The Change - Chapter 12


Mindy and I started to walk after I had written about twenty autographs. "Harry... I don't feel so good.." I looked at Mindy and she was extremly pale. Then she closed her eyes and fell.

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I blinked a few times and sighed a painfull sigh. I was in a white room. The bed I was laying on was really hard. I had a needle in my arm with a transparent fluid flowing in to my body. I sat up and looked around. There was a control on the small table beside the bed. ''Push for help.'' It stood under a red button. I pushed the button and a few minuits later a nurse came in to my room. "You woke up?" She asked. I nodded and smiled. "Yeah.. Uhm.. What happened exactly?" I asked and the same second a doctor came in to the room. "Bessy you can leave, now." He said and the nurse left. "So. What do you think happened?" He asked and sat down on a chair. "Uhm.. I was feeling a bit mushy then I fainted... By the way! Where's Harry?" I said and looked around once again. "The boy had to leave. The visiting hours are over. I want you to know that you have a disease Mindy." The doctor said. "What?" I asked. I heard the words but I didn't want to take them in. What disease? "You've got the disease from overworking and stress. The disease is named, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.  Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a disease of the muscle of the heart in which a portion of the heart-muscle is thickened. This disease is well known as ''Young death'' In this case we have to tell your guardian." He said and I could feel my heart sinking. Young Death? Does that mean I'm going to die? "How long will I live?" I asked and a tear fell down my cheek. "A year.. Two as most." He said and I sighed. Two as most. What about my dreams! I too dream of a life where I can watch my children grow up. I too dream of a beautiful blooming love. And Harry! How should I tell him? "I recomend that you stay on the hospital." I looked up to the doctor. "No! I don't want to stay here! And I want to keep the thing about me a secret. Say it's anemia. All I have to do is rest and then it will be okay. Don't tell anyone but my brother. Esspecially not to a boy with curly hair." I said and he nodded. 

The Next Day
Both Sarah and Fredrick was sitting in the room. Sarah didn't really sit but was laying beside me. She got to know my sickness.. I couldn't lie to her and when I tried she saw right through me. But she said it was going to be okay. That I would survive. Fredrick though, blamed himself for letting me work to this point. They both said I had to stop working now but I just laughed at them. I'm going to die anyway so what's the point in quit working. If it will longer my life for just a month I will pass. I told Sarah and Fredrick that they couldn't tell anyone about me. That I don't need sympathy. They said okay and understood. *Knock, knock, knock* The door opened and Harry stepped in. "Hi Mindy!" He said but the smile didn't reach his eyes. Fredrick looked at me. "Let me introduce my boyfriend, Harry Styles. Harry - Fredrick, Fredrick - Harry." Fredricks eyes got big as golfballs. "Since?" He asked. "Just recently." I said. Harry and Fred made a handshake and seemed to get along well. 
After a while Fredrick and Sarah left so there was just me and Harry left. "So what's the results?" Harry asked. I looked down on my hands. "It's just anemia. They said that if I rest I'll be fine." I lied. "That's good. Mindy at least quit the gas station?" He asked. "Harry You kno..." I started but he interrupted me. "I'm not asking you. I'm begging you. If you don't I'll have sleepless nights worrying about you." When he say it like that, how am I supposed to react? I sighed. "I have one condition." I said and his face brightened up. "What? I'll do anything!" He said and almost jumped of happiness. "Let me stay at your place while you're still here in New York." I said and blushed. Harry too blushed, his whole face was red and he had stopped jumping. "F-f-fine.. Sure.." He said and smiled. 


The nervousness was eating me inside out. I was waiting outside her home, she said she would talk to her brother. When Mindy stepped out of the appartment my heart started racing. She had a bag hanging on her shoulder. "Let's go!" She said and got in to the car. We drove in silence.

"MINDY'S HERE!!" Niall shouted and attacked her in a hug. He hadn't stopped talking about her friend Sarah. Mindy laughed and hugged him back. "Did you bring Sarah too?" He asked and looked behind her. "Sorry Niall.. It's just me." She said. "Haha it's okay! How are you by the way? Heard you fainted yesterday." He said. "I'm fine!" She said and they laughed. Mindy had to take two days off from work. Doctors orders. "So, where should I leave my stuff?" Mindy asked and showed me her bag. "You can chose if you want to sleep with me, the couch or on an extra bed." I said and kinda hoped she would chose the first alternative. "I can sleep in your room on the extra bed." She said and smiled. 
We left her stuff on my bed. "So. First night with the girlfriend. Will we expect sounds tonight?" I turned around and Zayn was standing in the doorway. "ZAYN!!" I shouted and he ran away laughing. I looked at Mindy and she blushed alot. "Mindy, it's okay! We will take it slow right?" I said and she nodded. "Thank you Harry." She said and hugged me. "Of course Mindy." I said and hugged her back. 

Mindy was laying in my lap and we watched How I Met Your Mother on the TV. Niall and Zayn was cooking in the kitchen, Liam and Louis left to their girlfriends earlier. I fingered in Mindys hair and she sighed. "It feels nice." She said and I smiled. I looked at the clock and it was near 8pm. "Food's ready!" Zayn shouted from the kitchen. Mindy sighed. "I wanna stay here!" I laughed at her and we got up. "They may be bad but it's the taste that counts, right?" Niall said and his face slightly turned pink. On the table there was a plate full of pancakes. "They look awesome!" Mindy said and took a pancake. We all laughed at her and took a pancake each, except for Niall, he took three. The taste was pretty bad but no one said anything about it. Both me and Mindy probaly didn't wanna hurt their feelings. 
After the food we all were pretty tired so we decided to go to bed. Mindy though wanted to take a shower first. And I couldn't get the thought of the fact that Mindy was standing naked in my shower away... I feel like a pervert. I was laying in my bed watching twitter. "You can use the bathroom now if you want to.." I looked up and Mindy was standing in the doorstep. She wore a really big T-shirt.. I felt my face turning red. "Uhm.. Yeah.." I said and hurried in to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, and when I said brush, I meant BRUSH. Like my whole life hung on it. I changed to my PJ's and went out. Mindy was sanding by my desk looking at a small photo I always carry around. "Who's that?" She asked. "My mother." She smiled and turned around. "I'm glad I met you." She said and hugged me. "Why did that sound like a farewell?" I asked. The way she said it sounded like we wouldn't see each other more. "What are you saying, Weird Harry." She said and kissed me. We looked in to each others eyes then kissed again. More passionate this time. And without notice we were laying in my bed. She was on top of me, we roled around so she was the one under. I watched my weight so that I wouldn't crush her. She started unbuttoning my shirt, I kissed her while she did it. When it was off it was my turn to take of her T-shirt. She kicked off my pants and I helped her with it. Now we both were laying in underwears only. She smiled and kissed me gently. Her whole face was blushing, you could tell that this is her first time. "Are you sure?" I asked and she nodded. Her eyes were shining. The whole her was shining. I took of her brah and kissed her. It was hard to keep my eyes off of that area.. We both took off our underwears at the same time.


My heart was racing, I had a hard time breathing. But I was the happiest girl alive at that moment. When Harry was inside me I couldn't keep quiet. It hurt but the pain was the most gentle pain you could ever feel. We rolled around so that I was on top and moved slightly up and down. It was perfect. We both came at the same time and it was the most wonderful feeling I've ever had. I tried to catch my breath and laid my head on Harry's chest. He was shaking. "You're shaking.." I said and he patted my head. "I'll be fine." He said  "I love you." I said and then I fell asleep. 

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