Chapter Seven - Radio

Allisons Perspektiv
He decided to sit down in the seat that is in front of me.
- Which one of them are you?
He gave me his hand, I think he wanted me to shake it.
- Zayn. Zayn Malik He said, I stared at his hand and after a while he took it away when he realised that I wouldn't shake it. 
- So do you want any help with that or not? He asked and looked at my new phone.
- I'm really bad at understanding things like phones and anything that have something with technology to do. That's why I had my old phone til now.
- What happened to your old phone?
- I left it at home.
- Why do you have to buy a new one just because you left it at home? Zayn asked with a suprised face.
- I need a new one so that my dad won't know my number.
- Why can't your dad call you?
- I ran away from home yesterday. I said, I'm suprised that this guy asked me so many questions, it's not many people who does that in these times.
- WOW! He shouted.
- So were have you been staying, at a hotel or have you been drinking at a bar, do you even have money for that!? He contiuned. I sighed and thoúght why not just spill it, he will get to know from Harry anyway.
- I stayed at your friend Louis place, I've saved money since I was four and you guys ate our breakfast.
He  watched me with curiosity in his eyes.
- Why did you hide from us?
- Harry is a jerk and I don't want to see him. I said.
- That's the first time I heard a girl speak of Harry that way! I like you. You're straight forward and that's how it supposed to be. But what have Harry done to you?
- He Broke my heart after we had been together for three years and then he left me alone on the beach so I had to walk home alone, in the dark. I cried my eyes out for months and I don't feel anything special about anything. I said and looked down on my coffe.
- He did? Wow! That's really mean.. How could that little cheeky choppy do that to a girl? He looked overly sad and I laughed a little. I looked up again and told the same lie that I tell everyone,
- It's okay now! I'm okay!
- Oh, YOU LAUGHED!! But if you're okay why did you run away? He saw right through me.. I looked down on my hands. 
- Busted. He said.
Then all of asudden he took my new phone and laid it in his bag, took my hand. Then he started to run. 
- Wha....? I started. 
- Sshhh!! I said but contiuned running. Then we ran in to a house with stairs. We ran up for two stairs and then we stood in front of a brown door with a sign on it,  Radio station under that sign there was abother one, Interview ongoing, do not disturb!. But Zayn didn't care about the signs he just walked in. In the room there was a guy who wore earmuffs and had a microphone in front of him it was big and fluffy. It's my first time seeing this stuff but when I felt glares at me from the otherside of the room I turned around, and the little tiny little smile I had on my mouth faded away. There was four persons, one blond person with blue eyes aand pink cheeks, the second one was the one with brown hair and it was kind of straight but a little bit like Justin Biebers former hair style. Then I saw Louis, he haven't combed his hair today.. But he looked at me with big eyes and then his face brightened up and that big smile of his showed it self. The last one was Harry and he looked at me with eyes of sorrow, he opened his mouth but Zayn interupted him. 
- I found this one in Starbucks so I couldn't get anyone of you a coffe, Niall, you have to wait for your sandwich. Harry, keep quiet until the interwiew is over. Zayn managed to keep Harry quiet but he didn't stop staring at me. Then Zayn walked over so he stood in between me and Harry so either of us could see each other. He looked down at my face and said,
- Stay here and then solve things out with Harry. Just so you know, you can't get out... Then he showed me a small key that he held in his left hand. I'm now extremly frustrated and just want to go somewere. I knew I couldn't trust anyone, I have known it for three years! I looked back right in his eyes and wispered, 
- If you think this will change things, you're wrong. He... I pointed at Harry, then contiuned - broke. my. heart. Left it in pieces and you think I want to listen to him? then I turned around and walked to my chair. 
- Oh, and I was wrong when I told you I don't feel something abouth anything anymore. Now I'm completley frustrated, angry and not feeling any kind of happines in any way. Then I turned around and sat down on the nearest chair possible. Zayn walked to the other boys and sat down he too. 
- Sending in, 3... 2....1.... a guy with black hair said.
- And we're back! I have one direction by my side, so what do you guys do i your privat life? The guy with the ear muffs asked. (Let's call him 'The muff-guy)
- Well. We're like alway, having fun with everyone else. Louis said.
- So... Who's the girl that we have with us? The muff-guy said.
- She's a friend I just picked up. Zayn said.
- Interesting.... So Niall, do you know about this girl?
Niall looked my way.
- No, but I've seen her somewere before... 
That was it. I can tolerate questions but I'm not, NOT tolerating people talking about me on radio. I ran to the muff guy and....


Och det var sjunde kapitlet! Vad tror ni kommer att hända? Jag har idé torka :( Så ni får kommentera vad ni tycker ska hända :)
And that's the seventh chapter! What do you think will happen? I'm out on ideas so you guys have to comment what you wan't to happen :)


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