The Change - Chapter 11 - Part 1


I Love This Guy

The  picture was on me. The drawing was relly good. Like a real artist. I smiled to the words and read them over and over again. I took up my phone and wrote a message to Mindy. Then I put in a picture I took on the mountain. 

I Love This Girl 


"Yes, Hello. It's Mindy in the phone." I answered. The phone has been bugging me all morning on my day off. It was an unknown number so i didn't wanna answer but this time it was enough. 
"Yes, My name is Crystabel Riley. Was it you who designed the dress to the theme ''First Love'' for Victorias Secrets Fashion show in New York?" My heart started thumping, was it something wrong with my dress? "Yes. Is there something wrong with it?" I asked. "No! Of course not my dear! That dress is just marvelous! I love it! And I wonder if you would like to design clothes to some boys I know?" Oh shit! People already recognise my work! This is amazing! "Yes! Of course I'm willing to do that!" I said and almost cried of happiness. "Good! Can we meet today at by 12pm? At a café called Bettys." She asked and I laughed inside. "I know the place. I'll meet you there!" We hung up and I looked at the clock. 11.36pm. You've gotta be kidding me!? I ran to my wardrobe and searched for clothes that would make me look pretty and serious. And at the same time I clicked up Sarahs phone number and called. "Hi Min!" She answered after one tone. "SARAH! WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW TO ANSWER!?" I shouted at her. "But.." She started but I interrupted her. "Don't you ''but'' me! I have an emergancy!" I said and Sarah laughed. "So that's why you can't stop shouting. Calm down and take deep breathes." I did as she said and felt myself getting calmer. "So what's the problem?" She asked. "I just got this call from a woman named Crystabel Riley, asking me if I wanted to design some clothes to some boys. We are supposed to meet at Betty's in less than half an hour and I don't have any clothes to wear. HELP ME PLEASE!" I begged. Sarah hung up on me but after a few seconds I got a text. 

I'm on my way. Don't worry, everything will be fine! <3 x

I started to run around in the small appartment im my PJ's and after a few minuits Sarah knocked on the door. "SARAH!" I said and opened the door. And while I was at it I attacked her in a hug. "Wow! Take a chill pill girl!" I laughed at her. She gave me a bag and said ''change into this.'' I did as she said without noticing what I put on. Then I walked out. I passed the whole body mirror and stopped. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked pretty. I was wearing a pair of peach coloured shorts and a beige west-like blouse. To the shorts there was a thin brown belt. Sarah laughed and dragged me in to the kitchen. The table was full of make-up stuff. "No, Sarah.. You've done enough.. I'll feel like a beggar.." I said. Sarah looked sad. "Please! I've always wanted to do my best friends make-up!" She said and made the ''puppy eyes''.

I walked nervously in to the shop. This is my first time wearing make-up after the fashion show. If I say it like this: It's my first time wearing make-up in public. When I stepped in Betty saw me but I made the ''shh'' sign and she smiled at me. I looked around and saw a lady waving to me. She had brown hair touching her shoulders. "So.. The boys I want you to design clothes to is a band called One Direction. Do you know of them?

Before you say anything remember that this is a PART 1 And I'm tired. Honestly I think you were extreamly bad at commenting on the last chapter. So if you want longer chapters you have to comment, or I'll start with 5-10 comments again. Sorry but That's it.
I Love You! x

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