The Change - Chapter 11 - Part 2


I looked around and saw a lady waving to me. She had brown hair touching her shoulders. 
"So.. The boys I want you to design clothes to is a band called One Direction. Do you know of them?"

"Yes, I know them!" I said and smiled. If only she knew the fact that I'm dating one of them. "Good! I'm their stylist, Crystabel Riley. I hope we can work well together!" She said. Crystabel was a really beautiful name.. "So where's the boys going after New York?" I asked. If I should be honest I want to know where Harry is heading after this. Is it going to be far away or just a couple of miles? That's what I want to know. "We're going to Japan." Crystabel said. "Oh...They sure do travel far don't they?" I said and looked down on my hands. I could feel Crystabel looking at me with sympathy. "If it's that tough.. I think I can get you in to one of their concerts." She said. Wait.. Will I get to see them sing? I've heard Harry sing once before but this time I'll hear the whole group! Nice! "Really!? Thank you so much!" I said and almost jumped out of my chair. 
Crystabel explained to me how the clothes would be to fit the guys personalities. I nodded and wrote down all the information on a paper. When Crys went to a meeting and left me here, Betty came. "Who was that woman?" She asked. "Just now I got a new job~" I said and smiled. "You're going to get sick, Child." I hate when people worries about me. Especially when I'm in my good mood. "I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm FINE! I'll see you in the afternoon. Bye." I said and walked out of the store. I immediatly felt guilt and regret in my heart. I'll beg for forgivness tonight.. I didn't mean to be so rude. I know she's just worried and want me my best. 
My phone started ringing and the screen told me it was Harry. "Hi, it's Mindy." I answered. "Hi Min! It's Harry!" He said and by just those word I got happy. His accent.. It gives me goosebump. "I know.. I kinda saw that on the screen." I said and he laughed. "I guess so. I just wondered why you hadn't answered on my text?" He said and sounded a bit nervous and sad. "What text?" Honestly I hadn't seen any text.. I looked at the phone screen and saw that I had one unopened text, why didn't I see it this morning? "Ah I just saw it! I'll open it after we've finished speaking." I said. "Oh, that's a releafe..." He said. "Why?" I asked. "No reason. Hey, want to have a date..With" He asked nervously. I too got really nervous.. "Uhm.. Okay. Sure.. But I'm going to work in three hours though.." I said and he sighed. "Can't you stop thinking about your work for just one minuit!?" He didn't shout but you could hear that he didn't like me working so much. And even though I want to see Harry I really want to sleep too. "Sorry.. Where should we meet? I'm ten minuits from the hotel.. I can meet you there if you want to.." I said. "Sorry I shouted.. I just want time to go more slow... Sorry.." Harry said and I smiled. "I know you didn't meen it. So it's fine. See you!" I said and we hung up. I opened the message he sent and read it with a smile. 

I Love This Girl

There was a picture of me sleeping on the mountains too. And just how many pictures did he take!? 


I feel really bad. I shouted at Mindy eve though she didn't do anything wrong. "Louis I'm going out with Mindy for three hours!" I shouted and closed the door behind me. When I came out of the hotel I saw Mindy. When I saw her I got stunned. She was so pretty! She wore make-up (Even though she is perfectly nice without it.) and her clothes looked neat. But she was a little pale. She looked up frome her phone and saw me. Her smile got wider and all the worries washed away. I ran to her and gave her a hug. "Hi Beautiful!" I said. She blushed with her whole face and it nearly killed me. "Hi! I Love the text! I hope you liked the pic I drew of you yesterday!" She said. And I laughed. 

We sat at an Italian resturant. It was her first time going to one and because this is a date I planned to pay but Mindy insisted she would pay for her share. And it was hopeless to argue against her. People stared outside the window and pointed their finger towards Mindy. I guess the newspapers have some new headlines now.. But it feels good to know that everybody gets to know I have a girlfriend. "Guess who'll design your clothes for the concert in Japan?" Mindy said with a smile. "No way!?" I understood the second she said it. "Yes way!!" She said and laughed. I got up from my chair and hugged her. "That's wonderful Min!" I stayed in the hug for a while. She was warm. A little bit too warm but I didn't pay much attention to it. 

When we had eaten up we paid and went out of the resturant all the fans surronded us. Mindy smiled and sat down on a bench by the door. Such an understanding person is hard to find. I saw a few people walking to her and they smiled. So did she. I walked to them. "What are you girls talking about?" I asked and the two girl beside Mindy squealed. "Hi Harry, This is Jane and Donny. They're two of your ''Directioners''.. I think they said." Mindy said and leaned back. I smiled at them and gave them both an autograph and a hug. They asked if Mindy was my girlfriend and I said yes. They wished me alot of congrats and said that she looked good beside me. I'm happy that our directioners don't hate our girlfriends. Even though I know they get sad they still wish us happiness. And that's what I love about them. 
Mindy and I started to walk after I had written about twenty autographs. "Harry... I don't feel so good.." I looked at Mindy and she was extremly pale. Then she closed her eyes and fell.

Lol I guess the other part was kinda boring.. But honestly. Please comment more! What do you think will happen to Mindy and how will Harry react? 
I Love You x

Postat av: Emelia Selin

Love it!

Svar: Tackar! :¤
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2012-07-13 @ 11:47:36
Postat av: Fanny

Åh, jag älskar din novell!!:D kan inte vänta till nästa!!

Svar: Tack! :D
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2012-07-14 @ 07:26:42
Postat av: Linda

Gud vad läskigt!! Men jag älskar det! Jag har något konstigt beroende där huvudpersonen (Tjej) blir skadad XD Så gärnamycket av det!
Men jag längtar verkligen.. Till näska KAPITEL!

Svar: Har typ skrivit klart det nu :) Tack så mycket! :D
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2012-07-14 @ 18:06:34
Postat av: Anonym

asbra :)

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2012-07-14 @ 23:00:35
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skitbra =)

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