Chapter One - Flash Back

I was fifteen years old and me and my boyfriend was sitting on the beach talking. 
- Allison...

He sighed

- What is it Harry?
I was leaning my head on his shoulder while we watched the sun go down, the fire red colour was truly amasing. I was mesmericed.
When suddenly something dripped on my cheek and I thought it had started raining.
- Oh no.. Whe have to go home. It's starting to rain.. 
I looked up to see Harrys face but the thing I met was tears, they rolled down his cheeks. One by one. My beautiful Harry cried. Why? 
- Harry, what's up? 
I hugged him for at least five minuits, then he lightly pushed me away. 
- Allison, I want to break up.
His words cut like knifes and I was sitting there like a stone trying to react to the reallity. The boy I've been going out with for three years is breaking up with me.. 
- I think it's for the best if we don't meet each other for a very long time. 
He said the words I didn't want to hear. The words that would tear my heart in pieces. He got up and started to walk away. But I just couldn't get up and face it. In my heart we were still sitting in the sand, watching the sun set. What did I do wrong in this relatonship? And then I felt them, the tears that would wound my heart for life..

Three ours later it was already pich black and I started to walk home. It was thought that Harry would drive me home on his bike cause I live one mile from the beach.. But the plans got changed. Anyway, the only light I got was the flash light from my I phone. And that was enough for me to see were I set my feet. 

I got home after two hours. And when I stepped in to the hal I saw dad sitting in the couch watching tv. 
- Were have you been!? I've been so worried! Wasn't Harry supposed to drive you home at seven? Do you know what time it is know!? She's 2:am! I can't....  
He didn't finish the last sentence when he saw my face.
- What happned? Oh my.. SweetHeart you look like your heart have smashed in pieces. What did he do?
Again I started crying and my legs didn't want to keep me up so soon enough I laid on the flour.. Then It got darker and darker. 

I woke up in my own bed. I still had the clothes fromyesterday on me. Yesterday... Everything is black and white and I don't see the reason why I should get up. That day was the beggining of a world for the heart broken me, fifteen years old...


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