situation.
- No, you just forgot your tip. I explained.
- Oh. Thanks!
I gave her the tip and she ran away. 
I opened the box were my new phone was and I read the maual. But I didn't understand a thing. I hit my head in the table and sighed.
Why do I have to be so bad at these thing? 
- Do you need help with that?
I looked up and saw one of the guys that Louis hang around with.


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