The Change - Chapter 9


"Your friend... The blonde one, asked me what it would be like if a guy walked in on me while I was changing." I laughed. It probably just slipped Niall's mouth and that he didn't mean it.
"Aww.. Poor Niall! But i mean. I want to show off my girlfriend."


"Harry.. Didn't you hear what I just said?" Mindy said and it sounded as if she would start cry again. "I heard and I ignored. We will work stuff out. We can see each other on skype and twitter. And you know... In this era phones exists." I said and smiled. "I'll just tell you that I don't even know of the words you just said. I don't know what ''twitter'' is and not ''skype'' either." She said. I laughed. "Of course you don't." She turned her head to me and looked angry. "What's that supposed to mean!?" I didn't answer, just giggled. "Hmph!" She turned her head to the window. 

"We're here!" I parked the car outside the hotel. "Wait.. When you said you'd introduce me to your friends.." "I meant now, yes." I ended and stepped out of the car. 


Oh god.. Oh dear lord.. What should I do? Apparently a world famous guy want me as his girlfriend..  
Harry ran to my side while he took of his coat. He opened my door and hung the coat over my head. "Why are you giving me your coat?" I said but he just looked around. "3...2...1" What did he mean by that? But the same secound I got my answer. "OH MY GOD!! IT'S HARRY STYLES!" I heard someone scream and then a lot of high heels running on the ground. "Our fans are a bit crazy. So I want you to run to the entrance and wait there untill I come. Okay?" I nodded and ran away to the entrance. I came in to a room that looked like a reception. It was a big room with a red carpet and a big desk. Behind the desk there was four people in suits. One girl and three boys. I waited by the entrance door for at least twenty minuits. Then Harry came. He was soaking wet. "All of a sudden mothernature decided to help me and it started to rain cats and dogs." He said, I laughed at him. His curls had become a little less curly. His white shirt was glued against his body. You could see his abs extreamly well, and somehow it made my knees weak. "Sh-sh-shall w-we g-go?" I stuttered. He laughed and took his coat. "See? What would you do without me?" He laughed and kissed my cheek then ran away. I pressed my hand on the spot were he kissed me. I hate to admit it but I was longing for more. Even though we've met like three times only, I want him.. Harry turned around and smiled a mischievous smile. "Aren't you comming?" He asked, I nodded and walked nervously towards him. He laughed and walked up to me. He took my hand and dragged me to an elevator. 

I'm nervous. What if they don't approve of me? What if they hate me!? What should I do? "They'll have to accept you. And with that personality of yours, no one can hate you!" Harry said and opened the door. It's scary that he can figure out what I'm thinking.. "Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis!! I have someone to show to you guys!" Harry shouted. A black haired guy came out from a room followed by three other guys. "What is it now, Hazzah?" The younger brown haired guy said. I didn't notice I was hiding behind Harrys back untill now. "I want to introduce my girlfriend, Mindy Smith!" Harry said and stepped aside so I was exposed to the four guys. The blonde one reached out his hand to me. "Hi, I'm Niall. Take care of our Hazzah!" He said and laughed. I took his hand and he shaked it. "I'm Mindy.. Please take care of me.." The black haired one laughed. "No need to be so formal, Zayn, by the way." He said and shaked my hand. Then all of a sudden I got dragged in to a hug. "It's such a relief that our Harry doesn't need to be alone anymore." It was the younger brown haired guy.. You could see that he was a very caring person. "I'm Liam, nice to meet you!" I smiled and nodded. "Now Harry can finally stop sulking over the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend." The older brown haired guy said. He must be Louis.. "I'm Louis!" Like I said. "I forgot to tell you! Danielle and Eleanor is comming over for like half an hour." Liam said. "Who's Danielle and Eleanor?" I wispered to Harry but everyone heard me and laughed. "She really doesn't know us? That kinda hurts!" Niall said. I blushed and Zayn laughed. "Danielle is Liams girlfriend and Eleanor is Louis girlfriend. My girlfriend's name is Perrie." Zayn said. And immediately my nervouness came back. 

"Hellooooo!?" I heard a girly voice say. I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes 'cause it looked like a pighouse.. I turned my head to the door and a girl with a round face looked in. "Oh! Thank you so much! It's always me or one of the other girls who do the dishes.. It's weird that this hotel doesn't have room service.. Even though they have a resturant they still have a kitchen.. By the way, I'm Eleanor, who are you?" This girl looked shy but she actually was very talk active.. "Uhm.. I'm Harrys girlfriend, Mindy.. Nice to meet you!" I said and she looked supprised. "Danielle!!! Harry got himself a girlfriend!!" Eleanor shouted. A girl with curly hair ran in to the kitchen. Her eyes were really big. "No kidding!" She said when she saw me. A few seconds later all the boys came in to the room too. Louis and Liam gave their girlfriends a kiss. Harry smiled and kissed me on the cheek to. I felt my face turning red. Niall and Zayn looked grumpy. "Harry just because you got yourself a girlfriend you don't have to boost all the time!" Niall said. And the thought came in to my head. Niall's the only one in this group that's girlfriendless.. I walked up to him and gave him a hug. "It's okay Niall! She will come soon enough!" Niall blushed and everybody except Harry started to laugh. "Mindy! Why are you hugging Niall!?" I looked at Harry and he looked jealous.. How cute! Niall hugged me back. "Harry may I steal Mindy away!?" He asked and laughed. Harry dragged me away from Nialls arms. "No. She's mine!" Danielle laughed at Harrys words. "How nice! You really love each other!" 

Everybody sat in the couch watching tv. Tomorrow's saturday.. I only have to work the night shift today then I'm free tomorrow morning.. *You've got a text! Open it or I'll make an annoying sound, LA La la la la~* I excused myself and turned of the sound. It's a text from Sarah! I miss her.. 

Hi, Mindy! Want to go shopping with me? x

I smiled at the text and wrote back. 

I can't.. 1. I have no money.. 2. I'm with my boyfriend and his buds.. Wanna join? xx

I asked the boys if it was okay. Eleanor and Danielle had already leaved. Anyway, the boys said of course. 

SERIOUSLY!? WHEN DID YOU GET A BF?!?!? Why do I get to know this now!? Tell me the adress! I'll be there in five!

I told her the addres and said I would wait outside. Harry wanted to come with me but I said no.. If he would come to we would be surrounded by his fans. 
After five minuits on the spot Sarah stepped out of a black, shiny car. She hugged me and we talked a little. Then we went in. "Sarah.. Promise you won't scream now!" She looked at me with a confused face. And I opened the door.

Hi! Chapter nine is out as promised! I really pushed myself to write this. I have a back pain that makes it hard for me to breathe everytime I move an inch. It really hurts :( Oh well.. 
Picture will come soon.

If you comment well on this chapter I may publish two and a half chapter tomorrow.. REMEMBER! This is not a promis just a maybe!

Postat av: Fanny

OOOh, I loved this chapter + it was a long one!:D

Svar: Thank you but when I read it I saw a lot of spelling wrongs so I'll correct that right away, Sorry! >.<
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2012-07-07 @ 08:16:53
Postat av: Emelia Selin

Looovve!! :D

Svar: Thank you! :D
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2012-07-07 @ 11:15:26
Postat av: Fatima

I lovvve it. I think this chapter was really good and you have a really good english

Svar: Thank you! :D But I saw a lot of wrongs in the text... :/
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2012-07-07 @ 12:06:22
Postat av: Hanna

You go girl really love the chapter. If you continue like this you can become really big. Have you thought of writing books

Svar: Haha Thank you!! :'D That comment made me really happy! I really do love to write stuff people read that's why I continue to write! And yes I've been thinking if I should write a smaller book to begin with.. Anyway, Thank you, thank you, thank you! x
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2012-07-07 @ 12:53:01
Postat av: Anonym

You shouldn't be worrying if theres any mistake in text because you wright beutiful chapters

Svar: Oh god.. I nearly got tars in my eyes from this comment! Thank you so much!
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2012-07-08 @ 16:05:23

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