The Change - Chapter 13 - Part 2


Mindy and Niall was waiting in the car. Niall wanted to come with us to see that we bought the right sort of food. Niall was in the front seat and Mindy in the back. She was laughing at him and he was laughing at her. I tried not to feel jealous. 
"We're here!" I said and stopped the car. We all stepped out and Niall seemed to be over excited. I guess it was a long time ago since he got to go to the supermarket. 

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Both of them started to run in to the supermarket. "Hey! Wait for me!" I shouted but they were to far away to hear. I hurried to lock the car and ran after them. 
When I came in to the store I saw Niall and Mindy arguing. Niall tried to lay a beachball in the trolley but Mindy seemed to stop him. I laughed and walked towards them. "Harry! Tell her! We need this ball!" Niall said and made the puppy eyes. I looked at Mindy and she looked back at me. "You don't even have a pool! It's just waste of money!" She said. And she was right. "Niall, she's right.." I said and Niall looked grumpy. "Yeah, just take the girlfriends side. That's what you all do!" He said and started walking away. Mindy ran to him and gave him the beachball. He almost killed her in a hug. She laughed and hugged him back. I felt the jealousy growing inside me. I tried to ignore it though.. Mindy had a small red thing she carried and plucked in stuff. Probably for her brother... Niall though, had a big supermarket trolley. They did a few arguing more. Stuff like wich meat is better. Why we don't need balloons.. Niall seemed to want everything in the store. But he gave up after a few minuits, he did get Mindy to let him buy some sweets and candy. We bought some crisps too. I guess Mindy gave up in the end. My phone started vibrating. The screen tolb me that it was Zayn. "Harry on tha phonieee!" I answered and Zayn sighed. "Harry please stop answering like that." Zayn said and I laughed. "But it's so much fun to answer like that! Anyway, what did you want?" I asked. "I was just going to sy that me Liam and Louis will be sleeping over at our girlfriends so it's only gonna be you, Mindy and Niall tonight." He said and I looked at the two of them. "Okay! Have fun and say Hi to the others from me!" We hung up and I told Mindy and Niall about what Zayn just said. "Wooow! we will surley have so much fun! Let's watch movies and eat unhealthy stuff!" Mindy said and started to get excited. "And let's call Sarah!" She said and Niall started running around. "Yeeei! Sarah's comming!" He shouted and almost everyonearound us started staring. "Niall, we still don't know if Sarah has anything planned." Mindy said and Niall stopped jumping around. "Let me call her then!" He said and I laughed. Mindy sighed and gave him her phone. He made the thumps up and ran away."He sure has a carefree spirit that guy, huh?" She said and sighed. I hugged her from behind and she looked up on me. "He's just inlove." I said and she gave me a sceptical look. "I'm just saying that I understand his feelings!" I said and Mindy blushed. 


We paid and went out to the car. Niall still talked in the phone with Sarah. "Niall if you talk any longer you will have to pay my phone bill!" I shouted at him. He heard me and said to Sarah that he had to go. "Sorry Mindy... But we will get Sarah in one hour." He said and gave me my phone. I sighed and jumped in to the car. Harry laughed at something and started the car.
When we came to my place I told them to stay in the car. They both nodded and sung to the raadio. I laughed at them and took the three bags full of food. I opened the door, it wasn't locked so Fredrick must be home... "FREDRICK!?" I shouted and he came out from his room. His hair was a mess and he rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Hi, Min!" He aid and hugged me. My bbrothers warmth is something no one can replace. "How are you feeling today? You're resting well right? You have to do as the doctor says." He said and put on his serious face. "Actually, Harry got me to quit the gas station, so now I'll just work at my other three jobs plus I still have my supplementary lessons." I said and Fredrick looked suprised. "I like that guy more and more." He said and I laughed. I gave him the food bags and hugged him before I left to Harry and Niall. They had started to do some kind of dance in the car. It looked fun. I looked at Harry and he laughed. From the second I got to know of my disease I've started to think, Why did I have to meet him?

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