Chapter Thirteen - The Challange

Louis Perspektive

That scarf is Harrys... Why does she have that? 
- Where did you get that scarf? I asked.
- Uhm.. I bought it while I took a walk! Haha.. 
Lies. They hurt. 
I smiled and said,
- Nice choice! 
But I could see the pain of lying in her eyes so I'll pretend I haven't seen that scarf, haven't smelled that smell from Harry. Pretend like I don't know that Harry is making a move on Allison. 
- What do you whant for lunch? Allison asked.
- Whatever. I have an interview in one hour so I'll just change and get going. You don't need to wait for me. 
- Is there something wrong? She asked.
- Nope! I smiled. 

I stepped in to the studio where the interview was and all of the boys were already there. 
- Sorry for being late. I said and sat down on the chair. 
- It's okay! The radio man said.
Harry is sitting beside me. 
- What did you say to Allison? I wispered. 
- What do you mean? Harry wispered back.
- I'm not that stupid. Why did you give her your scarf?
- Cause she cried and she was frozen. I wanted to warm her up. 'Cause her boyfriend was not there to do it.
Allison cried? Why?

Harry's perspektiv

Louis is angry, You can see it. 

- The interview's over, let's talk. Louis said. The boys watched us. 
- Fine. I said. Louis started to walk and I followed him till' we ended up in Starbucks, Louis went and ordered a Latte. I ordered a coffe. We sat down by a table and the first thing that happend was that a little girl came for an autograf. Both Louis and I smiled and wrote one on her arm. I gave her a hug and Louis kissed her on the cheek. Then she ran screaming to her mom, she must've been in her 6th year now. I looked att Louis and realised he already stared at me.
- What did you wanna talk about Lou? I asked. (I'm writing Louis nickname 'cause it looks bad if I write ''Louis'' everytime they speak.)
- Please don't make moves on my girlfriend. 
- She was mine first. 
- But you ditshed her, right?
- ... So you mean I can't comfort my ex? 
- Are you really in a place were you can ''comfort'' her?
What Louis said was right, I can do nothing but remind her of painful memories. 
I got up from my cair and leaned forward so I stood close to Louis face. 
- Let's se who she'll chose. The moment I said that I already knew the answer. 

Allison's perspektiv
I heard the door shut in the halway. 
- Lou!? Are you home?
- Yeah.. 
I went out to him and hugged him. 
- Haha, why are you covered in flour? He asked and brushed flour off of my nose. 
- I'm baking! 
- What are you baking? He asked with a happy face and held me while we walked to the kitchen. 
- Well you looked sad when I came home before so I thought I should bake some cupcakes to cheer you up. 
- o..eet...
- Hmm? What did he say?
- I said you're so sweet! But honestly you're the one who needs comfort. 
- Haha...What do you mean, Lou?
- I'm asking, why did you cry this morning when you went out on a walk? Why did you lie to me about Harry's scarf?


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