The Change - Chapter 14


I gave him the food bags and hugged him before I left to Harry and Niall. They had started to do some kind of dance in the car. It looked fun. I looked at Harry and he laughed. From the second I got to know of my disease I've started to think, Why did I have to meet him?

Hi! Sorry for not publishing the chapter! But I've been busy and this weekend I'm busy too nut I'll give you a chapter on sunday-monday! :) I LOVE YOU x Enjoy! ^o^


I shot the sad thoughts away and smiled. Harry looked out from the car and saw me. He smiled and waved, I waved back and opened the door and sat down in the back. Harry leaned over the seat and kissed me. "I missed you." He wispered. I felt the tears burning behind my eyes. "I was only gone for like ten minuits..." I said and smiled. Harry laughed and turned around to start the car. I looked beside him and Niall looked at me with an expression of wonder. It looked like he wanted to say something but ignored it and turned around. "Let's go to Sarah's!!" Niall shouted and Harry laughed. 
We stopped the car outside of a big white house. Sarah sent methe addres and this is where we ended up. The black door opened and Sarah started running towards us. She had a bag on her shoulder. I walked out of the car to hug her. And as I planned, we met in a big comfy hug. "How are you feeling?" She wispered. "Like a peach!" I said and smiled. We jumped in to the car and started talking about what movie we should watch and so on. Niall stealed a glance at Sarah now and then and everytime both of them blushed. 

"So?" Sarah said and looked excited. We were sitting on the bed painting each others nails. "So what?" Asked and she gave me the Are-you-stupid-or-what look. "Well? What happened! You spent a night with your love something must've happened! Give me detail, now." She said and I laughed. I blushed too.. "Oh my god! You did it!? How was it!?" I covered her mouth. Then looked behind me so that no one had heard a thing. "It a dream?" I said and her eyes got big. "Did it...hurt?" She asked. The question shocked me 'cause with Sarahs looks I already thought she wasn't a ''virgin'' anymore.. So I just sat there quiet but then I started laughing and laughing. It was kinda hard to stop actually. "Yes, a little?" Sarahs eyes got bigger. "Hello girls! What are you talking about?" Both me and Sarah turned around to the door. And in through the door Harry and Niall came. We looked at each other and at the same time me and Sarah started laughing hard. Niall and Harry just looked confused and that made us laugh even harder. If they had come in just a few seconds earlier they would have heard everything! That would have been too embarrasing. Both Niall and Harry sighed but then they smiled and attacked us in a tickling fight. "Tell us what did you laugh at?" Harry said and tickled me. How could he possibly think I could tell him while he tickled me? I screamed and laughed. "Please stop Harry!" I shouted, "I'll stop when you spill it." He said and contiuned with his tickling. "Niall, if you stop I'll cook you dinner!" I heard Sarah saying and then Niall stopped tikling her. What does Harry like? What does Harry like? How bad are you allowed to be when it comes to knowledge about your boyfriend!? I know he likes cat's and his favorit food is Tacos. But the thing he likes most in the whole world what is it!? "It's you." Harry said and stopped tickling me just to hug me tightly instead. "What?" I asked but I didn't hug back. "The thing I like the most in the whole world is you." He said and I felt his heart beating faster and faster, so did mine. "I like you too... no, let me change that, I love you.." I said and Harrys heart sonded as if it was on the verge of exploding. "Uhm, Sarah.. I think this is our signal." I heard Niall say and Sarah giggled. "Please be dressed when I come to get you when te food is ready~" Sarah said and I hurried to throw a pillow after her but it just hit the door. I sighed and contiuned to lay on Harrys stomah, it was warm and I could hear his heartbeat. It was calming. 


I felt my heart beating faster and faster. How could three words possibly make me this happy? We just layed there on the bed and didn't say a word. It wasn't awkward just... comfortable? It was nice. I felt her hearbeats, it was beating fast but it didn't really beat like it should.. Maybe she's still nervos? She's too cute.. What should I do when we leave for next country? It's just nine days left.. When will we be able to come back to this place? "Mindy?" I asked and Mindy took a deep breath. "Mmm?" She said and snuggled up in my neck. I patted her head. "I love you too.." I said and smiled. Mindy giggled. "I already knew that." She said and sighed. It's been like five days since we met and I old take a bullet for her. 

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