Chapter Nine - New World


- Niall can I talk to you?
- Yeah? We walked in to the kitchen.
- What am I supposed to do? Louis asked.
- Don't know. Was my answer.
- I think I love her, Allison. He confessed.
- Wha... ?
Both me and Louis turned around and Allison was standing right  behind us. With a confused face.

Allison's Perspektiv

Memories.. They come back, the bad ones won't go away.. I looked at Louis who watched me with scared eyes. What was he afraid of?
- I'll leave you two alone. Niall said and patted my shoulder. After a few minuits I heard the door shut and we were alone. 
- Allison...
- Louis, what you said just now is it true? I interrupted.
- Yes..
- Since when? I asked.
- The first time I met you. It came as a chock. 
- But why did you cry the first time I met you?
- The night befor my ex-girlfriend broke up with me. 
He answered truthfully and didn't keep anything away. 
- You don't have to give me an answer right away, think about it slowly and take your time. He said and walked out. 
- I'm going out to meet Harry. Zayn will be here in a few minuits. 

I was still standing in the kichen and the clock informed me that it's beed seven minuits since Louis left.
My knees dropped to the floor and I'm now sitting down. 
- Was Happening!? I heard Zayn's voice from the hallway. 
- Hello?
Then he came into the kitchen I could just hear his steps but I couldn't see him.
- Allison? and after a few seconds he was sitting right infront of me.
- How are you? He asked.
- I'm fine.. I said but I could feel my tears running down my chin. The next secound I was in Zayn's arms. Why am I crying? I should be happy, someone in the world still likes me. 
- What happned? Zayn asked.
- Louis confessed,not directly to me, he said to Niall that he liked me and I was standing right behind them.. I don't know what to do.. I explined.
- You know what I think?
- What?
- Let's fix up your phone call Louis and tell him you're going to sleep at my place until you've figured out what you want. 
- Okay.. 
We fixed my phone and Zayn told me Louis number. I called him but the one who anwerd wasn't Louis.. It was Harry.
- Louis phone, I'm Harry.
I stared at Zayn and pushed the phone at my chest. 
- It's Harry, what do I do!?
- Ask if Louis is there?
- Alright...
I took the phone to my ear and asked, 
- It's Allison, are Louis there?
- Allison!? How did you get Lois number?
- Are LOUIS there? I marked the word'spretty well so he would understand that I did'nt want to talk to him. 
- Alright I get it. Wait three seconds. 
After a few more seconds than three I heard Louis in the phone. 
- Yeah, Louis in the phone!
- Hi, it's Allison. I'm just saying.. I will stay over at Zayn's place until I've figured out what I want.. I waited for an answer and I dwear thatmy heart was beating faster than it have done in years..
- Okay... I'll call you every now and then to see how you are doing, kay'?
- Okay. Bye.
- Yeah, bye...
We hung up and my tears started to fall once again, what if he hates me now? I don't want him to hate me!
- Shall you go pack your stuff? I'll call Liam and Niall, we can have a sleep over party!
- Okay. I said and smiled through the tears. Zayn is a great guy. 

I left a note on the kitchen table and the me and Zayn left the house. 

Zayn's house was pretty big and messy but you could feel at eas there. 
- Do you mind if I clean up the place? I asked, I don't like it messy so right now it itches in my fingertips. 
- Well, I won't stop yah! He said then ran up the stairs with my bag. I cleaned for at least  three hours and I got scared when the doorbell ringed. Niall and Liam came in and laughed. 
- ALLISON!! Niall shouted and ran to me then he hugged me! I smiled and said hi. 
Then a hand appeared.
- Liam. Liam Payne. Nice to meet you! I looked up and the guy with the hair style that reminds a little about Justin Biebers former hair style was standing before me. I took his hand and smiled.
- Allison, Allison Bender. The pleasure is mine.
I laughed a little and then I saw the big bags behind them. 
- Niall are you moving in? I asked and turned my eyes at him. 
- No. If there's going to be a sleep overparty we need, movies and snacks. 
- Okay... So what's in the other half of the big bag? Zayn and Liam started to laugh and Niall smiled at me. 
- Secrets! Then he ran away. I sighed and started with the little cleaning that was left. 
- It's rare to see it clean in this place. Liam said.
- It's all thanks to Allison! Zayn shouted.
I smiled and thought, Maybe I can forget about today, just for a while?
When the cleaning was done I made some soup to us but the guys watched tv. 
I decorated the table with bowls and spoons and the I shouted,
- Food!!
The first person who came in was Niall.
I laughed. Then Zayn came in and he just sat at the table and said something like, ''Smells good'' 
The shock was when Liam came in and looked at the table then all of a sudden he ran away. I ran after him and he stopped in the livingroom.
- Is there something wrong, Liam? I asked. 
- I don't like spoons.
- What? What is he talking about!? Spoons? 
- Liam has spoonphobia.. Naill laughed. He apperently have come to the livingroom he to. 
- Well. *Giggle* What are we going to do then? I asked. It was pretty funny..
- You can drink out of a cup! I contiuned and took his hand and then we walked out of the kitchen. I took away Liam's bowl and spoon. Then I found a bigg cup that he got to drink out of. 
- You're really good at cooking! Everyone of them said. It's fun to cook when you get praised and these guys praise me alot. 
After the dinner we watched a movie named 'A womans revenge' It was really good, it's about a woman who met a guy and they got married but it turned out that the guy was a total frek who cheated on her and he didn't care about it, he just said that it's a mans needs. Thet he owned her. The Woman and took their child and ran away from the country. Then she had to leave her child to her best friend so she could learn to fight. When she had learned everything she confronted the man and the faught. I the end she killed the man. The police said that she was the lucky one. Appearently he had killed other womans. 
After the movie we watched anotherone but I got really tired and fell asleep just a few secounds after it had started.

Liam's Perspektiv

I got really suprised when Allison's head fell in my lap but I gues she was really tired so I let her be and contiuned to watch the movie.


Jag vet, väldigt rörigt :/ Men fortsätt läsa!
I know, very messy :/ Contiune Reading!
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