Chapter Eleven - Phonecall

Louis Perspektiv

It's like a dream, Allison and I are a couple now! nd our first kiss was amazing.. Her lips tasted when you are standing in the middle of a field and you can smell all kinds of flowers. They where soft like fragile cream? It felt like I was running on clouds, floating... 

I can't sleep. My girlfriend is just a few meters away, she did'nt want to sleep in the same bed... So I'm just laying in minee and thinking back on the kiss.. This day was kinda awesome...
- I got a girlfriend~ I sang to myself and felt really happy.
- You seem awfully happy about it. I turned my head to the doorstep and Allison was standing there with blushed cheeks and her hair was in two braids. Oh gosh... 
- I'm just saying good night.. She said and walked away. 
- Stop right on the spot braid girl. I said and she stopped.
She turned around and looked confused.
- Braid Girl? Seriously, Brid Girl? I laughed at her. 
- Yeah. Braid Girl. I confirmed.
- I don't like it. She said.
She plugged her ears and started to do sounds like ''LALALALA, NANANANA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!'' I threw her over my shoulder and then went n to my room. I laid her on the bed and started tickling her. She screamed and begged me to stop but I just contiuned. 

Allison's Perspektiv

There is just one thing that I can't take, it's tickling. I screamed and kicked and tried to get away. But once I got out of the bed Louis just threw me back. 
- Huh? I can't hear you!? He's teasing me! How dare he!?
- Seriously? Anything? He asked. He scontiuned with the tickling.
He stopped and the he looked me in the eyes. And I realised what I just had said. Oh god... Does he whant to do ''that''? He leande over me and I moved my arms tto my upperbody, I guess foor self-defence.. I closed my eyes and prepared for the worse. 
- Call him.
I opened my eyes and Louis was holding his phone right infront of my eyes. And suddenly something freezing cold started to creep in my stomach. I took the phone and looked at him. 
- I can't do that.. He'll yell at me.. I said.
- But I think he's worried to death. Louis said. I sighed and pressed on the number of my father. The tones got through and after five of them he answerd.
- Yes. Bill Bender here.
- Hi, dad.
It got quiet and after a half minuit he started to yell.
- ALLISON!? Where have you been!? Come home right this second young lady! Tears fell down my cheeks. 
- Dad.. I will come for a visit tomorrow, but I donät think I will be able to go home. I want to start over in my own home.  I said.
- What are you talking about!? You don't have another home!? He was clearly angry and worried.
- I'll make one. On my own. I said.
- This discussion is not over. He said and the he disapeared. 
I looked at the phone and then up to Louis. 
- It clearly sounds as if he was very worried. He said.
- You heard it? I asked. 
- Yes. And it bugs me.
- What?
- It sounds as if you were going to build your own home by your self. What about me. Am I a frog or something? 
I laughed and kissed him good night. Then I whent in to my own room. 


Förlåt! Jag vet att jag lovade två kapitel men jag har världens idè torka (Kannske märks) Vad ska jag göra!?!?! Ni måste kommentera och ge förslag!

Sorry! I know I promised two chapters today but I have this hudge problem with ideas (Obviously) What am I supposed to do!?!?! You guys have to comment and give some ideas!

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