Chapter Four - Begging

Allison's Perspektiv

That night I couldn't sleep at all, I cried until I almost couldn't breathe anymore.

Harry's Perspektiv
I couldn't get Allison out of my mind, so I said to the boys that I would go on a walk. Louis saw that something was wrong so he said he wantd to go with me. I started to say no but it was pretty meaningless because when Louis have decided on something he wouldn't change his mind. 
So Louis followed me out on my walk. 
- Harry, is there something wrong. Louis asked. 
- I just can't get Allison out of my head... I said.
- Who's Allison?~ He asked with a smug on his face.
- A girl I was together with for three years and then I dumped her. I think the girl this morning was Allison... I said.
- Oh my... LET'S GO THERE!!!
- Go where? I asked
- To Allison's place! You gotta explain stuff for her!
- I don't think it's such a good idea...
In the end Louis dragged me there.. 
- Harry... He started.
- What now?
- Were does she live?
That's right.. She lives just three blocks away from me.. 
- Just follow me. I said.
We walked for half an hour and then ended up outside a white house with grey roof. Louis said he would wait for me so I wouldn't feel any preasure. But when I rang on the door bell I started to fell very nervous..
After a few seconds the door opened..
- Hi, Bill...
Allisons dad didn't recognise me but after a while his eyes turned black and he was about to close the door.
- Wait! Please let me talk to her.. I begged him. He stepped out of the house and closed the door. 
- Do you know how much pain she has experiensed!? And just when it was about to get better you just come again! With your 'I'm-Famous-And-Your'e-Not' Attitude! Just do her a favour and step out of her life....
He did'nt get to say much more until the door behind him opened and Allison came out. 
- Dad.. I want to talk to him... She said, and the words made me realifed. 
- But sweetheart..
- It's okay dad, I want to clear this up on my own..
The thing that made me very sad was that she didn't want to look at me. 
- Besides his friend is with him so he can watch us. 
Her dad looked worried. He turned over to me and said,
- If she comes home crying, don't expect me to forgive you.
He walked in to the house again, and Allison started to walk down the parkinglot. Louis said 'Hi' and they talked for a while. It made me really annoyed.
- Shall we go? I asked when I came to them. Sllison contiuned looking att Louis and answerd 'Yes' She turned her head to the ground. And started walking.
- I think she likes me~ Louis wispered. I saw that Allison started blushing and it made me really irritated.
- So Allison.. It's been a long time since we last met huh? I triied to start a conversation. But she freezed and looked up on me with tears in her eyes.
- Yeah, you became famous when I was stuck in the past and lost in the dark... You didn't even call.. You just left me, after tree year! How could you do that!? I hate you...
Her words tore me apart and I didn't know what to say...
- I'm sorry... Was the only thing that came out of my mouth.
- I seriously hate you...
Now she started to cry and even I felt tears rolling down my chin. I pulled her into my arms and repeated the word 'sorry' over and over again. In the end she got to the reality again and pushed me away..
She screamed and ran away.   


Fjärde kapitlet! Hoppas det är bra! Älskar mina läsare. Kommentera! <3
Fourth Chapter! Hope it's good! Love my dear readers. Comment! <3


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