Chapter Twelve - Don't know

Allison's Perspektiv

I tossed through the hallway, tried to pretend that I was just as quiet as a cat. In my right hand I held a big bowl with ice cold water.
-This'll be fun! I wispered to myself. 
I arrived at Louis room and openedd the door. He was still sleeping even though the clock is almost 2pm. 
I lifted the bow over his face and the turned it upside down. 
- OH MY FREAKING GOD!! BLOODY HELL!!?!??!? Louis almost jumped in the roof. I couldn't keep my legs up, I fell to the ground while laughig. It's hard to breathe. 
- HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! I couldn't stop..
Louis got out of the bed and started to undress himself. As fast as I noticed it I turned away and stoped laughing.
- What are you doing!? I screamed.
- What!? It's your fault for throwing water at me! I wanna shower in hot water. You wanna shower with me?
The last words made me turn around and then freeze. Louis stood there with his over body bare. Muscles. It was hard to drag my eyes to his face but after a while they met his eyes. He smiled and laughed.
- Haha just kidding with you! Don't get a heart attack pleaseee? He made the ''puppy'' eyes and then laughed again. Somehow I feel really ashamed and dissapointed at the same time. But I put on a smile and said,
- Haha... Me, a heart attack? Haha.. After a few seconds I contiuned, I'm gonna go out for a walk.. I'll be here in no time, kay?
Louis looked at me. 
- Is there something wrong?
- Nope! Just feeling for a walk.. Haha..
- Okay... Bye then. Promise you'll come back later?
- Promise!
I put on a black hoody and blue jeans. Then I went out. 

The trees are white today. I sighed and sat down on the bench beside me. And soon after the tears started to drop from my cheeks. I dryed them but they just contiuned to run. I sighed and the air became white from my breath. I'ts cold.
-What's happened? 
I looked up and Harry sat beside me breathing in his scarf. He smiled at me. 
Oh god. Why do I have to cry now? And why is it him?
- Aw look at you! Your cheek's red and frozen! 
He took of his scarf and then put it on me. 
- No. I don't want it.. I said and started to take it of. But he took my hand and breathed on them. So warm. 
- No... I started.
- Just accept it. He said.
- I dont wanna.
- Yes you do.
- No. 
- Yes, I know you, you where my girlfr...
- BUT NOW I'M LOUIS GIRLFRIEND! I don't want to accept things from another guy than my boyfriend! I know you're trying to help right know but the only way you can help me is.... not to..
- Bu...
I started to walk away. And it was a relife when he didn't follow me. I dryed my eyes and walked to my new home.

- I'm here! I shouted but no one ansered. I shut the door behinde me and walked into the kitchen. There was a note on the table. 
The manager called and said we have to do a photoshot today :(
I'll be home before you get to say Cheeseburger and Fries!

- Cheeseburger and Fries.
- Allison!? Are you home yet!? 
I heard Louis from the hallway and ran there. I hugged him and then thought that he's like my own teddy bear. 
- Wow! I want to be greeted like this everywhere! He said and hugged me back.
- No. Only I can greet you this way! I said. 
He looked at me and then around my neck. Shit. The scarf...


Jag slutade skriva och idag tittade jag in på statistiken och såg att ni fortfarande kollade int här så jag tog mig i kragen och började skriva! Älskar kommentaren jag fick av Linda! TACK!! 

I stopped writing but today I checked in just to look and I saw that you guys still check in here now and then. So I made myself to write a chapter! LOVE the comment I got from Linda! THANK YOU!! 

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Postat av: Linda

Jag ÄLSKAR verkligen din novell. Den är så olik alla andra jag läst,har tittat in på bloggen varje dag, flera gånger om dagen ända sen jag hittade den. Även när du inte la upp fler kapitel, så snälla fortsätt att skriva för du är sjukt duktig!! <3

2012-04-27 @ 17:58:00

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