Chapter three - Meeting

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My body just froze. He watched over all of the people and then his eyes met mine. He smiled and then looked away. He don't remember me? Well I don't blame him, my hair has grown, I've changed my fashion and I have started to wear make up. But shouldn't you at least remember the girl you have been toghether with for three years? I didn't feel my legs anymore and soon enough I was on the ground, again.

- Are you okay?
My heart stopped beating. I looked up and met the eyes that once made me warm and happy, now I don't feel a thing.
- ..erk...
- I'm sorry can you repeat that?
- YOU JERK! I screamed and his eyes got bigger. I got up on my legs and ran away. I cried and I cried. The tears wouldn't stop even though I promised my self that I wouldn't cry over him anymore.

Louis Perspektiv
I got really supprised when that girl screamed at Harry, no one screams at Harry... The girl was the one that bumped in to me just a few minuits ago, but what have Harry done to her?

Harry's Perspektiv
I think I know that girl from somewere but I just can't put my finger on it. Her eye's remind me of someone..
- Harry, do you know that girl? Louis asked me.
- I don't know... Was my answer.
And then it hit me.. About two years ago I broke up with my first love, Allison.
- I met her this morning, she look like nice girl.
- Did she tell you her name? I asked.
- No, she was in a hurry, but it didn't look like she knew who I was, and that made me intrested in her.
Louis got dumped by his girlfriend Eleanor this night so it isn't wierd that he's searching for a knew girl but I think he is recovering a little bit to fast.. And if that girl was Allison I got to see an heartbroken soul created by me..
- Ey! C'mon boys stop flirting with each other we gotta go! Zayn screamed.
- I'm comming honey!! Louis screamed back. I just followed him. Thinking back on 'That night'..

Allison's Perspektiv
I slammed the door behind me and ripped of my shoes.
- Oh my... What happned?
- He... doesn't.... even remember... me... I cried out the words and sat down on the floor.
My dad understood right away and pulled me into his arms, he stroked me on the back and said that everythin is going to be okay. That he's not worthy my tears. But unfortunatly his words didn't make any difference. I cried for hours without stop. Dad managed to get me to the couch and he put a blanket on me, then he walked away.
After a few minuits he came back with a cup of hot chocolate. He didn't say anything, he just turned on the TV. I think he ddn't want to remind me of anyting that has to do with 'Him'. But the first thing on TV I saw was him and his face had a weird expression on it. I felt tears rolling down my chin.
- I'm going to bed..
- But it's just three o'clock...
- I'm not feeling well.
- Okay, shall I wake you up when dinner is ready?
- No.
With tired legs I wlked up to my room and laid down om my bed. The only thing in the whole world I wished for was to never meet him again.


Det var kapitel 3! Vad tycker ni? Jag ska försöka att hinna med ett till kapitel ikväll.. Kommentera gärna! <3
That's chapter 3! What do you think? I'll try to write one more chapter tonight.. Please comment! <3


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