The Change - Chapter 13 - Part 1


I tried to catch my breath and laid my head on Harry's chest. He was shaking. 
"You're shaking.." I said and he patted my head. "I'll be fine." He said  "I love you." I said and then I fell asleep. 


''Mommy, mommy! Look at this!" I turned around and a girl about two years old ran towards me with a Daisy in her hand. Why did she call me mommy? Someone hugged me from behind, I've felt the strength from those arms before. I turned around but all I saw was Harry, walking away. "Wait, Harry? Harry! STOP!" I shouted but he disapeared. I tried to run after him bbut the child grabbed my hand and dragged me to the other way. 

I woke up with a flinch and realised I was sweating a lot. I sighed and got up. Took my bag and sneaked out of the room so that I wouldn't wake Harry up. 
When I saw myself in the mirror I almost fainted. My hair! What have I done!? It looked like a bird nestle.. I sighed and brushed my teeth. "Hi, Beautiful." I spit out the toothpaste in the sink and turned to the doorstep. Harry was standing there with a huge smile on his face. His morning voice made my knees shake. I smiled at him too. He came up to me and hugged me then he gave me a morning kiss. I smiled against his lips and so did he. Then he pointed at my head. "Looks like a bird nestle." I laughed at him. "I thought so too just a moment ago. You know.. It's partly your fault too." I said and he blushed. "But yesterday was awesome.. Is your body okay?" He asked. When he said ''Awesome'' I felt my face turning red. I nodded and said I had to take a shower. He laughed and left. Honestly, yesterday was my favorite night. I jumped in to the shower and let the hot water run down my body.


I think I was up in thee pink clouds and sung a hhappy song running around. "Someone looks happy?" I turned around and Louis was sitting on my bed. When did he get there!? I smiled at him and nodded. "You know you look like a puppy who just got a new toy, right?" He said. "You're ruining my happy thoughts. Go away!" I said and pushed him out of the room. He just laughed at me then walked away. "Morning, Mindy." I heard he say. I ran to the hallway and Mindy looked at me. "Wow, can't be without me for more than twenty minuits?" She asked and smiled. "Of course not." I said and hugged her. I looked her in the face, she smiled. But it didn't reach her eyes. I was about to ask what it was but her stomach interrupted me. "I'm hungry, let's eat breakfast!" She said and ran away. I giggled and started walking to the kitchen. Then the thought came in to my head. I only have ten days left. And Mindy have supplementary classes and three other jobs on eight days. I'm happy I got her to quit the gas station though. 
When I came in to the kitchen Mindy had started cooking bacon and eggs. I laughed at her. It was a nice view though. I had my own  girl cooking food for me. "Let's go shopping food later! I have to stop by home to refill the fridgerator too." She said and smiled. "Yeah! LET'S GO SHOPPING!" I said.

Mindy and Niall was waiting in the car. Niall wanted to come with us to see that we bought the right sort of food. Niall was in the front seat and Mindy in the back. She was laughing at him and he was laughing at her. I tried not to feel jealous. 
"We're here!" I said and stopped the car. We all stepped out and Niall seemed to be over excited. I guess it was a long time ago since he got to go to the supermarket. 

Sorry for not updating in a while, I was with a friend and studdied to a test. SORRY! Comment! x


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