Chapter Two - In a hurry

I woke up and felt that I'd bee sweating alot. 
- Wow, that dream. It's been 2 years from now huh... I said to my self. I got up from my bed and searched for clothes to wear. I turned out to be a knitted sweater in the coulor of beige and a pair of blue jeans. I took my clothes with me and walked in to the shower. It was a nise feeling, the water that showered away all the sweat. 
I stepped out of the shower and dressed myself then I put on some make up. The thing that annoys me really much today is that it feels like I'm forgetting something really important. But what? I ran down the stairs and walked in to the kitchen. The kitchen gives of a really warm  feeling. The walls are beige and the got a brown, flower pattern ont them. It's not very big but it's nice. I made some teh and walked to the dinner room, my dad gave me the ''I'm-worried'' look and it immedietly got uncomfortoble. 
- Good morning dad. I said just to get aay from his glares. 
- God morning. He said, but the glares didn't leave. 
- Is there something wrong? I asked. 
He got out of his trans and looked down in his newspapers. 
- No.
My dad, Bill Bender, has never been mch of a talk active person ever since my mom died when I was four years. But the fact that he still worries about me is enough for me to love him. 
- Weren't you going to go to a meeting with the reporters today? He asked me.
Shoot! That's the thing I forgot! How can I forget such an important thing!? I looked at th clook on my Iphone and saw that I just have one hour to get to the place. 
- Oh no! I'm in a hurry now! Thanks dad!
I flew up from my chair and kissed him on his forehead. Then I brushed my theeth. 
I put on my black converse an started to walk through the London gates. I notised it had been raining because there was puddles everywere. I looked att the clock and realised that i only had twenty minuits to be by the subway. Apperently there was some famous group coming today and I have to particpite in the reporting. Because I'm workng part time on that job. I started running and before I knew it I was on the ground. I realised tht I had bumped in to a stranger. 
- I apologise for not watching were I was running. I said and got up on my feet.
- Haha! No need to apologise! The stranger I bumped in to was a guyy but I couldn't lok up on his face. I was to concerned by the dirt on my sweater. 
- I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry so could you please let this mistake slide? I asked him.
- Of course I could. He said.
I looked up on his face and saw nothing different. He was a guy in his twenty. His hair was un cambed and he wore a striped shirt.and a pair of blue pants. But he had tears in his eyes..
- OMG! I'm so sorry did I hurt you somewere!? Oh no... What should I do?
- It's okay! It's not your fault. I'm sorry but I'm in a hurry too. 
- Really? You're sure you're okay?
- I'm 100% sure. He said
- Okay. Well, bye then!
- Bye!
He smiled to me while walking away. I looked at the clook and now I only have 10 minuits to go.. 
- Aw man...
I started running and in just five minuits I was on place. I looked around and then I saw her, Mary.
- HI MARY! I screamed while waving at her. 
- Oh there you are! Allison! Soon the band will be here so fast come over here! She said.
I pushed my way through allt the people and soon I was by Mary's side.
- Oh god, so many people! I said to my self. 
- Okay, so we are gonna try to get an interwiew wuth this band so try to make them look at us so we can catch their interest! Mary explained to me.
- Right! 
Then the black car stopped and all of the people started pushing and in that moment I realised that almost every little person in this huge group of humans is girls.
I turned my attention to the black car and the door opened. The first person who came out was a guy with blach hair, the other one was a guy with blond hair. The third person was a guy with brown hair. And I got very supprised when I saw the stranger I bumped in to earlier step out of the car. But the thing that tore me apart was when I saw that curly, brown har come out of the car and his face had a smile on it... 


Andra kapitlet ute! Vad tycker ni? Vad tror ni kommer hända?
Seconde chapter out! What do you think? What will happen?


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