Chapter Five - Run Away

Allison's Perspektiv
I couldn't take it anymore. I ran. The door slammed behind my back and I ran up to my room. I throwed myself on the bed, but I didn't cry.. Dad came in to my room and I looked up on his face. He looked at me to see that I were okay. I'm not. But I put on a smile and said,
-  It's fine dad, I'm fine! 
He walked out of the room and closed the door. 
As soon as I heard the footsteps go away I pulled out my suitcase and packed it with as much clothes as possible. Then I hid it under my bed.
I walked to my writing desk and crawled under it and there in the little corner was the box. I took the box and brought it with me.
I sat down on my bed and opened the box. Inside the box all my savings were. I started counting, 20....50...100...500....800...1200....3000....7000....10000....20000....22782$ All my christmas money, birthday money and more. I've saved every little penny that I've got ever since mom died. So from four years of age I'd saved this much. I laid the monny in a small bag and put it in my suitcase. Then I opened my computer and logged in to twitter. I wrote, Leaving T'night! xxx.
I closed the computer and set my alarm at 3.00 am. Before going to bed I wrote a short note to my dad, 

Hi Dad!
Thank you for putting up with me all this time.
But I think I need some time alone. To rebuild my life..
Please don't search for me, you need to rest too!
Don't worry, I've got money, and I won't be gone forever. I'll call you.
Take care, okay?
♥I Love You♥

I held the note close to my heart while falling asleep.

Louis Perspektiv
I'm worried. Does me and Harry like the same girl? While thinking of that I logged in to twitter and was going to follow her but when I saw her last tweet I froze. I sat there for at least 5 minutes. 
- What are you up to, hoooney~ I heard Harry comming up behind me. I hurried with closing down the site and turned around.
- Aww, Harry~ I was just looking at some cute dresses that would fit you perfectly! I said and kissed him on the cheek. 
And just in that momen Zayn walked in to the room.
- Naw, you cheeky choppy boys! Waz Happening!?
- Harry, we can contiune this tonight, can we? We don't want Zayn to see! I wispered loudly. 
We started too laugh and then when Zayn and Harry started to talk abouut the interwiew we have in two days, I sneeked away. 
I ran out to my car, turned it on and drove off. I stopped the car in front of a red house and waited. The clock showed 02.00 am. In one hour she will come out of the house. I turned oon the radio and I smiled when I heard the first note to ''What Makes You Beautiful'' playing. I started to play on my IPhone but when I lost more than three times at Temple Run I gave up. i checked in to twitter and wrote, ``It's cold outside tonight!´´ in just a few seconds my mentions got bombed. I didn't answer any of them this time. I saw someone walk  out of the big white house and I started the car.
- Hey, Princess! I said while driving beside her. 
- OH BLOODY HELL LOUIS! Don't scare me like that! She shouted at me. But she did'nt stop walking.
- Well just jump in to the car! I said.
- Pft! You wish! 
- Aw! Come on! Please, were else are you going to? I said.
- On a hotel of course! 
- What if I step out of the car and run in to your dad and saying that you're about to run away.
She stopped walking so I had to hit the break. I looked up to her and her eyes was bigger than normaly, and she have really big eyes..
She walked to the other side of the care and jumped in. 
- Happy now? She said with tears in her eyes. My intentions was never to make her cry. 
- Were are you going to take me? To Harry's place so he can mock me? 
- Please! I'm not that low, neither are Harry!
She looked at me and I saw a tear falling down on her cheek. I couldn't stop myself, my hand moved on it's own and dryed the tear away. When I realised my action I took my hand away and started driving. 
I could feel that she glanced at me every now and then. It made things awkward.
- So... Why do you want to run away?
- I don't want to give my old dad so much trouble..
- And how do you think you would survive without money!?
- I've saved my money since I was four.
- Oh...
When I was four I would take every little penny I got to buy chocolat.. How could she stand it!?
- I got all the things I needed in presents. She said.
- So how mych do you have right now? I asked.
- 22782$.
I turned my head to her and she looked at me.
- 22782$ !? 
- Yes.
I turned my head back on the road. I couldn't get the fact that she has 22872$ with her. 
We didn't talk more on that trip.
I parked the car outside my house. 
I looked at Allison and she just watched the house, relieved that it wasn't Harry's house. 
- If you're running away this will be you hidding place. I said
- That's kidnapping. She looked at me with empty eyes.
- Well! Aren't that funny!? Kidnapping and stuff, now get in the house! I said while stepping out of the car and running to her side.
I opened the door and she stepped out. 
- I can take your bag if you want. I said. 
But she just ignored me and contiuned walking. 
I catched up with her and soon enough we were at the front door.
I opened the door and we stepped inside. 
- This is my home. I said.
She took of her shoes and walked in to the house, thank god I've cleaned up her!
I showed her around and when I said that she could feel like home here and take what she wanted she just nodded. 
- You can chouse if you want to sleep in the guestroom or in my room. I said and smiled at her.
She smiled back and said,
- I can take your room...

Förlåt!! Jag vet att det var längesen jag uppdaterade :/ Men det blev ju ett långt kapitel!! :D Ska försöka hinna med ett till kapitel ikväll! Kommentera! <3
Sorry!! I know it was a long time since I updated :/ But at least it is a long chapter!! :D I'll try to publich on mor chapter tonight! Comment! <3


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