The Change - Chapter 10

I told her the addres and said I would wait outside. Harry wanted to come with me but I said no.. If he would come to we would be surrounded by his fans. 

After five minuits on the spot Sarah stepped out of a black, shiny car. She hugged me and we talked a little. Then we went in. "Sarah.. Promise you won't scream now!" She looked at me with a confused face. And I opened the door.

I opened the door and we walked in. Sarah was still a little bit confused. I smiled at her. "Harry! Sarah's here!" I shouted.
Sarahs eyes got bigger when Harry came in to the room. "Hi! It's a pleasure to meet Mindys friend!" Harry said. Sarah was frozen. She turned her eyes to me. "This.. This is a joke, right?" She said. The words stung  a little but I endured it and smiled. "You wish?" I said and Sarah smiled at me. "No way, Mindy! Congrats! Oh we have to celebrate! Uhm how?" Sarah was probably overreacting.. Then her eye lightened up. "Food!" I turned around and Niall was standing there, haha both Sarah and Niall was thinking of food.. How adorable. Niall smiled. "I heard the conversation. Hi by the way, I'm Niall!" Niall greeted. Sarah blushed. "I know.. Uhm.. Hi!" Niall smiled. "So? How about it? What shall we eat, I'm hungry!"  Niall said and Harry started laughing. "You're always hungry Niall!" Niall blushed and started walking to the living room. "Sarah, do you know how to cook?" I asked. Sarah nodded and smiled. 

When someone hugged me from behind I was on the verge of dropping the knife. I turned around. "Shit, Harry! Don't scare me like that." I said and hit him on the shoulder. He laughed at me. "It smells good what is it?" He asked and I looked at Sarah. It was Sarah who had made the suggestion on this kind of food. I just did what she told me to do. Sarah smiled. "It's a pie called chicken pie...I think.." Sarah said. "Oh.. What does it contain?" Harry asked and I started to laugh. "Chicken?" Sarah said. Harry laughed. "Haha.. Now that you say it.. It's kinda obvious." Harry said. "Smells good!" Niall said and walked in to the room. "Where are the other boys?" I asked and Niall smiled. "Stuck with the FIFA." What's FIFA? "FIFA is a football game you play on the TV.." Harry said. I got goosebumps. "Stop doing that please! I get chills from it!" I said. "What did I do?" Harry asked. "That mind thing! How can you read my mind!? Stop it, now please!" He smilled at me. "I'll stop seeing what you're thinking, when you stop being so obvious about it." He said and smiled. 

"So what do you girls wanna watch?" Louis asked while sitting by the bag full of dvds. Why do they have a bag full of dvds!? That's just sick. Fredrick and I have a TV but we never use it. We prefer to use the time we have together for more fun stuff. And when I'm alone I draw or sleep. "Uhm Harry?" I asked. "What is it Mindy?" He said and smiled. "I'll have to go in one hour but I wondered if you have a paper and a pen or something?" Harry looked at me and smiled. "Wait a second, I'll see what I can find." I waited silently in the couch. Liam and Zayn were fighting over a pillow. Niall and Sarah talked about a movie they wanted to see, in the end they chose a movie named ''The Notebook'' It's supposed to be a romantic movie. "Here you go Mindy." Harry said. And gave me a paper and a pencil. Finally! It has been iching in my fingers all day! "Thank you!" I said and hugged him. "Wow.. If I get this everytime I get you a pencil and a paper I'll get thousands.." He said and hugged me back. I love the smell of Harry.. I love the whole Harry! He let me go and suddenly I didn't have the urge to draw but to sit beside Harry and take it easy. GOSH! Why do I have to leave for work!? I hate this! I sighed and got up. I looked around for something to draw.
Even when watching TV Harry looks happy, peacefull.. Like a child. I know! I started to draw Harry. He didn't notice it though. 

"Harry, I have to leave now." I said and hugged him. "I'll call you tomorrow! I promise!" He said and it sounded like I was going to move to another country. "Harry, I'm going to work, not move. I'll talk to you tomorrow!" I said and hurried out. My tears was about to fall and I didn't want Harry to see it. I dried the tears and walked out of the hotel. I'm glad the hootel is near the gas station. Wich means the hotel is near my home. Niall asked Sarah if she wanted to stay a while longer. Sara said yes, of course. In the middle of the movie Sarah laid her head on Nialls shoulder. Niall blushed so much that his whole face got red. They were really cute together. 


I sighed and sat down on the chair. There was a paper laying on the table. It was upside down so I turned it around. I read the four words on the paper. The handwriting was really beautiful.

I Love This Guy

The  picture was on me. The drawing was relly good. Like a real artist. I smiled to the words and read them over and over again. I took up my phone and wrote a message to Mindy. Then I put in a picture I took on the mountain. 

I Love This Girl 

I don't know if you will say: This is a short chapter! But I'll just say that I'm really tired and I feel mushy and I've worked on this chapter since yesterday. I want to thank you wor the comments on Chapter 9 though. I hope you like it! Comment alot!! (I know that I could have found alot more pictures than thos, but honestly I'm to tired for that x.x)

I Love You x

Postat av: Anonym

You really wright awesome chapters and i think you can become very big somtime. If you become an author In defenitly going to buy your book. When I read your texts I got goosebumps all over my body, you really are that good, and you should never take hate because theres still people who love you or your novel including me.

2012-07-09 @ 00:07:49
Postat av: NMh

I really lovvve this. I agre with Anonym you should be an author. I promise some day that you are famous author because you love writing and you have that extra little thing some people dont. Some people dont care if you are feeling good when you are doing the chapters. They only care about for example what will happen in the novel and about how you feel. But im giving you a promise that i always stay with you for ever if you need somebody to call just send me a email

Svar: Aw!! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed reading the two comments you wrote! It's really nice to know that someone cares for me. I haven't really thought of being author, but I do write some in my free time :) Thank you for your concern I really appreciate it! x
None None

2012-07-09 @ 00:24:03

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